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  1. rg

    "Harlequinade" 2018.

    the second costume for La Bonne Fée was there in all 5 perfs. that i saw, unless i'm mistaken: it appears after she 'transforms' from her notary garb. as for which costume was worn for the curtain calls each time i can't say. the two attendant fairies in pink are there in act 1 but only one is in attendance after the transformation from notary to fairy in act 2; the roster of children numbers 33 in the house program, so perhaps by act two there aren't 2 children to spare as good fairy attendants for the final act.
  2. rg

    "Harlequinade" 2018.

    Thanks, CH re: Petipa's first Bonne Fée in MILLIONS, Anna Petrovna Urakova, here's an undated photocard of her in an unidentified role.
  3. rg

    "Harlequinade" 2018.

    perhaps worth noting/recalling that excerpts from Balanchine's HARLEQUINADE, including some of the dances he arranged for children, were included in BARYSHNIKOV AT THE WHITE HOUSE, as noted in the NYPL cat: Baryshnikov at the White House 1979. Performance by Mikhail Baryshnikov with Patricia McBride and Heather Watts telecast by WNET from the East Room of the White House, February 25, 1979. Choreography: George Balanchine and Jerome Robbins. Host: Edward Villella. Duet from Harlequinade (13 min.): Choreography by Balanchine, music by Riccardo Drigo, performed by Baryshnikov and McBride, with students from the Washington School of Ballet. also worth noting that Balanchine's little Harlequins in both acts 1 and 2 were all "male" harlequins but danced by girl students.
  4. rg

    "Harlequinade" 2018.

    the dismemberment of the dummy limbs of Harlequin is definitely a part of Balanchine's staging and perhaps even of Gusev's...
  5. if mem. serves when in the past SAB has performed LA SOURCE at its Workshop the first pas de deux was not included in the staging.
  6. rg

    "Harlequinade" 2018.

    Anna Petrovna Urakova danced the role of La Bonne Fée in 1900
  7. probably this one? George Balanchine's The Nutcracker DVD New York City Ballet (Actor), Megan Fairchild (Actor), Alan Skog (Director), Katherine E. Brown (Director)
  8. f.y.i. .nytimes.com/2018/05/18/arts/paul-taylor-chooses-a-successor-michael-novak.html?rref=collection%2Fsectioncollection%2Farts&action=click&contentCollection=arts&region=rank&module=package&version=highlights&contentPlacement=2&pgtype=sectionfront
  9. rg

    ABT 2018 Giselle

    the Peasant Pas de Deux on May 15 was Joseph Gorak and Skylar Brandt - there was a loud-speaker announcement but the chattering crowd largely talked over it.
  10. the English translation long used for the Russian language title of La Fille Mal Gardée is VAIN PRECAUTIONS.
  11. rg

    Sean Lavery Passing

    S.L. was one of many who came to prominent professional careers out of the ballet school linked to Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet; news of this death is quite unexpected. He was initially known in NYC as Owen as that was his given name and the name he used when performing with the dance groups connected to Richard Thomas's New York School of Ballet, sometimes called U.S. Terpshichore.
  12. Disc 2 of this package has now been completed and has been sent out to those who initially got the title without the 2nd disc, the contents, as noted above, are as follows: Bonus Features: The Immortal Swan, 1935 feature documentary by Pavlova's partner Victor D’Andre with amazing footage of the great ballerina Anna Pavlova in Newsreels Anna Pavlova's own 9.5mm home movies! Films of Anna Pavlova dancing her most famous roles
  13. rg

    Winter 2018

    likewise there are those who presume Lincoln Center is named for Lincoln Kirstein
  14. the "Revisions" heading of the entry from the Balanchine Catalog on line notes the following: Revisions: New York City Ballet: 1955, HALLOWE'EN replaced by ARGUMENTS (second movement of String Quartet No. 2, 1907); later that year ARGUMENTS replaced by BARN DANCE (from Washington's Birthday, 1909); 1961, OVER THE PAVEMENTS and BARN DANCE eliminated, IN THE INN rechoreographed, ballet presented in the order CENTRAL PARK IN THE DARK, THE UNANSWERED QUESTION, IN THE INN, IN THE NIGHT; 1978, Peter Martins's Calcium Light Night (also to Ives) included in several performances presented in the order CENTRAL PARK IN THE DARK, IN THE INN, THE UNANSWERED QUESTION, CALCIUM LIGHT NIGHT, IN THE NIGHT.
  15. this now in: We slipped up on THE DUMB GIRL OF PORTICI Dear friends of Milestone, For those who have already purchased (or will be purchasing) Lois Weber's THE DUMB GIRL OF PORTICI, we goofed. Through a chain of human error that ended with me, the second disc (both DVD and Blu-ray) with all the Anna Pavlova bonus features was not replicated and added to the release. For those who have already received the film, my apologies. We will be shipping you the second disc in the next month along with a 2-disc case. If you haven't purchased the DVD or Blu-ray yet, we will be moving the new release date for the complete set sometime in late February hopefully. Again, my apologies. In a month of big mistakes (see Hawaii: button) and other mistakes (see White House: Big Button), I hope you'll be able to keep this in perspective. For me, this was a release that I have been trying to bring out since 1989. I'm disappointed, but proud to be releasing this amazing film. We'll be back in touch when the swan is ready again to fly! Sincerely, Dennis Doros Milestone