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  1. Paul Taylor

    Vipa, I think it is fascination with a legend... just as we try to put new male virtuoso dancers in Spectre de la Rose... we all want to catch a glimpse of a legend... And of course, no one alive has actually seen Isadora dance (except for that flurry out from the shrubbery & back in again... which I feel I caught a glimpse of in Mearns on Sunday). Who knows how much of what the disciples passed on was the disciples interpretation of what they remembered... what was disciple and what was Duncan? We have a sense of Duncan's spirt from her dancing and a sense of the strictures of the time... Whenever it was upper body expression (torso, arms, head, focus), I thought Mearns triumphed... when she was trying to step out of her legs muscle memory, I thought she was slightly less so... as if she were trying desperately not to do ballet's version of similar steps but was trying to exist in someone else's skin and someone else's muscle memory. Watching her, it felt as if those bits were going to evolve into something more as she performs the piece over and over... Whoever does Duncan has to look like they improvised the movement themselves... like it was born that moment... so much of this worked... Butterfly worked particularly well (Hello Loie Fuller?), and Petals. With Petals, though, I wondered why they did not fall until the last moments of the dance... I have seen others do this dance, so long ago now that I cannot totally trust my memory... and I was sure there were moments earlier particularly where petals had fallen in the past. I wondered if she used real petals and could not crush as many hidden into her fingers as one could with silk petals? In the Funeral piece, she seemed sad, frail and vulnerable... but for some reason I wanted to see the agony of tragedy in her... not sure where this desire in me came from... perhaps from watching Annabelle Gamson or some Hollywood clip? It could be totally misplaced. I just wanted to see the "powerful tragic Isadora", and Mearns was lyrical here. Also, I think she was trying not to use ballet's gravity defiance in some of the skipping jumping moments... I wonder if this is the disciples passing down memory of an older Duncan. I am not sure it fits with a childlike persephone-esque moments... what child ever was earthy in their skipping? Is it not always a temps levé feeling? I wondered how much of this was a coaching request. There is a remarkable amount of Duncan on youtube these days (truly the internet is a modern miracle), so one can see others in these pieces. Mearns' delivery is as extraordinary as the artist she is. There is this curious clip (not Annabelle Gamson) and this lovely clip of Loretta Thomas... which reminded me more of Mearns' performance than some of the others. There are several videos of director Lori Belilove there as well.
  2. Paul Taylor

    Mearns was very successful with many of the solos... as one might expect of a dancer with such a heart.
  3. 2017-2018 season

    In fairness, tricks are easier to make a short video statement with. I was just surprised to see Swan Lake sold that way... sure the black swan pas de deux, but some stuff that came out from the company on facebook was about how well the dancers were technically handling the "difficult" white pdd, as if the technical tricks were the focus of that choreography. I've never seen the "tricks" there promoted as such rather than the soulful expression... very weird.
  4. 2017-2018 season

    Is it possibly all the emphasis on competitions rather than on artistic quality these days? Maybe they don't see beyond the tricks? And this is their way of measuring themselves against the rest of the world?
  5. 2017-2018 season

    It is surpriisng how quickly dancers are forgotten, it is truly the most ephemeral of the arts... I apologize for being off topic of PA B's Season, but wouldn't Julie Kent with David Hallberg make a great artistic management team for ABT?
  6. Sean Lavery Passing

    It seems this was the case... his family posted on Facebook: "Sean was diagnosed in January with a recurrence of the tumor that ended his dancing in 1986. He was placed on radiation, but his immune system could not tolerate the effects of that therapy. He died quickly and peacefully in his beloved Palm Springs; his family was there, and he was well-cared-for by the professional staff at the hospital."
  7. 2018-19 season: Pennsylvania Ballet

    I don't recall Swan Lake selling poorly back in the Christopher d'Amboise days... is this low turn-out something new? Maybe that poster image isn't helping much...
  8. NEA grants to ballet-February 2018

    No Pennsylvania Ballet.
  9. Bolshoi in Cinema - Flames of Paris 3/4/18

    I wish Osipova was still on the roster...
  10. Any info yet on the casting? The site just says "Bolshoi principals, soloists and corps de ballet". (well, one would hope so!) I've been interested to see this ballet for a while now. The trailer pretty poor, I usually bring a few friends, but I'm not sure I could use this trailer to entice anyone... https://www.fathomevents.com/events/bolshoi1718-flames-of-paris
  11. Ib Andersen to Present New Firebird in 2019

    So exciting!! I have never seen the company live but their costumes and productions look inspiring! I was so disappointed that ABT's new Firebird made so little of Osipova's gifts. I will keep my fingers crossed for Andersen's, the music is so ravishing.
  12. 2018-19 season: Pennsylvania Ballet

    No more Cranko? That's a shame, their performance of Cranko's R&J used to send chills down my spine.
  13. Romeo & Juliet Live Cinecast of 21st January

    You found Krysanova mechanical? And Sandik, I couldn't agree more about the Norwegian curling team.
  14. Romeo & Juliet Live Cinecast of 21st January

    And when Romeo launched himself skyward... assisted by the male market community...
  15. Romeo & Juliet Live Cinecast of 21st January

    I loved how admiring of Paris Juliet's handmaidens are... there were many nice dramatic touches...