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  1. Balanchinomane

    Sarah Lane

    I bought front row tickets to all of Sarah's starring performances. So excited to see her.
  2. Balanchinomane

    Karin von Aroldingen, RIP

    I believe she inherited Mr. Balanchine's apartment on W 67th St. I don't know if she ever lived there.
  3. Balanchinomane

    2018 Met Season

    I just saw a tweet from @theballetbag from the Royal Opera House. David Hallberg suffered an injury. Replaced by Matthew Ball for act 2 Giselle. Will watch for updates.
  4. Balanchinomane

    Potential Strike By ABT Dancers

    This article was linked from my Twitter feed from @BroadwayWorld headlined "New York City Ballet Dancers Threaten a Strike" with a photo from R+J. My heart skipped a beat. BroadwayWorld has since deleted the tweet.
  5. Balanchinomane

    2017 Fall Season

    Me too. I have Hyltin, Fairchild, and Peck. Now I want to see the others as well. With regard this production, it's all about the dancers and the music. It's like the life lessons in The Godfather. "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in."
  6. Balanchinomane

    ABT has a new website!

    OMG (as the kids say.) They do have Dolin's Pas de Quatre. I would cast Part, Vishneva, Abrera, and Lane. Oops, too late.
  7. Balanchinomane

    ABT has a new website!

    Oh, thank you! Never knew it was there. Now I have a new bookmark.
  8. Balanchinomane

    ABT has a new website!

    It has always bothered me that there is no catalog or listing of their Repertory. The company has such an impressive legacy and yet the Company History section is one page and one picture from 1947. Nice to see Jerome Robbins though!
  9. Balanchinomane

    POB dancers in Linc Ctr Festival's Jewels

    Yes, her final performance was Giselle, partnered by her husband, Nicholas LaRiche. They announced it ahead of time and had several flower presentations. That 2012 tour visit was a marvelous gift - wish they were presenting similar programing this year.
  10. Balanchinomane

    NYCB at Saratoga 2017 Season

    Thanks for the reviews Karen. The Short Stories program was my favorite for the whole year. It's only July and I already could use a "fix."
  11. Balanchinomane

    Veronika Part leaving ABT

    The suggestion is that she be downgraded to part time, perhaps paid per performance rather than full contract salary. But unlike Bolle, Vishneva, and the guest artists, she was a full time company member. She always participated in the Fall Seasons and tours. A team player, as it were. She never gave anything but a class A performance and ABT was lucky to have her. And Ratmansky created works on her and cast her often. This has gotten so sordid - all in the name of saving money? It's awful.
  12. Balanchinomane

    ABT 2017 promotions prediction/wish list

    What time is Company Class? I guess this is the best site to wait for it. Hopefully there's a kind insider among us....
  13. I saw the Wed. matinee. It was my second viewing of the new work so I wasn't sugar shocked by the elaborate sets and costumes. Now I can concentrate on the music, choreography, and characterizations. Marcelo's Mr. Coffee is charming, sly, and slightly predatory toward Abrera's coy and ditzy Princess Teaflower and they are so well matched. Their pas de deux isn't Petipa - it's more like the Pearly King and Queen from Union Jack. Lane and Simkin's roles are more challenging in their complexity but equally humorous. If Ballet had a Tony Award equivalent, I would nominate this cast. The Met looked full and there were a lot of children in attendance. It was fun to hear so much laughter from the audience. I would encourage everyone to see it and I hope it is a grand success.
  14. Balanchinomane

    browser trouble -- need some help

    Just checked the website - Firefox on my Imac runs fine. Sorry I can't help. Computer problems are frustrating for me as there is never a reasonable explanation why something suddenly doesn't work.
  15. Balanchinomane

    ABT 2017 Onegin

    Yeah, another cast made in heaven. Cory and Stella were so much in synch - smooth as silk and never broke character. The staging of this ballet is perfection. I hope they bring it back next year. I can't wait to see it again. Ha, only 90 minutes to go...