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  1. Nutcracker 2017

    I could certainly be wrong, but I had the impression that Ms Watts was coaching Tiler Peck privately not as part of the NYCB organization.
  2. David Hallberg's memoirs

    I haven't yet finished the book (almost!) but he did say at his book signing/Q&A at the 92nd St Y that now that he had once faced the possibility of retiring he no longer feared it.
  3. Veronika Part leaving ABT

    How I wi1sh I could go to this performance! But alas, a bit too far and inconvenient for me to travel to. Look forward to your report NinaFan
  4. Congratulations to Gemma! I've been a fan of her choreography since the first Innovation Initiative (the first and last time the unwashed public was allowed to be in the audience). Most recently loved her evening at the Joyce. I'd like to see a major piece from her for ABT.
  5. I went Friday night as well. I was thoroughly charmed and think this deserves a full production run on Broadway. I watched the movie before going and found it to be pretty awful, from sets to singing, to acting, even choreography (sorry, Gene) . I thought Chris Wheeldon would make improvements and he didn't disappoint. The beefed up role of Harry Beaton for R. Fairchild added to the drama immensely. All of the principal singer/actors were in top form. Even the score, which I've always thought was unmemorable took me by surprise and I was humming, along with others, as we left the theatre. My only quibble was that the funeral dance went on too long. It seemed like filler to lengthen the second act. A minor quibble, since at the same time it was a treat to see Patricia Delgado on a NYC stage.
  6. David Hallberg's memoirs

    Wasn't it during a performance with Wiles, might have been SL, when he dislocated his shoulder? I have the book but am waiting until he signs it at the 92nd St Y event tonight to start my reading!
  7. It sounds wonderful, Peg. I heard Ms Rosofsky and Adrian D-W interviewed about this program on the Conversations on Dance podcast, which certainly piqued my interest in the book. I too hope there will be a new edition published. Btw, Adrian is exceedingly articulate and made me wonder if he has plans post-dance career in some kind of public forum. He's a natural.
  8. Happy Halloween!-(Golden Idol inspiration)

    Very gold and amazing!
  9. 2018 Met Season

    I'm "not chopped liver" with you, Kathleen ! Wed matinee is one of my favorite times to go; works well with my schedule and frees up weekends.
  10. Fall 2017 Season

    I only found one performance in the ABT fall season that interested me and fit my schedule. But I was so happy I did attend as it was simply wonderful. The absolute stand-out was Other Dances with G. Murphy and C. Stearns. They were both playful, charismatic, and danced beautifully. It deserved the ovation it got! I've never seen Cory allow his personality to shine through like this. Gillian brought out the best in him. For me the second stand-out was T. Forster's dancing in Seranade/Symposium. Absolutely riveting. Really all the men were fantastic but I've been noticing Jose Sebastian more and more lately. Would love to see him and Gabe Shayer (long overdue!) promoted to soloist and please, Tom Forster to principal! It takes me awhile to warm to Ratmansky's work so I look forward to another showing of Bukovina to let it sink in. It was enjoyable and well danced but didn't leave a lasting impression. I love anything/everything by Ashton but have never seen Symphonic Dances done by any other company but ABT. Thus without a comparison to the Royal it's hard to say if the dancers were in the proper Ashton form. It looked lovely to my eye with J. Gorak seeming the most classical and comfortable in the piece.
  11. 2017 Fall Season

    I so agree, about Lauren King - she was a standout!
  12. 2017 Fall Season

    I'm so happy that I took a chance on the Martin's SL. I was prepared by posters here for the awful costumes and scenery so that was no surprise. This was the only date I could go and I guess I would have chosen a Mearns performance based on reputation but I was happy to see what M. Fairchild would do with the role. I agree with those above that it was a beautiful performance that she should be very proud of. I hope Martins casts her in this in future seasons - yea for the short girls! My only qualm and it is minor, is that she seemed to run out of steam during the fouettes. After the breakneck tempo of the earlier acts, the fouette section seemed slow or maybe her turns just seemed slow. But as stated above the singles were clean and well timed to fill out the music. She and Gonzalo were marvelous together; his acting and their chemistry more than made up for any possible lack of virtuosity from him. He is such a warm presence and it's clear she trusts him as a partner. I was also delighted with the pas de trois and pas de quartre - these dancers just put a smile on my face. Now that I've broken the ice, I'd definitely see this production again if only for the 4th act that shames the truncated ABT version.
  13. Daniil Simkin Joining Staatsballett Berlin

    He's such a world traveler, perhaps better to be based in Europe. With the additional draw of being near family. Best wishes to him in his new creative endeavors! "Dual company citizenship" seems to be the way of the dance world these days. Happy we will still see him during spring season.
  14. 2017 Fall Season

    Abatt, maybe recently coming off the London American in Paris, then on to Oklahoma, and scheduled for Brigadoon in mid-Nov (just got my City Center brochure in the mail), it was felt he wasn't in ballet-shape for Swan. I also hope he isn't leaving the company. Maybe just needs some time and distance.
  15. 2017 Fall Season

    I've reconsidered and decided I should at least see this Swan Lake once. I feel certain the orchestra will play beautifully so there's that. Given my work/vacation schedule the date I landed on is Tuesday Sept 26. Not sure who will be dancing but would be happy with practically any of the dancers. Perhaps not Bouder in this role; love her in so many things but not sure about O/O. Time will tell. Thanks for all your thoughtful insights.