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  1. 2017-18 season

    No, some of us are not speculating, but if a dancer has not yet decided to give a public explanation, I am not going to do it either.
  2. 2017-18 season

    He was withdrawn from a run of performances in late January and hasn't appeared on stage since. You do the math.
  3. 2017-18 season

    Lunkina was originally scheduled to perform on the 9th and 15th. When she was unable to do the first performance, Dronina was moved from the matinee on the 10th to the 9th, and Lobsanova's debut was moved up from the 13th to the afternoon of the 10th. So instead of partnering two different Auroras--first Dronina, then Lobsanova--Ebe was rescheduled to do both performances with Lobsanova.
  4. 2017-18 season

    It's not at all unusual for principal dancers to perform the Bluebird pas de deux. I have not yet been to see the National Ballet's current run. The last performance of Sleeping Beauty I saw took place at the Bolshoi, and at that performance Florine and the Bluebird were danced by principals (and Aurora by a member of the corps, and it was plenty obvious which was which, even if artistic directors don't like to admit it).
  5. 2017-18 season

    Finding partners for Yu isn't easy. Last year, following the mid-season departure of Maddox, she didn't dance in Swan Lake, although she was not injured. When I tell people that I saw Yu dance Giselle with Côté, I'm met with incredulous looks, including from more recent members of the company. Admittedly, the partnering in Nureyev's Sleeping Beauty is not as arduous as the partnering in Wright's Giselle or Kudelka's Swan Lake, but we should consider the possibility that Ebe did not feel up to the task of partnering Yu, or perhaps that he didn't want to do it, and that a couple of shows opposite Lobsanova and a couple of Bluebirds with Vanstone suit him just fine. The problem of too few tall leading men is very real since Kain's intent appears to be to advance Fischer, Hawes and MacDonald, who require tall partners, and Saye is very tall, but he cannot dance with them all. As a result Gerty has been fast tracked and now so has Jiang. I'm sorry to say that Gerty was not up to the task in Swan Lake, and I have no reason to doubt you when you write that Jiang isn't ready for his primetime moment either.
  6. Neumeier's Anna Karenina

    I took Shipulina's post to mean that she had been rehearsing Dolly Oblonskaya all along.
  7. 2017-18 season

    Xiao Nan Yu needs a big. strong partner, and even they sometimes have trouble with the task. Maddox is gone, and McKie is unavailable, so the ranks of tall partners is a little thin. Under the circumstances, I'm not sure Saye is complaining about the job assignments. What the company really needs is another tall male principal, and at the moment he probably needs to be imported.
  8. Marie-Agnes Gillot and Karl Paquette Last Bows

    When the POB visited the United States in 2012 it hadn't toured the country in some 20 years. Obviously American audiences missed the careers of many French dancers as a result. But on that tour Gillot danced Myrtha, Béjart's Bolero and Bausch's Eurydice, and she was sensational in all those roles.
  9. Marie-Agnes Gillot and Karl Paquette Last Bows

    A few photos and reflections from Marie-Agnès Gillot as she prepares to retire from the POB on March 31. I can barely bring myself to write that. https://www.operadeparis.fr/en/magazine/marie-agnes-gillot-bids-farewell-to-the-stage
  10. I didn't see the speech, but I have to agree about the movie. Granted, I watched it on a flight and slept through part of it. Truthfully, I have little interest in catching up on the parts I missed.
  11. I don't get it either. I agree that a different cast should have been filmed. I would have been very happy to see the dancers who performed on March 1, except that I would have grafted Savin into that cast and had someone like Stashkevich as Adeline. However, I don't agree about Ovcharenko and Chudin. I thought both were weak. At least I've seen much stronger performances in those roles from other dancers. Ovcharenko was unmusical, flaccid and slow. Chudin was also a little slow, and acting is not his strength, to put it mildly. The role of the Marquis can be very compelling, and today it was not. I don't think Kretova's problem is primarily her height, although her feathers are very high. It's that she has a tendency to hold her arms very straight, so the quasi-Baroque port de bras, with all that wrist and elbow work, does not come naturally to her. Turazashvili, whom I find not exactly mannered, but exaggerated and precious, would probably fare better as Armida than Adeline, provided she can hop on pointe. Shrainer was okay, but nowhere near Krysanova or Shipulina class. Tsvirko has lots of energy but little in the way of style. I enjoyed Nelli Kobakhidze's Marie Antoinette. I actually preferred the men in the Auvergnese dance; the women were too glamorous by half.
  12. National Ballet of Canada 2018-19 season

    Why not just ask the company?
  13. Heads-Up : Radical Change in Online Tix Sale Procedure !

    No. For one thing, that would require nailing down the schedule in advance, and at the Bolshoi schedules are fluid things. For example, a season booklet published in the autumn indicated that there would be performances of Jewels on May 9, 10 & 11, whereas now they are scheduled for May 8 & 9; performances of Coppelia originally scheduled for April 25-27 and June 6-10 are now taking place on April 20-22 and June 8-10. Every Saturday new blocks of single tickets go on sale, three months in advance for ballets and operas, two months in advance for chamber music concerts. In the event of late additions to the schedule, the time frame will be shorter, of course.
  14. Heads-Up : Radical Change in Online Tix Sale Procedure !

    As though getting into the theater wasn't a hassle before. Naturally, the Bolshoi posted the new rules online in Russian, but not in English. As far as I can tell, the new rules apply only during the first week of sales. Starting on the Friday following the opening of sales, the usual procedures apply, and e-tickets can be downloaded online as before. Ticket scalping is a serious problem at the Bolshoi. The next performance of Giselle, for example, has been sold out for weeks at the Bolshoi box office, but even at this late stage about 45 tickets are available on one of the scalping sites. There are even larger numbers of tickets available for Giselles not starring La Zakharova. Some more effective ways of dealing with ticket scalping at the Bolshoi could be: 1. posting lead casting before tickets go on sale (as opposed to the last week of the month, when all tickets have long been sold, leaving no option other than the scalpers), so that audiences will know when Prima X is appearing and can buy tickets accordingly, and 2. instituting a resale system along the lines of the ROH, so that more tickets will be available through Bolshoi box office.
  15. 2018 Met Season

    Hallberg is no longer affiliated with the Bolshoi.