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  1. Mariinsky in London 2017

    I second that!
  2. Joy Womack

    The Royal ballet has a significant number of dancers that are both non UK and non EU, I think it simply follows a pattern, after all even Russian companies are now employing non nationals.
  3. Mariinsky in London 2017

    There is of course a third possible ending, more rarely seen. with Siegfried drowning in the lake leaving Odette in Rothbart's power for eternity, or perhaps until a prince capable of discerning black from white comes along.
  4. Mariinsky in London 2017

    My favourite Swan Lake used to be the old Royal Ballet one where the lovers are seen gliding away into a better world, but yes the Kirov version is probably the best around. I've always assumed the Russian happy ending reflected the triumphal music at the ballet's end, but it could I suppose be interpreted as the triumph of death. I rarely bother with Swan Lake at all these days but decided to see Kondaurova and Osmolkina and admired both, the latter is an O/O of exceptional sensitivity.
  5. Mariinsky in London 2017

    Sorry about the behaviour of the audience around you in the amphitheatre, although far from being the most comfortable part of the house, behaviour up there is usually more civilized than in the lower levels. London ballet goers on the whole are not a well heeled bunch and many simply cannot afford the inflated prices we pay for the Russian seasons, so you get a rather different audience from the ballet going regulars. Hope it didn't detract from the overall experience.
  6. Mariinsky in London 2017

    According to the Royal Opera House's web site, Osmolkina replaces Skorik in Swan Lake tomorrow, Kim will be partnering her.
  7. Skorik is currently 'off' with Tereshkina and Osmolkina covering her performances, not sure who will replace her in Bayadere, fingers crossed they may yet bring Novikova over, What is Pavlenko doing these days? She was a fabulous Nikiya.
  8. Mariinsky in London 2017

    I don't think Osmolkina's RB SL's were her debut, I think she had danced the role at least once before. For me they were the best performances in the RB's unlovely production I saw, all the more remarkable as she had to learn a new production in a short space of time as replacement for an injured dancer. Yes, you're right, she very much had the A team behind her yesterday.
  9. Mariinsky in London 2017

    It was a success, her Odette was sublime, so lovely it brought tears to my eyes. Wonderful support from the rest of the cast too. London is very, very lucky to have her this season, really looking forward to her Gamzatti, so sorry D.C. will miss out.
  10. Mariinsky in London 2017

    With that I totally agree, her line and musicality are second to none. She is the only dancer to be considered Fonteyn's successor.
  11. Nureyev premier postponed to 2018/2019

    That is very good news, here in Britain Abramovich is known for his ownership of Chelsea FC, didn't know he was involved in the cultural world too, but there is a persistent rumour he started his empire touting tickets outside the Bolshoi theatre.
  12. I won't applaud a really poor leading dancer,and I know others that don't as well.
  13. Nureyev premier postponed to 2018/2019

    Without wishing to get too political, We've seen deeply disturbing footage in Britain regarding LGBT prejudice in Russia, tacitly approved of by the authorities and encouraged by the Russian orthodox church, I suppose with the persecution of journalists, artistic censorship shouldn't come as a shock.
  14. Royal Ballet roster changes for 2017-18

    Not quite, the RB always welcomed foreign guests and Russian Violetta Elvin danced as a company membery before Nureyev or Baryshnikov appeared on the scene, the strong links to the Commonwealth were broken on joining the EU, the company has been international for some time now. I too wish Golding well.
  15. Royal Ballet roster changes for 2017-18

    There is an unpleasant parochialism displayed by certain of the RB fans, Iana Salenko, a beautiful dancer, is another victim of undeserved vitriol, so too is Osipova to a lesser extent. They are guilty of coming from 'elsewhere', as was Golding..