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  1. What does D'Jampo mean?

    the following text was found on Google Books. f.y.i.
  2. Croce's been working on a critical study of what she deems to be Balanchine's "key" works, i forget the precise number. i was shown a list at one point but don't have it to hand. As w/ all critical studies, it's safe to assume that biographical information is part of the plan. i don't have any hard evidence of a specific release date, but, like Doug, i'm not discounting the book's appearance, despite the time that has elapsed.
  3. Then/Now photos

    if mem. serves and if this question relates to the 4 NYCB NUTCRACKER PdD fotos above, they show: top left; SHyltin w. AVeyette, top right:JdAmboise w/ SFarrell bottom left: ALaracey w/ RJanzen, bottom right: AProkovsky w/ MHayden
  4. according to a communication from a staffer at the NYRoB the audio recording of the AGON symposium will be posted on NYRoB website "within the next few weeks." if anything more definite or a link/posting comes to light, it will be noted here.
  5. ABT 2017 Corsaire

    um, really? as stated above: Dance Theatre of Harlem presented the multi-act CORSAIRE in AMHolmes staging? i'd love to where and when, as it's not a factor in DTH history as far as i've kept up with it. (i rem. the pas de deux w/ Paul Russell and a number of DTH women, but the complete ballet?)
  6. Eifman Ballet's "Red Giselle"

    today's Eifman Ballet presentation (its last this run) is TCHAIKVOSKY; RED GISELLE began the run but TCHAIKOVSKY is closing it.
  7. ABT 2017 Corsaire

    casting update from ABT: Veronika Part and Gillian Murphy are injured and will not perform in Le Corsaire this week. Please note the following cast changes. Tuesday EVE, June 6 - Medora will be danced by HEE SEO Wednesday MAT, June 7 - Medora will be danced by CHRISTINE SHEVCHENKO* Friday EVE, June 9 - Medora will be dance by CHRISTINE SHEVCHENKO Saturday EVE, June 10 - Medora will be dance by CHRISTINE SHEVCHENKO June 7 will be Shevchenko’s debut in the role.
  8. odd, it would seem to 'the full picture,' that the decor used for Workshop performances isn't credited at SAB, that is, no credit this year to Ian Falconer for SCENES DE BALLET and none to Karin von Aroldingen for SCOTCH SYMPHONY which replaced Horace Armistead's backcloth from Balanchine's era.
  9. the short answer here is that you'd have to be on NYPL/JRDD premises to view any of its moving picture items. there's no option for viewing by way of outside access, and most certainly there is no option for individually saving, as a duplicate copy, any of the items in its vast catalog. the one somewhat recent change regarding viewing policies on the premises is that some items have digitized, so that watching them is more direct and simple than the longstanding need to write a call slip for a cassette or disc and to watch it on a player in the research room once the item has been retrieved from the shelves by a library worker.
  10. Onegin and Jewels

    as was pointed out at the time, Barnes called the Stuttgart Ballet on or following a trip to see the company at home in Stuttgart,"Germany's ballet miracle," Hurok Presents' promotion for the Stuttgart's initial season under Cranko in NYC hailed the troupe as "a ballet miracle," if mem. serves.
  11. Catherine Hurlin danced "Mademoiselle Marianne Chartreuse" at the NYC opening of WHIPPED CREAM
  12. from ABT's press office: Please note that there is a cast change for Whipped Cream tomorrow evening, Tuesday, May 23: Herman Cornejo is injured and unable to perform. JEFFREY CIRIO will dance in his place.
  13. Holly Brubach was recently awarded a Guggeneheim Fellowship, presumably for this biography.
  14. perhaps your questions will be answered here: https://www.nypl.org/node/370718
  15. Pastor's 'Romeo and Juliet'

    i'm not sure anyone has recalled the ROMEO AND JULIET Joffrey brought in for his co before getting the Cranko staging, it featured 3 different women in the role of Juliet: Romeo and Juliet : Chor: Oscar Araiz; mus: Sergei Prokof'ev; cos: Renata Schussheim. First perf: Buenos Aires, Sept 15, 1970, Ballet del Teatro San Martin. // First perf. by The Joffrey Ballet: New York, City Center Fifty-Fifth Street Dance Theater, Oct 12, 1977; lighting: Jennifer Tipton.