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  1. Ethnicity is complex in the US as well. People here often do not neatly fit in one box either, and despite your assertion, no one (or very few) Americans would argue that those boxes you listed cover all the ethnic diversity that exist in the world. For one thing, you omitted Native Americans...
  2. You made it a point, seemingly, to negatively compare the US and Russia vis-a-vis this issue--hence the turn this conversation took. I'm not "Jewish from Russia" because that side of my family was forced to flee 100+ years ago...
  3. One of the reasons for diversity in the US is our horrible history of slavery, but it is certainly NOT the only one. The fact that the US was a beacon of hope for people fleeing things like the pogroms in Russia --meant to eradicate minority groups like the Jews who fled Russia FOR the US is a much nicer reason for diversity in the US and, ahem, lack of diversity in Russia. So yeah, they didn't enslave people but perhaps we can not glorify a place with their own unpleasant past and racist present.
  4. Nina Ananiashvili says what struggle? ;)
  5. Not sure that follows, since it means Khawly has gone from sponsoring 2 principals and a soloist to (as far as we know), 1 principal.... I would have imagined it wouldn't have been necessary to eliminate Part to make her accounting work out, in fact she now is paying less than previously.
  6. I also find it odd since she is an exceptionally beautiful woman.
  7. I thought she was less smiley than Shevchenko on Weds.
  8. Yeah I took it as a rather dramatic throwing up of hands in frustration and anger at the entire situation: "do whatever!!" with the annoyance yes directed at abt who I'm sure she's mad at, but I'm guessing she doesn't really want to have to talk a crazed supporter out of a tree right now either. I mean if I was in her shoes the last thing I'd want was to have to beg my fans to not make a fuss. I hardly took it as encouragement, although if I had been in her shoes I would probably have made the effort to try and quell the protest.
  9. I'm with you. But remember it isn't a large number of people and rudeness like that in PERSON by a few individuals is harder to pull off. But I completely agree, and said it before. No reason to put down any dancers (new principals is who I mentioned before, but others either) because of what has happened. they aren't to blame. That is why I think it is important that people who are planning to be positive don't get scared off by a few bad apples.
  10. Don't do that. Go and be vocal in your enthusiastic support for Veronika. That's my plan. Be positive and enthusiastic. She deserves it, no?
  11. Hear, Hear! I'm really upset she is gone, and I can't say her firing (for that is what it basically is) doesn't temper the excitement I feel about the promotions somewhat, but no one should be blaming any of the promoted dancers for this. All they have done is their best. Nothing blameworthy in that.
  12. Ugh booing AT her farewell? That will be charming
  13. I think Paris was injured (?) much of this season--she actually was cast a lot, she was just often replaced, at least in the performances I saw. --And my count is the same as yours. 3 soloist women remaining! It is indeed a small number.
  14. Very happy about the news. I'd really have liked to see Gabe, who does a ton of soloist roles (as many as Arron Scott) promoted. He deserved it. And I hope that all this newly promoted talent doesn't mean a long wait for Cassandra Trenary and Skylar, but I'm very happy for everyone promoted!!! I'd imagine next year there will have to be some movement up from corps to soloist on the women's side.
  15. I don't think I'm repeating information posted here (apologies if I am! I'm not feeling up to re-reading all the pages of comments right now), but the improvement in Shevchenko's performance is quite likely due to the fact that Weds night was her debut in the role. Glad to hear thurs was even better!