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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing 2 performances next month - should have been one but Mr Campbell is now dancing Des Grieux so I have managed to get a restricted view ticket (hopefully not too restricted!). I'm afraid I prefer the English more subtle style and the Danish to Russian bravura. Which does not mean to say that there are not wonderful dancers from all over the world and with all different training backgrounds.
  2. Francesca Hayward

    I have see Francesca Hayward perform live. I saw her debut in Manon around 3 years ago and she was just incandescent. I'm looking forward to seeing her in that role again in May. Her bouree entrance in Rhapsody was so beautiful I was moved to tears. She was sublime as Giselle. I think she is very special indeed.
  3. The Lilac Fairy

    In the prologue of the BRB production her "role" danced by a 6th Fairy.
  4. They are in the 2018/19 season.
  5. The Lilac Fairy

    What are thoughts on Lilac as a tutu role or character role? SPW's version for BRB has Lilac as a character role and for me that works best. Her dress is almost a mirror image of Carabosse's and they seem much more equally matched. You get a bit of an idea in the animated header for BRB's current tour: https://www.brb.org.uk/whats-on/event/the-sleeping-beauty#gallery (Try refreshing the page if a still image appears)
  6. I would like to see continuity which, after all, has made the company what it is today. I do hope that the current Bintley masterpieces in the rep are retained (Hobson's Choice, Madding Crowd, Cyrano and many one acters including his jazz-based ballets). My vote would go to Robert Parker (currently AD at Elmhurst School for Ballet) or possibly Iain Webb or Cathy Marston. The AD does not have to be a choreographer.
  7. I'm in shock. I wish David all the best for the future.
  8. Wendy Whelan -- Into The Future

    That is horrible.
  9. Akram Khan's Giselle/Cinema

    Could a moderator please change the heading to correct the spelling of Akram Khan's name?
  10. Royal Ballet Giselle

    I saw last night's performance with Hayward/Campbell and this afternoon's with Naghdi/Ball. I found the performance of both leading couples overwhelming. Not only glorious dancing but they all inhabited the roles and gave them an emotional depth that had me reduced to sobbing out loud. I think the RB has found 2 exceptional partnerships - let's hope these partnerships are nurtured and allowed to grow...
  11. Royal Ballet Giselle

    I have been following his career since he joined BRB from RBS! I managed to get a ticket for Friday evening's performance when the cast change was announced and am so over-excited it is ridiculous!
  12. ENB's "Lest We Forget"

    I would endorse California's recommendation - it's a wonderful programme (and dropping Firebird makes it a more manageable length for travellers - I missed my train home after the matinee at the Barbican!).
  13. No, it dates from 1987 and I gather that over the years the set (particularly in Act 3) has been tweaked to make it even more fussy. The reviews showing up on Google from the 2015 performances are not good. http://www.roh.org.uk/productions/swan-lake-by-anthony-dowell
  14. I agree with Mashinka re the Dowell production. I saw it on 15th April 1989 and have never wanted to see it again! (So I haven't).