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  1. <<Thank you, Szymanowski , that's very helpful, and welcome to the forum. I haven't seen Henry and June since its initial release, and now you and MakarovaFan make me want to.>> Thanks for welcoming me dirac! I always wished the director of Henry & June would do a ballet film. Perhaps "Center Stage 2" might pique his curiosity? Uh, definitely not...
  2. Gelsey Kirkland

    <<Being cast as Firebird as a teenager she hated the choreography, the costume and the music. I wonder if she's come to appreciate Stravinsky more with age!>> Actually, disliking Firebird doesn't mean one doesn't love Stravinsky. I always thought the music was warmed-over Rimsky-Korsakov: sort of bland, a little pompous. I *LOVE* the Stravinsky of Le Sacre and his "atonal" stuff (Agon, Movements, etc). Firebird always seemed - to me atleast - to be a youthful indiscretion.
  3. Hello! I know which piece you are referring to (it's a mélodie): RAVEL Vocalise-Étude It has piano accompaniment & the vocal part has no words (as you probably know already). I just joined this forum a few days ago, so that's why it's a very late reply. ) I am often irritated when films don't put the proper credits. But what really chaps my hide (excuse my French) is that they didn't acknowledge the soprano (or mezzo) & accompanist in the recording used. But if they had used a Madonna song, let's say, then they'd have to credit her "talent" & pay through the nose. Now that's low. There's another piece of music from Henry & June that you won't find on the soundtrack CD or in the end credits: The transcription of Le Sacre du Printemps - specifically the movement entitled Action rituelle des ancêtres...hehe, get it? It's for two pianos/four hands. It was used in the scene where the audience first sees Henry Miller (& Osborne, giggling & hanging off of the car...) (Sorry...the last two paragraphs were pretty off-topic. I'll be quiet now.) Hope this helps! -Szymanowski
  4. Balanchine DVD - Chabrier music??

    Oh, hehe....thanks for the "heads up". It saves me from endless hours of scavenging through Amazon.com! Now I'm beginning to feel the downside of loving something that isn't widespread like American Idol (yuck): It's so difficult to get DVDs of cultural programs like ballets & operas that I love (recently I e-mailed PBS & asked them when they might release concerts that I had seen on TV to DVD. They replied that they wouldn't since they there's no profit in it. There would have to be very big "stars" in the performance for them to consider such a venture.) END RANT. So I guess I'll have to arrange a ballet travel tour in the (hopefully) near future!
  5. Most Beautiful Female Dancer(s)

    No one mentioned Sue Jin Kang (Stuttgart) - To me, she is the "Korean Audrey Hepburn"! I also agree with others who have mentioned Stephanie Saland & Suzanne Farrell! Oops, I forgot to add Karen Kain!
  6. Balanchine DVD - Chabrier music??

    Thank you so much!!!! I wonder why that information wasn't included on the insert for the DVD... Mystery solved! I will now track down the sheet music for Fête polonaise and a video-recording of Bourrée fantasque. I'm thrilled! Thanks again! -Szymanowski
  7. Balanchine DVD - Chabrier music??

    Hi! The music I heard from the DVD sounds like it's played with four-hands one piano (or maybe four-hands two pianos?) Do you think it could be a *transcription* of music from one of Chabrier's operas, as you mentioned (Gwendoline or Le Roi Malgré Lui)? I don't have the vocal scores for either opera unfortunately. And sadly, I already played through Marche Joyeuse & Bourrée Fantasque and couldn't find the music for which I was hoping. (I hope, atleast, that the music from the DVD is by Chabrier...if it's by a different French composer, then I'm gonna have a really hard time tracking it down! Argh!) It's very bad that the director of the program just put in music & didn't credit it (that seems really inappropriate to me!) I felt like the music accompanied the footage of the ballet so well - it fit perfectly, IMHO. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll definitely try to get my hands on some vocal scores & recordings of the Chabrier operas! My quest continues..... -Szymanowski
  8. Balanchine DVD - Chabrier music??

    Hello! Thank you so much for your reply! I was afraid that the music was just random - but I was still sort of hoping that the clip of the the ballet had the appropriate Chabrier music accompanying it.....Ugh, I'm so disappointed!!! Just seeing that little snippet of Cotillon (with that charming, nostalgic piano music) makes me terribly sad that there isn't a recording of a reconstruction somewhere out there. I wish someone long ago had hypnotized Balanchine & the surviving dancers to suss out their memories about this ballet when it was fresh in their minds.....ah well.... :blush: Thank you for taking the time for such a thorough reply - I *so* appreciate it! -Szymanowski
  9. Greetings all: Can anyone give me the name of the piano music used when the narrator talks about Balanchine's ballet Cotillon (from the American Masters DVD...Part 1)? I have a list of all the Chabrier music used for the ballet & I bought all the sheet music and sight-read all of it, but none of it matches what I heard on the DVD! PLEASE HELP! Thanks! -Szymanowski