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  1. Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    As food for thought....how about Sarah Jessica Parker?
  2. Alina Dronova

    I came across this charming love story involving former NYCB corps member, Alina Dronova: http://www.northjersey.com/story/news/2017/06/07/garden-state-mind-going-distance-love/313025001/
  3. Howard Oakley has an intriguing 2-part series on Degas and his contemporaries: https://eclecticlight.co/2017/08/12/danseuses-1-largely-innocent/ https://eclecticlight.co/2017/08/13/danseuses-2-the-social-message/
  4. Veronika Part leaving ABT

    Kent Becker has posted some really great, high-quality photos. http://www.notmydayjobphotography.com/AmericanBalletTheatreCurtainCa/2017-Met-Season/i-JV32B8f
  5. Veronika Part

    Given the resurgence of Russia in popular culture, maybe she could go the same route as Irina Dvorovenko and venture into acting? I think she has a lot of potential for film and TV.
  6. I don't think this has been posted yet (?) I found this truly lovely clip of Calvin Royale, Skylar Brandt and Stella Abrera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79PK0dCd1FQ
  7. ABT 2015 Season, Continued

    Here's Devon Teuscher & Alex Hammoudi (I love this clip of her doing fouettes, posted only 2 weeks ago. Really hope to see more of her next time ABT returns to DC).
  8. Royal Ballet Swan Lake live in cinemas

    DC metro resident here, thank you so much for posting this! I have to miss seeing ABT and NYCB at the Kennedy Center this spring due to financial difficulties. Having never seen Osipova's SL, this is a wonderful (and much more affordable) treat
  9. School of American Ballet Workshop 2014

    If anyone has a Roku streaming device, it's available for unlimited viewing on the PBS Roku channel. Just do a search for "lincoln" on the channel's main screen, and it should come up. http://www.pbs.org/roku/home/
  10. rg & California- Thanks for the very detailed and informative answers!
  11. I'm curious about the Western Symphony footage shown in the film. When was it shot? Or, in other words, how close to when Le Clercq came down with polio? Searching Balanchine.org, the film appears to be dated 1955, but there are no specific dates. Thanks to all in advance! My eyes are getting cross-eyed from trying to find this answer.
  12. What a beautiful film. I'm glad that Arthur Mitchell saw past the veil of her illness, and urged her to return to the dance world as a teacher. Note- if you have a Roku streaming device, just add the PBS channel, and you can watch this film as many times as you want, 24 hrs a day. It's available under the "American Masters" category. http://www.roku.com/channels/#!details/23353/pbs The images of her in her later years, laughing and sipping wine, are unforgettable.
  13. Next Artistic Director for ABT

    Given that he recruited Abrera for NZB's Sleeping Beauty, I am more inclined to think that Stiefel is one of the few who recognizes the value of ABT's homegrown soloists and corps dancers. Very disappointing to hear about McKenzie's contract. The fact that he does not pair Sarah Lane with Daniil Simkin more often than say, Boyleston, is beyond me.
  14. I just noticed on the Kennedy Center website that there now appears to be a better seat available for one of the NYCB performances I already have tickets for. For whatever reason, this seat was not available on the website when I first purchased my tickets approximately 2 months ago. The back of my ticket clearly states at the bottom, 'NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES.' It was not purchased as part of a subscription. Has anyone here ever had any luck exchanging single tickets at the Kennedy Center, or am I stuck with my current ticket?