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  1. cinnamonswirl

    2018 Spring Season

    It was the music from the Scottish jig, but Pereira wasn't doing the actual steps. She was just bouncing, goofing off. My guess is Pereira is debuting as Swanilda and Bouder was making a joke, "look at this new Swanilda being silly during rehearsal."
  2. cinnamonswirl

    POB dancing Balanchine

    I agree. For me, POB dancing Balanchine doesn't look like Balanchine. The choreography is still interesting (because Balanchine was so creative) but in general, POB dancers lack the speed, attack and stretch that defines the Balanchine style. They also seem to make (or try to make) everything look "pretty," but Balanchine loved unusual positions and odd angles. Tschai Pas has been a good vehicle for some of the POB dancers (like Dupont and Gilbert) but I can't stand the way POB dancers do the dives at the end! They're so tentative and lacking in fluidity that they completely ruin the performance for me. I thought La Valse last(?) season was quite respectable. But that is one of Balanchine's more classical ballets. Personally, I think POB performs Robbins better than it does Balanchine.
  3. cinnamonswirl

    2017-2018 season: Washington Ballet

    Based on social media clips of the rehearsals, the pairs appear to be: Maki Onui/Brooklyn Mack, Villa Venus/Corey Landolt, Gian Carlo Perez/Eunwon Lee and Ayano Kimura/Jonathan Jordan. (There maybe other pairs who haven't made it into a photo on social media yet.) Maki was injured during Nutcracker.
  4. cinnamonswirl

    Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    I'm perplexed by Boal and Frankfurt's objections to the way the investigation is being run. She says he did something in 1989, he says he didn't, a firm has been retained to conduct an objective investigation. Of course they're going to try to find logical problems with the allegations and look for ulterior motives. It's only a whitewash if Martins's interview is not interrogated similarly. And recording such interviews is definitely not the norm.
  5. cinnamonswirl

    2017-18 Season

    Do we know the reasoning behind casting etoiles as Cupid in Don Q? Gilbert has only 2 Kitris, but 5 Cupids, and Ould-Braham has 3 of both. I don't remember Cupid being cast with etoiles (or even first soloists) before.
  6. cinnamonswirl

    Tudor/Ashton/Stiefel @ KC - 5/25-27/17

    I think it's very interesting the different reactions the change in repertory direction elicits. I thought Webre's programming was sort of "poor man's NYCB." While I think he did wonders in revitalizing the dancers, his mixed bills tended to favor unremarkable contemporary pieces, very few of which I can recall anything about now, and which I generally appreciated more for the dancing than for the choreography. For example, last season there was a Bowie/Queen evening—a great concept—but the ballets themselves were not memorable. At any rate, Kent has specifically stated her goal is to move the company towards a more classical rep. I like the concept for Frontier (the set design and lighting are amazing, the music is interesting), but the choreography is incredibly boring! The astronaut's solo on the planet seems to consist of only 5 steps repeated over and over. I would encourage Stiefel to keep the concept, but rework the choreography. In terms of Friday night's cast, Venus Villa lacks the innate introspectiveness necessary for Caroline in Lilac Garden—the quality that made Kent, and above all Amanda McKerrow, so great in Tudor's ballets. Tudor isn't just about acting. Eunwon Lee and Gian Carlo Perez were absolutely beautiful in The Dream—although it was really Andile Ndlovu who stole the show as Puck.
  7. cinnamonswirl

    2017-2018 season: Washington Ballet

    According to the Washington Post, everything next season will have live music except Nutcracker: "Additionally, as a measure of the standard of sophistication that Artistic Director Julie Kent has set for the company, all of next season’s performances (except the perennial “Nutcracker” run) will feature live music." https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/theater_dance/washington-ballet-unrolls-a-season-of-world-premieres-and-masterworks/2017/05/19/89f6bb92-3973-11e7-b9e3-606b45ad1e5b_story.html?utm_term=.ce930fbefe77 This season we had a mix of live and recorded for the non-Nut performances.
  8. cinnamonswirl

    2017-2018 season: Washington Ballet

    Looks like it's going to be a great season! I'm especially excited for Cranko's R&J. I'm thrilled with the classical direction Kent is taking the company.
  9. cinnamonswirl

    NYCB in Paris

    Yay! Crazy NYCB has to go all the way to Paris for us to get a recording.
  10. Oh dear. As Merrill Ashley told Sara Mearns when she was first learning SL, "you have to have a plan" for when the fouettés don't work out.
  11. cinnamonswirl

    ABT 2016 Nutcracker Casting

    The jump makes the lift a lot easier on the man, but it also makes the timing more critical. I wonder if the ABT couples just don't get enough time to practice together to make it that smooth.
  12. cinnamonswirl

    ABT in Paris (Opera Bastille) 9/2016

    The last act of Paquita has the children's mazurka.
  13. cinnamonswirl

    Live streaming of NYCB in Paris

    I'm curious if there's any AD who doesn't get criticized by observers for under-casting certain talented dancers and over-casting other "lesser" ones.
  14. cinnamonswirl

    Ratmansky's Swan Lake at La Scala

    I liked that he escorts her too. That soft tutu must be killer to turn in. I thought they seemed a bit leaden too, but I wonder if it's partly the close-in camera angle. When you can see more of the stage it can make dancing seem more exciting. The échappés at the end are a waste of a great music! However, I think they're meant to echo the entrechat quatre/échappé sequence Odette does at the end of the lakeside scene.
  15. Thank you for posting that. It's electric! I wish they could release the whole thing. The attack evident in that clip was completely missing when the company did the ballet recently (last season?).