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  1. Watching the Olympics

    Good point pherank. In fact I did ask and licensing was given as the reason. Just caught another sport on tv --bowling. Other than that the cruise has been a welcome short break from the NY winter. On the inroom tv there is a choice of MSNBC and Fox.
  2. Watching the Olympics

    My preference-- guess I'm just a cranky old lady--is no commentary or minimal call on the elements. Tara and johnny are pretty snarky and they talk incessantly. Scott Hamilton is a hero in so many ways--his courage is nothing short of remarkable--but his fever pitch excitement doesn't do it for me. If I had to choose among the NBC commentators, I'd rather listen to Tanith Belbin White than anyone else. But I've been watching full coverage on the NBC sports app through my cable company while we're away and the two commentators (one sounds Australian?) are very easy to listen to and informative. They call it without going over the top. On this ship (we get off tomorrow morning and I can go back to watching in real time) they are showing basketball, golf, soccer and football. But not even Olympic hightlights. Grrr. Didn't take that into account when I chose this cruise. Glad to have NBC sports, which archives, along with my dvr.
  3. Peter Martins Retired; Succession Discussion

    I agree with Helene. Damian has given colleagues from across the dance world the opportunity to stretch in ways they might never have attempted. True crossover programming. I think he would kick a** as AD at nycb. Everything could have lined up perfectly: administrative experience, artistic experience, age, temperament, keen intelligence, insututional knowledge. But what about this commitment to lead another major arts organization across the plaza? i would also be thrilled with Lourdes Lopez as a choice because she also seems to have that combination of qualities in spades, with the additional benefit that women are sorely needed in the top positions. My third choice will unfortunately not be in contention. My gut feeling is that there's a dark horse somewhere. Whoever is chosen, I hope it happens very soon.
  4. Florida massacre memorials

    We're currently on a Royal Caribbean cruise and have just come from the evening production show. Shout out to the singers and dancers who were all wearing orange ribbons.
  5. "Balanchine's Guys" livestream

    Well thank you! Between this and Olympic figure skating I'm a happy camper.
  6. Winter 2018

    It's possible (even likely) that I'm not remembering correctly, but I was at a lecture/dem in Lake Placid quite a few years ago where Megan LeCrone danced the Agon PDD beautifully. I don't remember who her partner was, but I was struck by how well suited she is to Balanchine leotard roles. At the same program, a young Kathryn Morgan danced the La Sylphide PDDwith Joaquin DeLuz. Quite a while ago.
  7. Winter 2018

    Patricia McBride asked to coach one of her signature roles! What a positive change. This bodes well for the future of our beloved NYCB.
  8. Winter 2018

    Agreed and I'd be the last person to apply additional pressure to the four interim administrators who are, from all appearances, doing yeoman's work to keep things together under these most trying circumstances. All the more reason that it's essential to get someone in place to right the ship and move the company forward. Hopefully that will happen quickly. I made an assumption that the SPAC leadership could and should have initiated a change.
  9. Winter 2018

    And Bernstein.
  10. Winter 2018

    Possibly so, but the season was just made public on February 4. There was plenty of time to make a change after the shit hit the fan. Programming changes happen often, for all sorts of reasons. I maintain that if the powers that be wanted a story ballet West Side Story ticks the boxes: Its Robbins/Bernstein. Its good. It brings in crowds. And it opens two slots in the program for additional quality Robbins (that would be a tribute!) or more Balanchine (heaven). SPAC should be back pedaling from Martins as quickly as they can.
  11. Winter 2018

    More of a stinker than you know. We get one wonderful Balanchine program. 4Ts, Square Dance and Bizet on two consecutive nights, Tuesday and Wednesday. That is IT. By Thursday we're done with Balanchine. We have the three Romeos and one night of new ballets. Our Saturday night gala features Robbins, sort of. It's the only Robbins we get in this extraordinary year. We have Four Seasons and Other Dances. We also have the new Peck and Carlyle tributes. That's it, done, game over. Nothing of the Bernstein/Robbins collaboration. The Philadelphia Orchestra is doing West Side Story later in the season. None of the Robbins ballets that look perfect on our outdoor stage and that haven't been here for years, but are in spring season: G Major, Interplay, DAAG, In the Night, Opus 19. Not even Circus Polka to bring in local ballet kids, who bring in scads of paying family members. I don't care much for Circus, but I was looking forward to seeing JR spelled out on the stage. None of the beautiful Balanchine masterpieces that I've seen in the last week, works that feed and soothe our souls in these trying and troubled times. No Apollo, Mozartiana, Chaconne, Divert. We "need" a story ballet. Midsummer opened SPAC in 1966, Coppelia premiered here in 1974, WSS honors Jerry and Lenny in such a perfect way. Any would be so appropriate now. But we have Romeo, three times, at this time and under this cloud.
  12. Winter 2018

    Marta, Juliet and I are talking about SPAC, the summer home of NYCB since 1966. From four weeks, to three, to two and now to one week. 7 performances. Three are Romeo + Juliet, including both matinees. Coppelia had its premiere (Mr. B's version of course) at SPAC in 1974, so naturally we feel a bond.
  13. "Balanchine's Guys" livestream

    I hope it's archived and can be accessed.
  14. "Balanchine's Guys" livestream

    Well that was incredibly frustrating. Saw about four minutes. Pherank, thanks for the link. It eventually opened, but only in the Facebook app, not on the web
  15. "Balanchine's Guys" livestream

    Link won't open for me. My daughter just got it and says it's been on for 20 mins. Disaster.