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  1. balletgirl22sk

    "Black Swan" Program

    I posted about the Sat night performance but I posted in the next season Atlanta.
  2. balletgirl22sk

    Next season announced (Atlanta)

    Went to Black Swan Sat. night. Odile, Jessica Assef, was technically good but lacked character. Pretty much no acting so I wasn't too thrilled. Her Siegfried was Nikolas Gaifullin who I thought was very good- young and great technique. Did not like the Neopolitan Dance. When I was at Pa Ballet years ago, they did Neopolitan on pointe and it was hard and fun. My roommate performed that role and said it was difficult. I didn't like it being the first dance out of order. Remembrance I enjoyed mostly. Nice to have live music but don't think the music was great for the choreography. The dancers looked good and I liked the changing lighting. This was the first time I was in this theater and sight lines were good. I was near the back in the mezzanine. Looking forward to more Atl Ballet performances.
  3. balletgirl22sk

    Next season announced (Atlanta)

    I will post after seeing the performance Sat. night.
  4. balletgirl22sk

    Next season announced (Atlanta)

    Moved to Atlanta a few months ago and will be going to Black Swan this Sat. night. Never have seen the company, so anxious to go.
  5. balletgirl22sk

    Allan Miles

    I didn't like RAD that he taught and he used same music and same combinations whatever day it was. He had his favorite students, I was not one of them. He said some really mean things to students- all junior and senior high kids. Made me stronger when I became professional.
  6. balletgirl22sk

    Allan Miles

    He was my ballet teacher in Columbus, Ohio when I was in high school.
  7. I too didn't like this version as well as the Cranko and MacMillan. I felt for R and J's choreography, there was just too much- too fast, too many showy lifts, and I didn't think a lot of it was musical. I actually liked both Krysanova and Lantratov. He has a boyish face and I was surprised when I looked up his age. I did like to see the closeups of the acting. In the 1970's, I was a super for the Stuttgart Ballet in Philly and NYC, so I definitely favor the Cranko version.
  8. balletgirl22sk

    2017-2018 season: Washington Ballet

    Cranko's is the best. I was a super many years ago when Stuttgart brought it to NYC and Philly.
  9. balletgirl22sk

    Eva Evdokimova

    2 of my daughters took class with her in NY years ago and she was a lovely person and I enjoyed watching her teach.
  10. balletgirl22sk

    AD Septime Webre Leaving

    He has been there many years.
  11. balletgirl22sk

    RIP Maggie Black

    If I thought she was interested in me, I would have tried more classes but I already had wonderful teachers- Madame Darvash, Nadine Revene, etc.
  12. balletgirl22sk

    RIP Maggie Black

    I took a couple of classes from her in the 70's. There were so many stars in class like Gelsey,that it was hard to not watch them. Maggie paid attention to them and not new ones like me. I never went back.
  13. balletgirl22sk

    SFB 2015 Promotions and new members

    Haven't seen him dance for years...
  14. balletgirl22sk

    SFB 2015 Promotions and new members

    He was my student years ago!
  15. The other girl is an apprentice with NYCB and a friend of my daughter's/