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  1. Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    Thank you, BalanchineFan. I'd like to add an aside: I don't see it as Watts "saving face" at all. I see it as within the realm of two possibilities: what BalanchineFan posted above and the need to save her career. One doesn't need to imagine what being blacklisted by a man the likes of Martins in power will do to one's livelihood. She had no choice back then. She decided to keep her enemy close. I think she had to.
  2. Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    Let's be clear: Sexual abuse IS physical abuse. As long as we consider those two terms as separate, sexual abuse will never be taken seriously.
  3. Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    When I was in 8th. grade, a handsome 26 year old acquaintance whom many women (but not me-I was a kid and he was old) wanted to sleep with, hid in the woods near my house and sprang out from behind a tree as I was walking by, pinning me against it as he violently sexually assaulted me. The final part of the act itself wasn't completed because two people's voices were heard nearby, so he ran away. I pulled my pants back up, straightened myself best I could, and ran home before the people came in view. I showered and bathed repeatedly that day. I never told anyone about this until a couple years ago; I'm in my 60's. Why not? All I can come up with is that as a female teen, I unconsciously knew I was powerless and it was better to not turn my life into an uproar. I've spoken to many women in the last two years about it and they've shared similar stories. I won't go into how that incident shaped the rest of my life except to say that it's had a powerful effect. So when people disparage the women and men who kept abuse silent, I remember my own silence for decades and know that doesn't mean the assault or harrassment never took place. We have arrived at a crisis point in time: I hope that NOW is the first time in the USA's history that justice stands the chance of being served in these matters. Whether it actually will or not remains to be seen. When I read the automatic assumptions that assault/harrassment didn't take place and that if it were true, the person would have said something right away, I know that my hope is on shaky ground.
  4. Nutcracker 2017

    Does anyone know for sure how long Watts has been coaching Peck? Maybe it's been ongoing for much longer than we know; therefore, maybe Watts's coaching has informed Peck's dancing in some of the very roles being praised here as not needing Watts's coaching.
  5. Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    The comment in the quote above is opinion based on very little fact. I find it presumptuous to even have an opinion since we don't know if the dancer, by making that statement to the Times, had, during her years, seen/heard Martins using similar language in encounters with other dancers that ended up with the dancer having sex with Martins and receiving better roles, while others who didn't do so were left by the wayside. We simply don't know. A few sentences don't give us history or background details. What I have myself personally experienced in two different employment contexts is that a consistent undercurrent of talk throughout many years about harassment behavior by a boss has its basis in fact. Are some experiences exaggerated? Maybe. I don't know. But when it was that consistent, in my experience, there was a reason. Individuals in positions of power need not worry about people misinterpreting their behavior if they know they are always respectful. Although it wasn't stated, I also want to add that having an "artist's temperament" is an excuse for disrespect and should never be used as defense.
  6. Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    An interim Head for a year or two is employed frequently in the world of private academic schools. Personally, I like the idea of an interim because it affords time to choose the right person rather than who's available at the time. I wonder how hiring an interim would affect donor contributions. In private school academia, I've worked under interim heads a few times; in a couple cases, donations went down, in the other two cases, it actually went up!
  7. Nobel Prize 2017

    Best-laid plans: Work has gobbled up all available waking hours this fall, but I found Never Let Me Go in audiobook format, so I'm listening to it now. Halfway done. It's strange and I love it. As Kathleen O'Connell stated, the narrator is a very sympathetic figure. But how can she not be, given the story she has to tell? Rosalyn Landor has become my favorite reader/performer. Her quiet, thoughtful, unhurried voice creates a mood Ishiguro must be grateful for. I know that I will search out recordings by her from now on. I believe I'll reach the end of the book in two days. Next up (because I discovered the book unread in a guest bedroom) is Ishiguro's When We Were Young. It may have been left by a visitor; I have no memory of having ever bought it myself. I'm hoping I can find The Unconsoled in audiobook format at a library. That's the only way I can manage to "read" books right now: in the car, I'm a captive audience. Anyone else listening more than reading?
  8. NYCB dancers who didn't go to SAB

    Am I right that SAB dancers aren't allowed, or at the very least, are strongly encouraged NOT to attend SAB's summer program? Hehe, that would make all, or nearly all, of them NOT "pure SAB".My recollection, from my daughter's summers there, are that SAB uses the summer as a way to audition talented dancers from all over to see whom they'd like to invite to their year-round.
  9. 2017 Fall Season

    I think Robbie Fairchild realizes that his prospects for ensuring financial success throughout his whole life, not just his ballet dance career, lie with his seizing the here-and-now opportunities that are occurring on the heels of his Broadway success. He is multi-talented, becoming more and more well-known outside the ballet circle, and likely will have a variety of choices once he can no longer dance. It looks like golden opportunities to me, though I will miss his leading-man easy charm and ballet technique. I've longed for a new Gene Kelly: Fairchild may very well fill those shoes.
  10. Nobel Prize 2017

    Thank you. I will start with Remains of the Day. I may then move straight to The Unconsoled because I frequently am the sole person who likes a book written by an unconventional writer. Anyone read Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout? It won the Pulitzer and is my favorite contemporary novel (if one can call it that), yet I'm the only person I know who loves it that much.
  11. Nobel Prize 2017

    For someone who's never read Ishiguru, which book do you recommend I start with?
  12. Corps that pays to dance: That's how I see these programs. I get it: ballet companies can't afford to pay enough dancers to mount the productions they'd like to perform. So they set up these pre-professional tuition programs (and call them different names, but the commonality is that they "pay to play"). I don't begrudge the ballet companies for doing this to stay alive, but I feel awful for the dancers who have to wait a very long time if ever to finally get paid to dance.
  13. 2017 Fall Season

    Abatt and others, would you say that those rookie mistakes you saw ( other than the issue of not fully extended limbs which is another matter) were all male partnering errors? What DOES a ballerina do when her partner's leg is in the way? Or when she has been under-rotated? Are there ways to manage those partner mistakes that she didn't employ? Or was it a matter of not enough partnering rehearsals?
  14. 2017 Fall Season

    I'd switch from Bouder to Hyltin. I think she is the complete ballet dancer and I'm truly excited to be seeing her in this role. Bouder always leaves me cold. I've tried so hard to like her but during her absence from the stage these other phenomenal dancers got their chances to dance more roles and proved they not only have the pyrotechnics or close to it, they also have an ability to connect with audiences: Hyltin, Reichlin, Peck, Fairchild, Mearns. They are each singular in their portrayals and I trust each one to embody both Odette and Odile. I trust Bouder's Odile, but the music for Odette is so exquisite I need to see a dancer who will inhabit that character or I'll be terribly disappointed.
  15. Krohn Retiring On Oct 7, 2017

    I am very happy for Emma von Enck; she sparkles at every role she's been given, making it her own! Actually, both sisters do.