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  1. mira

    Afshin Mofid

    The video of Afshin and Suzanne in "Faun" used to be up on YouTube - it's been removed and how I would love to see it again. It's the most beautiful ballet performance I've ever seen.
  2. mira

    New company members 2018-19 season

    At PAB he seemed to be only interested in dancing classical work - not interested in the contemporary roles.
  3. agree its the mom, Rolando was one of the greats. I'm so fortunate to have seen many of his performances just after he defected.
  4. mira

    Program 4 - Frankenstein

    hi Terez - have heard Birkkjaer will be doing the pas in Fancy Free. not sure what else this season.
  5. mira

    2018 Met Season

    Abatt, well said. Not sure why Nanushka feels his rank "a joke"... He's a proven principal both at Boston and NYC and in galas and competitions internationally. It takes time at ABT - no matter who you are. Agree he will likely get more as the season progresses. He just got back from a fall season at ENB doing great stuff and found the time to choreograph the winning routine for this amazing couple (ice dancing 2018 European champions and headed to the Olympics) http://web.icenetwork.com/news/2017/10/25/259553222
  6. mira

    Fall 2017 Season

    As for alternate opinions, Cirio was pretty well-known for classicism in Boston. In fact, he and Kuranaga were reviewed very well dancing Ashton's Cinderella. Following is a link to Ballet Tabs review (one of several positive reviews about the production) and one comment: http://dancetabs.com/2014/03/boston-ballet-cinderella-boston/ "Hence the company's premiere of Cinderella, Ashton's 1948 rendering of Prokofiev's score (which plays through this weekend only), arrived trailing an unspoken question: could Boston Ballet master yet another style? Well, the short answer is - yes, or at least its stars certainly can: Misa Kuranaga and Jeffrey Cirio (above), as the title heroine and her Prince Charming, looked as if they'd been dancing Ashton all their lives." Also, Wendy Somes (owner of Ashton's Cinderella) rarely allows dancers to use the Cinderella pas at outside guestings, but Cirio and Kuranaga were permitted to dance it at the Vail Int'l Dance Festival several years ago. It is a shame, but he has not been given opportunities at ABT to show that. Maybe that is the reason he is dancing at English National. He just finished dancing James in La Sylphide and is dancing MacMillan's Song of the Earth at Covent Garden next week. Reply Forward
  7. oh my gosh! so beautiful! congratulations to Gabriella, Guillaume and Jeffrey!
  8. mira

    2016-17 season: Pennsylvania Ballet

    That's the worst review I've ever seen written by Alastair. He's often tough but this is shocking.
  9. mira

    2016-17 season: Pennsylvania Ballet

    Thank you, California, for your thoughtful report. The dancer who came forward in the bows after Neenan's ballet was Harrison Monaco - he is leaving to dance at Miami City Ballet - and was taking a final bow at the Academy.
  10. mira

    2016-17 season: Pennsylvania Ballet

    Did any BalletAlerters get to Pa Ballet's last program Re-Action? Hope to hear some first hand thoughts.
  11. more sad news in the ballet world. http://www.heraldtribune.com/news/20170506/sarasota-ballet-downsizes
  12. mira

    SFB 2017 - Program 8: Cinderella

    Yes though a few had their early training at her studio - the local ones are Krista, Elizabeth and Madison. Several of the dancers on that list were pre-professional level when they worked with her and then were able to make the transition into a company. Julio had previously been in the National Ballet of Cuba and Alberto trained at Harid but was coached and performed with Magaly. I'm probably I'm leaving people out...
  13. mira

    SFB 2017 - Program 8: Cinderella

    Magaly Suarez (Taras' mom) is an amazing teacher. In addition to the dancers listed above, there are many more of her dancers who have become professionals - here's a (partial) list: Alexandra Berman - Houston Ballet Julio Conception - Oklahoma Ballet Julia Conway - English National Ballet Krista Ettlinger - Dutch National Ballet Milenia Garcia - Oklahoma Ballet Elizabeth Mateer - San Francisco Ballet Madison McDonough - LA Ballet Grace Anne Powers - Ballet Met Serena Sovdsnes - Cincinnati Ballet Alberto Velazquez - Joffrey Ballet
  14. The Paypal fee for sending money to Russia is very reasonable! Here's the email address that's suggested in the above posts. help-karina-soldatova@yandex.ru
  15. mira

    ABT 2016 Nutcracker Casting

    Isn't Joseph Gorak partnering Sarah? Ratmansky's Nutcracker Grand Pas (not sure what they call it) ranks among the most difficult in the ballet rep and how is it possible for even one couple to get enough rehearsal to do that perfectly especially if they don't start rehearsing until Nov. 29? If Sarah is now dancing the pas with Jeff Cirio (Isabella's partner) - how does he get enough rehearsal to do those tricky parts with two different girls?