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  1. Bolshoi's Corsaire...and where's "Ali"...?

    No baggy pants, no bare chests, and no bare midriffs either. It's great. Some feathers, but not worn by any of the Greek men. Lots of hair extensions, though. When I visited the Benaki Museum in Athens, I was struck by how much Conrad resembled Athanasios Diakos.
  2. Bolshoi's Corsaire...and where's "Ali"...?

    It's danced by Medora and Conrad. Strictly speaking the pas de deux shouldn't be in a reconstruction of Petipa's version at all, as Amy explained above, but no doubt Ratmansky and Burlaka understood that the audience wouldn't accept a production without it.
  3. 2017-18 season

    Casting for The Winter's Tale. More than three weeks in advance, which has to be some sort of record, at least in the Kain era. (There was a time, ancient history now, when principal casting for the full-lengths was printed in the company's subscription brochures, i.e., up to a year in advance. No guarantees it would hold, of course.) Leontes, King of Sicilia Piotr Stanczyk (Nov 10, 15, 18 mat) Evan McKie (Nov 11, 16 mat, 17) Guillaume Côté (Nov 12, 18 eve) Harrison James* (Nov 16 eve, 19) Hermione, Queen of Sicilia Hannah Fischer (Nov 10, 15, 18 mat) Jurgita Dronina (Nov 11, 16 mat, 17) Heather Ogden (Nov 12, 18 eve) Sonia Rodriguez (Nov 16 eve, 19) Perdita, Princess of Sicilia Jillian Vanstone (Nov 10, 15, 18 mat) Elena Lobsanova (Nov 11, 16 mat, 17) Rui Huang (Nov 12, 18 eve) Tina Pereira (Nov 16 eve, 19) Paulina, Head of Queen Hermione’s Household Xiao Nan Yu (Nov 10, 15, 18 mat) Svetlana Lunkina (Nov 11, 16 mat, 17) Greta Hodgkinson* (Nov 12, 18 eve) Tanya Howard (Nov 16 eve, 19) Polixenes, King of Bohemia Harrison James (Nov 10, 15, 18 mat) Brendan Saye (11, 12, 16 mat, 17, 18 eve) Félix Paquet (16 eve, 19) Florizel, Prince of Bohemia Naoya Ebe (Nov 10, 15, 18 mat) Francesco Gabriele Frola (Nov 11, 16 mat, 17) Skylar Campbell (Nov 12, 18 eve) Dylan Tedaldi (Nov 16 eve, 19) *Debut All casting subject to change. https://national.ballet.ca/Productions/2017-18-Season/The-Winters-Tale
  4. 2017-18 Bolshoi cinema season

    The little "explanatory" trailers in which dancers talk about particular ballets are shot way in advance, usually toward the end of the previous season, judging by Instagram feeds, so by the time the actual performance rolls around four, six or nine months later, casting can look entirely different.
  5. 2017/2018 season

    Ekaterina Krysanova, who hadn't been scheduled for any Corsaires this run, will dance Medora in Smirnova's place. http://www.bolshoi.ru/en/performances/198/roles/#20171022180000 A small victory for justice.
  6. World Ballet Day Live - 5 October 2017

    I disagree. In the Etudes rehearsal Gennadi Yanin managed to be exacting without being churlish, boorish or crude in the way he spoke.
  7. World Ballet Day Live - 5 October 2017

    The Bolshoi's segment hasn't been posted anywhere, including on its own video resource. Perhaps the company doesn't know what to do about all that footage of Makhar Vaziev's appalling behavior during rehearsals.
  8. A "Diamonds"-Swan Lake link was mentioned by Mary Clarke and/or Clement Crisp in The Ballet Goer's Guide in 1981. So this is back when the ballet was not performed as widely or as internationally as it is today, and at the time when it would certainly have been completely unaffected by any manifestations of Russian-ballerina-divadom. "It is possible to view Diamonds as a homage to the Petersburg traditions in which Balanchine was educated and to examine the 'Russian to Russian' relationship of Tchaikovsky and Ivanov rather than the 'Russian to French' manner of Tchaikovsky and Petipa. The two ballabile set to the symphony's Alla tedesca and its later Scherzo use fourteen girls to evoke the crystalline evolutions of the snowflakes in Ivanov's Nutcracker, rethought, but still catching an essential lyricism. Even more so the Andante elegiaco, which Balanchine made as a duet for the leading couple, It is a loving summation of the late-Romantic pas de deux, suggesting the Odette-Siegfried encounter in the second act of Swan Lake, with the same intensity and magnificent unfurling of the choreographic line." But... "The symphony's final Polacca is Petipa, a polonaise for the entire cast, and it could serve as the closing sequence for The Sleeping Beauty: noble, Maryinsky-grand, and wonderful. If the entire Imperial Russian inheritance of ballet were lost, Diamonds would still tell us of its essence." (For my part I'll say that the finale of "Diamonds" is way better than the ending of The Sleeping Beauty.)
  9. World Ballet Day Live - 5 October 2017

    In this case I am willing to cut the National Ballet of Canada some slack. Not only is it on tour in Paris, but it also didn't have use of the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées that evening. It had a performance on October 4 and another on October 6, but on October 5 the theater was occupied by the Vienna Philharmonic. Weird that their tour should have been interrupted that way, but that's how it was. It's unfortunate that the event wasn't scheduled for another day, because I think backstage footage during an actual performance would have been interesting. (I remember the Royal Opera doing this during one of its streamed opera days.) Under the circumstances, the National Ballet elected to reduce its segment to two hours and record it in Toronto before leaving on tour, which is why Lindsay Fischer could appear in the NBoC and SFB studios almost simultaneously.
  10. World Ballet Day Live - 5 October 2017

    Of course, once you see Vaziev screaming and hollering during an apparently live rehearsal of La Bayadère, describing the corps' performance as "monstrous" and a "nightmare," you sort of understand why pre-recording may be a better option. My most profound sympathies to the Bolshoi's dancers.
  11. World Ballet Day Live - 5 October 2017

    The Australian segment was great. But once again the Bolshoi blithely ignores the concept of "live" by showing recorded rehearsals of Etudes, which was performed last weekend, and Emeralds, which was performed the weekend before that. Come on. Ditto Diamonds. This is an edited infomercial for Vaziev's young favorites and his wife.
  12. Definitely plagiarism! Cranko should get co-choreographer credit for the MacMillan version. I saw the Ashton version only once, when London Festival Ballet performed it in New York. At the time it struck me as very different from the Cranko, MacMillan and Van Dantzig versions with which I was most familiar, even geared at Bournonville technique, I'd say. I would love to see it again to check whether my memory is playing tricks on me. I don't care for the Lavrovsky version much. It strikes me as very static, and it messes around too much with the score, though not as badly as the Grigorovich version.
  13. Yulia Stepanova

    Diaghilev had superb taste. Nuff said.
  14. Vienna State Opera webstreams

    Giselle, the first pay-per-view stream from the Vienna State Ballet this season, takes place tonight, at 19.30 Vienna time. https://www.staatsoperlive.com/en/live/491/giselle-2017-09-28/#tab_0 The cast includes Nina Polakova as Giselle, Masayu Kimoto as Albrecht, Andrey Kaydanovskiy as Hilarion and Rebecca Horner as Myrtha. It is possible to select one of numerous stream start times, going right up to the afternoon of Sunday, October 1. But in my experience, the stream must be ordered before it goes live. And the actual process of changing the start time has to be done in German. These are unfortunate glitches in the system.
  15. Roster in Review - 2017

    Observing from the sidelines, I find the wildly differing opinions of Kochetkova really curious, too.