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  1. KCB to perform at Kennedy Center

    I was at the Saturday Matinee. I think the best way to sum it up is “good clean fun”. I have avoided going to the Nutcracker mostly because my fear of naughty children in the audience. There were plenty of children, but they were not naughty and many of them were so beautifully dressed and excited to be there I couldn’t help but smile. That’s kind of how I felt about Kansas City Ballet as a group of performers. They were happy to be there; they gave their all and had fun doing it. It did feel however, that in some places there could have been parts in the choreography that may have been simplified for the Kennedy Center run. It almost seemed in some spots, that where there was supposed to be a lift, it became a turn or something else simpler. It was something in the preparation that made it seem that way, particularly with Sugar Plum Fairy/Cavalier. I felt this could have been for the benefit of the dancers who are dancing pretty much non-stop throughout the run. The roles of the Sugar Plum and Cavalier were alternated between two couples. For my performance, they were danced by Kaleena Burks and Liang Fu. According to the playbill, they had also performed Friday evening. I thought they were lovely. For my performance the Snow Queen and Kind also did the torch lift. Overall, I thought the production was lively, appropriate for the times, and my husband and I really enjoyed every minute of it.
  2. I also enjoy all of the reports from everybody else. I wish I had an opportunity to see the other casts. Drew's comments about my comments made me laugh just a little. I should have described what I saw better. The dancer that I thought looked like she was falling asleep did not look bored at all, she looked pooped! .... and kind of out of it. She never fumbled though. It was like she had a micro nap and woke up exactly at the right moment! I've had a full day now to think about what I saw and I have to comment about the audience. I heard lots of Russian being spoken and people dressed for the occasion. They were enthusiastic and old school. It was nice to be around. I miss that kind of vibe. Kansas City Nutcracker next!
  3. I was at the Saturday matinee. For some reason this production just underwhelmed me. Skorik was fine in the first two acts. Her dancing was lovely in spots and she does have some stage presence. In fact I found something about her almost hypnotic. She is stunning to look at. She could stand there like a statue and still be interesting to look at. Andrei Yermakov as Solor was okay; The High Brahmin (Soslan Kulaev) was a a character I could sympathize with and I enjoyed the dancing by Roman Belyakov (the slave) and Vasily Tkachenko (the golden idol). I have no real thoughts about Anastasia Kolegova as Gamzatti, except that the role itself in this production didn't do much for her. In my opinion it all fell apart in act III. Not even the entrance of the shades, which is one of my favorite parts, did anything for me. I was sitting in the 4th row just to the right and something about the screen just killed it for me. As far as the shades themselves, at one point during some of the act III dancing when the shades spend a lot of time just standing there, I thought that the dancer standing in the front to the left (facing the stage) was going to nod off. It really looked like she was fighting to stay awake. She was kind of wobbling, It made me think of the scene in The Turning Point when Leslie Brown is dancing in the corps in Giselle and she's drunk and fighting to stand still without teetering. There were also foibles from both Skorik and Yermakov. My overall opinion: Meh.
  4. ABT 2017 Met season

    I agree; I hope Veronika is given other opportunities. Her star still shines brightly.
  5. ABT 2017 Met season

    Respectfully, I think it's time to let the new principles and soloists shine. Ferri has had her time in the sun. It's time to let others have their turn. She was a beautiful ballerina in her day, and she has had many opportunities in her career to show this to the world. She is still a beautiful and gifted artist and is not without opportunities to dance. She is still listed as a Guest Artist at the Royal Ballet. I felt like she stole two performances last year from dancers at ABT who deserved to have their chance. Certainly Veronika would have done a beautiful job dancing Tatiana in Onegin. Ferri left gracefully once, and now she should gracefully leave it at that. Sorry, just my humble opinion.....
  6. ABT has a new website!

    I think we should rename this topic: ABT has a new website and IT STINKS
  7. well, I have been curious about Skorik ever since "A beautiful Tragedy" so it seems I will have my curiosity satisfied during the Sat/Mat, as long as casting doesn't change.
  8. Veronika Part leaving ABT

    Beautiful sentiment from a young ballerina coming up through the ranks. Scout's tribute should set an example for the other young up-and-comers. Honor those who have come before you and shone you the way. Now for Veronika...You have beauty and grace that is truly unique and obviously treasured. I sense that your times have not been so easy at ABT. I'm sorry that it took this harsh turn of events for people to come out, stand up for you and show you how treasured you really are. This is no small thing. Know that you are beloved. As one door closes, another opens. May the next door open to something truly satisfying for you. I am better for having seen you grace the stage.
  9. Promotions

    These are good promotions that are well deserved. These are not 'new kids' but dancers who have worked hard and have put in the time, in particular Sarah. I share in their joy! Brava, Bravo!!!
  10. So based on the principal dancers listed for the Fall season, do we take this to mean that there will be no promotions to principal dancer for anybody this year, or is it possible for something to happen in November? A crystal ball would really be helpful about now.
  11. ABT 2017 Swan Lake

    I am also glad I got to see her Swan Lake this year. My husband and I saw her at the Kennedy Center and she was beautiful. A swan for the ages. Thank You Veronika! Brava, Brava!
  12. ABT 2017 Swan Lake

    I am so excited for Sarah Lane. I can't wait to read the reports of her O/O. I wish I could be there!
  13. ABT 2017 Giselle

    Devon next....Please. Brava to both!
  14. ABT 2017 Giselle

    Sarah, Sarah, Sarah! Do it Kevin, promote her. It's time, she's earned it! Sarah, Sarah....
  15. Giselle 2017

    I went to the Saturday Afternoon performance. Venus Villa did not dance. Ayano Kimura Danced the part of Giselle and I must say I enjoyed her performance very much. I think she came across as being sincere and believably vulnerable. She was beautiful in both acts. I liked Jonathan Jordan better in act II. I thought he pulled of the 'dance till you drop" pretty well. He was believable. Tamas Krizna danced Hilarion and I enjoyed him as well. Francesca Duarte was a stern and solid Myrta. This was my first time seeing the Washington Ballet dance, and I thought the production was very nicely done. The whole company looked good and danced well. And yes, there were dogs on the stage! The sight lines at the Eisenhower theater are pretty good. I was in the 4th row (H) on the aisle to the left facing the stage. I could see everything including feet. All in all a very enjoyable afternoon at the ballet. I hope Julie Kent is able to do more of the classics with this company and bring them to the Kennedy Center.