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  1. Hallberg Replaced By Shklyarov For Manon !

    In that case it's a good thing you never saw Ivan Vasiliev - you would have had a heart attack.
  2. Hallberg Replaced By Shklyarov For Manon !

    Muntagirov danced with Stix-Brunell the other night in Winter's Tale, Had I been director I would be reviving Daphnis & Chloe for them on the basis of that performance. Height allowing, everyone usually gets to dance with everyone else at the RB and VM looks very good with Osipova, Sorry but don't care for Clarke at all, interesting that people like him on line as I've not registered much enthusiasm amongst the fans, still to each their own.
  3. Hallberg Replaced By Shklyarov For Manon !

    As a Londoner I'd say the male star in the making at the RB is Marcellino Sambé, unfortunately off with an injury for a while he's back to fitness once more. My guess concerning Shklyarov is that they felt as a starry guest was originally announced it is was sound policy to acquire another as a replacement. Shklyarov was always a class act but his rather self effacing stage presence was initially a problem for me. He is now a fully fledged virtuoso, his performance in Bayaderka last summer was jaw dropping.
  4. Rosalie, I suspect you are far from alone with that view.
  5. BRB has a very distinct personality based on Mr Bintley's creations and some of the most wonderful revivals from the Royal companies past, who ever thought we'd see Ashton's Dante Sonata or Helpmann's Miracle in the Gorbals? I do hope whoever succeeds him stays true to his artistic heritage.
  6. Giselle RB Osipova Hallberg Thursday 1 March

    Ouch! Not how things are done at the RB, but I've seen her do great (toned down) things there. Her partnership with Steven McRae is one to cherish.
  7. Workplace Problems at ENB

    First of all this article is quoting from a much longer article by Charlotte Edwardes, (who is neither a ballet critic nor an arts specialist) in The Standard, though acknowledged in the print version of the Telegraph piece. It is the first response to the allegations made in The Times and the follow up in Ballet Position. A reminder of the second article ttp://www.balletposition.com/blog/the-two-faces-of-english-national-ballet Those of us that support ENB are incandescent with rage at this missed opportunity to cross examine Rojo concerning the charges laid against her and for dragging the interview down to a celebrity mag level. She is not being held to account at all. Having been supporting this company since before most of the posters to this forum were born I can emphatically say the situation is very much unique, the company has been in existence since the Festival of Britain hence its original name and over the years has had a great many directors, some of which enjoyed little popularity with the dancers, but never has a situation like this arisen before. What is also unique is that so many outside the company are being made aware of what is happening. It is a cry for help and it should be listened to.
  8. As it happens, the most virulently anti-Putin Russian person I know is also a dancer. I am trying to be charitable here but perhaps Tsiskaridze is supporting the status quo because there is currently no viable opposition.
  9. Maria Alexandrova

    These galas vary in quality in my opinion but this years was highly enjoyable as was last year's. Massive numbers of Russians in the audience, some dolled up to the nines, but you need an oligarch's money for the price they charge. I wouldn't be surprised if it was filmed, they were certainly filming the audience! I would happily write out the programme for you but my companion put my programme in his bag and forgot to give it back. The following Russians appeared: Ekaterina Kondaurova and Roman Belyakov in the premiere of a new pdd, "A Flashback" Polina Semionova in Duarte's Cello duet Maria Alexandrova & Lantratov in Don Q pdd and Nureyev pdd Anna Tikhomirova and Artem Ovcharenko in La Sylphide pdd Victoria Tereshkina in Black Swan pdd (with Parrish) & Legend of Love pdd (with Sklyarov) Ekaterina Krysanov and Kimin Kim in Corsaire pdd.
  10. Maria Alexandrova

    Kevin O'Hare at the Royal ballet is in exactly the same position and although I never thought I would ever say this, he has brighter talents with the likes of Hayward and Naghdi and a couple of others beginning to emerge than the currently poor offerings in Moscow. At the RB the dancers choose when they retire, Leanne Benjamin retired at the age of forty nine. If Mr O'Hare can juggle youth and experience, I don't see why Vaziev can't.
  11. Maria Alexandrova

    The trouble is directors' whims don't always coincide with the audience's wishes. The bottom line is that here in London we pay premium prices for Bolshoi seasons and expect not just a high standard but also appearances from those dancers that have become favourites, should Krysanova and Obraztsova also lose favour there would be no reason for me personally to watch the company anymore.
  12. Maria Alexandrova

    Alexandrova and Lantratov appeared in this evenings Russian Icons Gala. Firstly, to thunderous entrance applause, in the Don Q pdd and in the second half they danced the Margot and Rudolf pdd from the controversial Nureyev ballet. The latter I found deeply moving and hope the full ballet survives if all of it is of that quality. Judging from what I've just seen, it seems pure insanity for her to have been sacked/demoted/whatever.
  13. John Percival and for very early stuff, Cyril Beaumont.
  14. I consider Ratmansky's Corsaire to be neither a failure nor a travesty.