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  1. 2016-17 season: Pennsylvania Ballet

    That's the worst review I've ever seen written by Alastair. He's often tough but this is shocking.
  2. 2016-17 season: Pennsylvania Ballet

    Thank you, California, for your thoughtful report. The dancer who came forward in the bows after Neenan's ballet was Harrison Monaco - he is leaving to dance at Miami City Ballet - and was taking a final bow at the Academy.
  3. 2016-17 season: Pennsylvania Ballet

    Did any BalletAlerters get to Pa Ballet's last program Re-Action? Hope to hear some first hand thoughts.
  4. more sad news in the ballet world. http://www.heraldtribune.com/news/20170506/sarasota-ballet-downsizes
  5. SFB 2017 - Program 8: Cinderella

    Yes though a few had their early training at her studio - the local ones are Krista, Elizabeth and Madison. Several of the dancers on that list were pre-professional level when they worked with her and then were able to make the transition into a company. Julio had previously been in the National Ballet of Cuba and Alberto trained at Harid but was coached and performed with Magaly. I'm probably I'm leaving people out...
  6. SFB 2017 - Program 8: Cinderella

    Magaly Suarez (Taras' mom) is an amazing teacher. In addition to the dancers listed above, there are many more of her dancers who have become professionals - here's a (partial) list: Alexandra Berman - Houston Ballet Julio Conception - Oklahoma Ballet Julia Conway - English National Ballet Krista Ettlinger - Dutch National Ballet Milenia Garcia - Oklahoma Ballet Elizabeth Mateer - San Francisco Ballet Madison McDonough - LA Ballet Grace Anne Powers - Ballet Met Serena Sovdsnes - Cincinnati Ballet Alberto Velazquez - Joffrey Ballet
  7. The Paypal fee for sending money to Russia is very reasonable! Here's the email address that's suggested in the above posts. help-karina-soldatova@yandex.ru
  8. ABT 2016 Nutcracker Casting

    Isn't Joseph Gorak partnering Sarah? Ratmansky's Nutcracker Grand Pas (not sure what they call it) ranks among the most difficult in the ballet rep and how is it possible for even one couple to get enough rehearsal to do that perfectly especially if they don't start rehearsing until Nov. 29? If Sarah is now dancing the pas with Jeff Cirio (Isabella's partner) - how does he get enough rehearsal to do those tricky parts with two different girls?
  9. CyberGhost vpn is working for me - I downloaded it (free) and it's unlimited viewing for 3 days - then the free version will limit you to 3 hours at a time. Once you download it, you need to add the concert.arte.tv/fr website to the list of available websites and then choose a server- I chose one in Paris. voila! NYCB performance begins at 2 pm eastern time.
  10. Ciro has won acclaim for principal roles in Boston, in London where he was nominated for a National Dance Award, in Helsinki, in Mongolia, in Japan and other U.S, places as well. He was chosen by Damian Woetzel to dance with both Isabella and Masha at Vale, he was chosen by Damian to dance at the Kennedy Center (with Lauren Lovette) to honor Patty McBride. so yes, Kevin probably does see something.
  11. He danced Colas (arguably more difficult than most male leading roles), Mercutio, Ali, Bluebird and leads in the rep programs. He received glowing reviews from New York critics. What is overstated is speculation that Jeffrey gave ABT an ultimatum.
  12. Congratulations Jeffrey! You are so deserving of this great honor and ABT is brilliant to have promoted you. I've known Jeffrey and watched his growth as an artist and a dancer for over a decade and besides his God given talent, he is the most modest and hardworking dancer I know. I'm saddened to think anyone would suspect him of saying "promote me of I'm walking"! His dancing is extraordinary and he takes wonderful care of his partners - the ABT ballerinas ask Kevin to dance with him. He has danced leading roles all season to great acclaim by the critics! Bravo Jeffrey! - oh and wait until you see his choreography!
  13. I noticed that too - where is the thread? It had so many informative posts!
  14. Arantxa is leaving after the first week of the PAB summer intensive. Goodbyes began yesterday. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1359894380706692&set=pcb.1359895390706591&type=3&theater
  15. confusing. The link reads "Our Summer Intensive faculty includes, Artistic Director Angel Corella, Ballet Mistress Kyra Nichols, School Director Arantxa Ochoa, plus the School's remarkable roster of permanent faculty members, and world renown special guests." But Mr. Corella will be in Spain and will Ms. Ochoa be in Miami? The link does specifically state "For advanced students and young professionals ages 16 and above, the Summer Intensive is followed by the Company Experience which consists of a full week of professional ballet training. Classes would be taught by Artistic Director, Angel Corella and artistic staff of Pennsylvania Ballet and would include daily workshops to learn pieces from the Company's repertoire. So it seems that for the "Company Experience" (1st week of August), Mr. Corella will be there teaching.