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  1. 2017 Fall Season

    No further news on the Petipa documentary, but I'm sure there will be after the first of the year.
  2. 2017 Fall Season

    The Tiler Peck/Ratmansky session was for a Petipa documentary.
  3. Here it is: http://www.diss.fu-berlin.de/diss/servlets/MCRFileNodeServlet/FUDISS_derivate_000000007745/Early_Life_and_Works_of_George_Balanchine.pdf
  4. Only that I'm an optimist
  5. Don't discount the Croce. It may yet happen.
  6. Balanchine, Shakespeare and narrative

    Balanchine seems to have viewed the divertissement pas a manifestation of Bottom's dream conflated with his personal views as a member of the Russian Orthodox church, i.e., Bottom's dream of Titania as the ideal women coalesced with Balanchine's religious views of the Virgin Mary as the ideal woman. He told Jonathan Cott (as well as Darci Kistler) that he wanted to depict John's vision in Revelation of the woman (often thought to be Mary) standing in the moon surrounded by twelve stars, etc. He didn't do this overtly because he apparently felt people wouldn't understand, thought he'd gone too far, etc. So the divert pas isn't as far removed from the plot as it may seem on the face of it.
  7. Program III. "La Baiser de la Fee"

    Jayne, just a note that the sets in Maillot's Romeo and Cendrilon are by Ernest Pignon-Ernest. Kaplan designed only costumes for these ballets.
  8. Ballet History

    Sandra Hammond's Ballet Basics (shorter) and Robert Greskovic's Ballet 101 (longer) are also good.
  9. Nutcracker 2016

    PNB does 41 performances of the GB Nut this season, between November 25 and December 28. Three of these are student matinees (complete performances with orchestra). The student matinees are listed at https://www.pnb.org/community/programs/eyesondance/. Like most (likely all) large U.S. companies these days, PNB's marketing department analyzes sales from prior years for each show in order to determine its Nutcracker schedule and maximize accessibility and revenue. This year, midweek evening performances begin December 14 and midweek matinees begin December 20.
  10. Oh, you're right, yes. It was in NY for two shows in February.
  11. This was the first time PNB performed Vertiginous on tour. Saturday night was a debut for Ezra Thomson.
  12. Tuesday, September 27

    With regard to Khan, it's too bad he didn't know the original Giselle was neither passive nor childlike. Those are characteristics of most 20th- and 21st-century Giselles. Likewise, the details of the original reveal a plot full of very human characters.
  13. Rizzitano begins down right in Square Dance.
  14. Le Corsaire Family Matinee

    Yes, I believe so. This is the divert slot that began with the Pas des Eventails, was changed to the pas de six, back to the Eventails, then to a pas de deux by Sergei Legat, then to the pas de trois by Samuil Andrianov in 1915 that morphed into what we know as the Corsaire pas de deux.
  15. Le Corsaire Family Matinee

    Thanks for the kind words, Helene. The Stepanov notation includes the Pas de six in the grotto rather than the Pas des Eventails, but the Justamant includes the entire fan dance, of which we did only the first part--for Medora, two demis and 8 corps. Jardin is notated in Stepanov circa 1894--for Medora, Gulnare, and 6 coryphees plus 2 groups of 12 women, 12 girls, 12 men and 12 boys--68 total. We reduced the five groups of 12 to five groups of 8--48 total.