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  1. But I was quoted and then misinterpreted. why would the victim learn compassion from being victimized? Or was it Copely who would have from being called out... I actually can't understand what Vs1 was saying.
  2. This whole conversation literally makes no sense. I was speaking to an earlier commenter on this thread who said they had experienced sexual harassment and yet was castigating the person who reported Copely at great length. I was saying SHE had not learned compassion. This entire offshoot of the conversation has been from Vs1 quoting me out of context and seemingly not understanding what I wrote.
  3. aurora

    Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    Could you explain how so?
  4. aurora

    Akram Khan's Giselle/Cinema

    You aren't kidding. Last time I went there in February my flights were cancelled in both directions...
  5. aurora

    Watching the Olympics

    I don't particularly either. It was in response to comments that were commenting on her artistry. I see artistry in Medvedeva, to me Zagitova, with her backloaded program to maximize points from jumps, is not. In response to Medvedeva's rank, Zagitova did beat her at their last competition. Regarding finding additional footage--if you have a smart tv/apple tv etc, the NBC app has been showing a lot of coverage and might be helpful.
  6. You aren't wrong nanushka! As you note, that wasn't what I was saying at all.
  7. aurora

    Watching the Olympics

    I find her jumps impressive but the rest, utterly meh. Medvedeva's artistry is so much more impressive.
  8. I do not presume that. I base my assessments only on your statements. All I'll say is that if you have (and you may well have!) it taught you to empathize with the perpetrator rather than the victim, and that is even sadder.
  9. I have no animosity to men (white or otherwise)! That comment was purely a response to kfw's continued disregard for victims, and extreme concern for a celebrated man who has other jobs (who in his view is the only actual victim here) which really could only come from a place of extreme privilege. I apologize if this veers into discussing the discussion but I thought it did deserve a response.
  10. It is hard for white men to lose a bit of the dominance they've always had over other groups.
  11. He is being currently charged with various crimes. https://www.vogue.com/article/harvey-weinstein-criminal-charges-investigations You honestly think all these women made it up...70+ women and you still don't believe any of them?
  12. She also refers to him as a "snitch." She wasn't there and is hardly unbiased.
  13. I'm not sure why you bring up his English ability unless it is to suggest he misunderstood Copley--except no one has denied that this is indeed what Copley said. Are you honestly obliquely suggesting that the alleged victim should be ostracized and blacklisted? Also it is irrelevant if he is a beacon of artistic integrity. That makes his art good, it doesn't mean he is a good person. Weinstein produced a lot of good movies. It doesn't mean he didn't behave despicably (You could insert a lot of other examples here if you wanted--Gauguin, Wagner, Woody Allen, etc.)
  14. Consequences for your actions do not make you a victim. If Copley is a victim it is of his own bad judgment. And your conditional slight attempt at empathy is noted, however the fact you consider the man who said such an inappropriate thing in a work situation the true victim rather negates it. Copley has other jobs. Unlike the chorister, who I would imagine depends on his work at the Met. I'm sure he will be just fine. Someone earlier noted another job he's already been given.
  15. When the organization states that the complaint has merit and fires the director. You really do not understand what constitutes sexual harassment. https://www.dol.gov/oasam/programs/crc/2011-workplace-harassment.htm There are good grounds (under hostile work environment) to call Copley's actions harassment, even if it was a joke.