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  1. Nobel Prize 2017

    I do more reading than listening, but I had to add that Never Let Me Go is a wonderful work. After I read it, it never let go of me!
  2. Three new apprentices

    I believe that's the case. Otherwise every woman who is an apprentice during Nutcrackers, would get a contract at the end of a couple of weeks of doing Waltz of the Flowers.
  3. Three new apprentices

    I believe it's 9 different ballets. Not # of roles or performances.
  4. Speaking of Robbins. I had never seen this Gelsey/Misha performance of Robbins - 1978
  5. Nutcracker Casting

    No Tiler Peck the first week. I wonder if she's off guesting somewhere. Does anyone know, in terms of casting, how much NYCB accommodates principal & soloist dancers doing Nutcracker gigs elsewhere. The Von Enck sisters are sharing Dolls. Hope that's fun for them.
  6. NYCB dancers who didn't go to SAB

    My understanding is that year round SAB students do not stay for the summer. They go home, do other summer intensives or do other things. To be "pure SAB" is rare. The students in the year round program came from somewhere else before joining the SAB summer intensive. Their home schools can be very SAB (taught by NYCB former dancers) or less so. I don't think a claim was ever made that NYCB dancers are "pure SAB" with no other training, only that they come from the school and have an understanding of the style and values.
  7. ABT in Detroit, Feb. 8-11, 2018

    Again I say it is totally perverse not to cast Sarah Lane as Juliet. Yes, I know Copeland sells tickets.
  8. 2018 Met Season

    Thanks for the video. I have no problem with this. I don't count fouettes. For me it is an amount of music to fill with turns and a good finish. She satisfied that IMO. I don't expect everyone to be Gillian Murphy or Carrie Imler. Keep turning, have a plan and finish as if that is what you intended all along. The worst part of Lane's fouettes at the Met was that she looked disappointed when they ended badly. I've seen other dancers fall out of fouettes and look like they don't know what to do next. I always find that unsettling. What Lane did here is an improvement from the Met, and respectable. My guess is that her disappointment in her Met performance may have been because she'd always done them in rehearsal. I have no inside knowledge, but that's my guess.
  9. 2018 Met Season

    So glad Lane is taking/getting opportunities to perform SL (full length or Black Swan) outside of ABT. Experience can only make her more ready should opportunity strike at the Met season. I really feel that she has come into her own artistically and is in her prime years. I hope she gets more than 5 (or maybe 7 if you count Harliquin possibilities) shows at the Met.
  10. Other than diversity what exactly was the artistic vision? Were those dancers told what the rep would be or what choreographers they'd be working with?
  11. I just went back and read the article. It seems they didn't have a solid business model or artistic vision. What rep did they want those 50 dancers to perform and what kind of training did they want to give students in their wonderful school? As far as Uber-tize, Uber is a platform, it didn't purchase cars. This organization would need an incredible amount of investment money to pay a big company, advertise and run a school, and develop all the videos etc. they were going to sell.
  12. So sorry to hear that. I have many fond memories of David. I even shared the stage with him way back in the day. He was a wonderful and unique man.
  13. Such interesting observations pherank. There is no need to tear down or build up Balanchine. As I've said before, it's complicated.
  14. 2018 Met Season

    Kevin M decided to promote Lane but I never expected him to favor her in casting. Yet some of this casting surprises me in its perversity. Her Giselle performances were spectacular, so give her a Wed. matinee. Her SL was promising (beyond promising and she's guested in the role since) don't give her that. She is a natural Juliet but don't cast her in that. Cast her as Kitri. I'm sure she'll be fine but it is not a natural the way Juliet is. Copeland has way too many performances, but she sells. Of course, we never know what the season will really bring. The last few years have proven that.
  15. 2018 Met Season

    No Swan Lake for Lane is disappointing but no Romeo & Juliet is insane IMO