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  1. 2017 -- 2018 Season

    2 performances of the Vikharev reconstruction of Sleeping Beauty are due to perform on March 8th and 9th, with a lovely cast including his student Olesya Novikova. https://www.mariinsky.ru/en/playbill/playbill/2018/3/8/1_1900 https://www.mariinsky.ru/en/playbill/playbill/2018/3/9/1_1900 (edited to add,) I recognized this is to commemorate The Petipa Bicentennial (on a different topic above)
  2. Here is a link to the Amazon page of the book. https://www.amazon.co.jp/スカートはかなきゃダメですか-―ジャージで学校-世界をカエル―10代からの羅針盤-名取-寛人/dp/4652202237 And also Hiroto Natori's blog https://hirotontr.wordpress.com/ Also an article about this book. https://jisin.jp/serial/社会スポーツ/social/24679 All in Japanese but try google translation. He now has his own ballet school / studio, performs there and also gives lectures on gender equality. A clip of his Dying Swan.
  3. There is a former Japanese member of the Trocks called Hiroto Natori, and recently he published a memoir. In fact he was born as a woman but he recognized that he had gender identity disorder and was living as a man when he found the Trocks and joined the company without telling the AD and members that he was a woman. After some time with the company, they found out that physically he was a woman so the company told him to undergo a transgender surgery, unless he does not do so he would be fired. He was thinking of transitioning his gender so that was not such a big deal for him but this is an example how it went in this company. It was only recently, after he left the company and returned to Japan that he came out of being transgender (with this memoir which is very inspiring and a good read) I did see the Trocks in February (in Toronto) and September (in Tokyo) and I enjoyed their performances very much, and of course Chase Johnsey shone in those performances so this situation is heartbreaking.
  4. 2018-19 Season

    Other than Cinderella and La Dame aux Camellias, this season looks like a Saddler's Wells one.
  5. 2017-18 Season

    I wholeheartedly agree on Gnossie's Opinion on Herve Moreau, he was the finest dancer dancing Onegin in his generation, even better than the dancers from Stuttgart. It is unfortunate that he was injured so much that he rarely was on stage these recent years, but he had appeared in some galas in Japan and did show his excellent artistry. Also Mathieu Ganio has been maturing as an artist while representing the French tradition and becoming a fine actor. I enjoyed reading Gnossie's opinion on POB dancers, and of course we all have our own preferences and tastes but I think they are a very good view and agreed on many of them (not all), so it is a pity that many of them were deleted.
  6. Alina Cojocaru

    I don't know when she will return to her home company but she is expected to guest in Hamburg Ballet's Lady of the Camellias (Japan tour) February 2nd. http://nbs.or.jp/stages/2018/hamburg/intro.html And also guesting for Birmingham Royal Ballet's Japan tour in May (Sleeping Beauty)
  7. Gomes and ABT

    Gomes has performed in Roberto Bolle and Friends.
  8. Gomes and ABT

    And this from Alessandra Ferri
  9. Nureyev premier postponed to 2018/2019

    POB's Raymonda has not been released as a disk (although it could be viewed on Amazon Prime Video) and L'Arlésienne is not either (only TV broadcast)
  10. 2017-18 season

    Program changes at the final triple bill, Cote’s Dark Angels is dropped and Kudelka’s The Man in Black replaces. https://national.ballet.ca/Productions/2017-18-Season/Cacti
  11. Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    Here is a snippet of the documentary "The Paris Opera" which shows the press conference regarding the resignation of Millepied. (well the conversation on phone with Lissner telling Millepied to step back is not in this video) French with Japanese subtitles.
  12. Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    You can see how Millipied was disliked by the dancers if you see the documentary film "The Paris Opera" which shows how he was dismissed. At the press conference, no one at the conference showed any sympathy for him. Also watching the documentary "Reset" will also give you hints.
  13. Ratmansky interview re Bolshoy Romeo&Juliet staging

    Some footage from the premiere and interview with Ratmansky
  14. Nureyev premier postponed to 2018/2019

    Casting has been posted for Nureyev (not date specific) https://www.bolshoi.ru/en/performances/1025/roles/#all Nureyev Vladislav Lantratov Artem Ovcharenko Igor Tsvirko Auctioneer/Avedon/The Grey Man Vladimir Koshevoy Igor Vernik A Letter to Rudi. The Pupil Georgy Gusev Vyacheslav Lopatin Denis Savin A Letter to Rudi. The Diva Ekaterina Shipulina Svetlana Zakharova The Ballerina Daria Bochkova Anastasia Stashkevich Erik Vladislav Kozlov Denis Savin Margot Maria Alexandrova Nina Kaptsova Kristina Kretova Mezzo-soprano/ The Porter/ The King Alexandra Durseneva Svetlana Shilova Tenor/ The Intendant Marat Gali Igor Tsurcan Countertenor, the singer of the king Vladimir Magomadov Vadim Volkov Ballet Teacher Victor Barykin Yan Godovsky
  15. Isabella Boylston will be guesting at Paris Opera Ballet's Don Quixote. (December 25 and 28) https://www.operadeparis.fr/en/season-17-18/ballet/don-quichotte/distribution#head