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  1. One reason I was not drawn to see the Bolshoi this time. Alas, I worked all the days of the Jewels performances.
  2. From the moment the little girls offered their roses, I was a blubbering mess. I was shouting bravas from the Dress Circle but my voice kept breaking. Her leaving has touched me more than I would have expected. Very sad that she has apparently decided to no longer dance. Heavy sigh.
  3. I definitely agree with this! She has stood out so many times even in a sea of wonderful dancers. This was my only teensy disappointment in the list of promotions this year.
  4. I had no idea this door was open, thanks Needlepoints! I'll remember for the future, for sell out performances at least.
  5. I attended yesterday's matinee and have a few observations/questions: The Met was close to sold out, this I knew, but I've never seen such a long line to enter the house. Only 2 doors were open. It was getting close to starting time and it was horribly hot and steamy so I slid in the gallery door and then merged with the crowds. For a full house the audience was very quiet, only tepid applause, until Misty arrived and then cheering that sounded like mostly young voices. Jeffrey Cirio also garnered lots of well-deserved applause. Misty acquitted herself very well in her fast solo, I was impressed and of course her charming personality fit the part. I noticed Princess Praline was given time for a bow after her variation, when Princess Tea Flower was not. I had not realized that Princess Tea Flower and Coffee do more dancing and had more time on stage, it seemed to me, than Princess Praline. Isabella Boylston and Alban Lendorf stunned me with their full out performance in the first act. My favorite bit of choreography was the supported pirouettes done with the ballerina's head tilted in such a way that she looked like a spinning corkscrew, thrilling! Final question: I didn't understand the costumes for Marzipan Men and Sugarplum Men. Gingerbread Men were obvious but the other two looked more like peppermint and chocolate drops. Can anyone explain? Oh, favorite costume and execution was Worm Candy Man! I look forward to seeing this again next spring season with a different cast. After two viewings I'll probably skip future performances, unless I have a small human to bring along!
  6. I'm going to the Saturday matinee, part of my subscription. Since I don't seek her out, this will be my first time seeing Misty as a principal in a full length role and since her sold out house phenomenon. This is also my first time seeing Whipped Cream so I don't have another Princess Praline to compare it to except for the youtube clip of Trenary, which was amazing.
  7. Well, I learn something new all the time on Ballet Alert! I did not know this. Thanks, Helene.
  8. I have to agree, fondoffouettes. The dancing is beautiful and heart wrenching but I could forgo the curtain calls histrionics.
  9. I love the drama of this ballet and think the partnering is beautiful and intense. I'm seeing Hee because of Hallberg and Stearns because of Abrera. In a perfect world it would be Abrera with Hallberg. Ah well.
  10. I agree, especially after losing Sterling Baca. Tom Forster is a tall dancer that is needed now, with solid technique, fine acting, and princely looks that should be cultivated. I'm sorry I missed him and Herman last night but 3 Swan Lakes were my limit. But those 3 Swans will live with me a long time (Teuscher, Lane, Part)!
  11. I was recently watching a dvd of the 3 Tschaikovsky ballets danced by Royal Ballet. In the extras on the Swan Lake disc there was a group discussion of the O/O role with Beryl Gray, Monica Mason, Leslie Collier, and Marienela Nunez (who dances in the dvd). Ms. Gray pointed out that Moira Shearer could not do the standard fouettes and always did them in a combination of en dehors and en dedans. She went on to say (and I paraphrase), "It worked perfectly well!"
  12. This is very sad. She and Bill Paxton were the best things about the very forgettable film The Circle and now both gone too soon.
  13. The change in the guest policy also seems to have coincided with the departure of the former Exec Director. Could that be a factor? I think the absence of so many guests has had a remarkable effect on the company as a whole who seem to be rising to the occasion. Just look at the depth of talent in both the male and female dancers, especially the females. Lots to be happy about.
  14. I concur with everything laurel said above. I thought Sarah Lane had a triumphant debut as Giselle! I like Gillian very very much but I think Sarah was more poetic, more vulnerable, the picture of romanticism. She did seem like a different dancer today. This performance was fully formed; where did it come from? I don't recall if she's danced it elsewhere while waiting for her shot in her own company. Bravo to her! Please pay attention, Mr McKenzie.
  15. I keep re-watching this beauty! You'd think they'd danced this together forever, perfectly in sync arms.