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  1. John Heard, versatile character actor with many credits, and best known as Macaulay Culkin's dad in the "Home Alone" comedy films has passed away. He was 71. May he rest in peace.
  2. Oscar winning actor, Martin Landau has passed away at age 89. He played many roles on stage and screen and was in the original cast of "Mission Impossible." He will be missed.
  3. Brava! Congratulations Sara, Christine, Devon and Calvin!
  4. Congratulations to Elisabeth Beyer! BRAVA! The final results:
  5. I feel blessed to have lived in the time of Uliana Vyacheslavovna Lopatkina's, career and to have seen her IRL on many occaisions. She is and will always be a magnificent prima ballerina and I add the title "assoluta." As she retires from the stage, she has set a standard of artistry and professionalism for all aspirants to emulate. Since her graduation from Vaganova Academy in 1991, Uliana never ceased to polish her art, and for that I will be forever grateful! Spasibo Uliana and brava forever!
  6. The Bat Signal's light has dimmed. Adam West, best known as "Batman" in the 1960s TV series has died at the age of 88. He found that he was typecast after the series ended. However, he was able to make the transition to voiceover work. His most recent voiceover character was the Mayor of Quahog in "Family Guy." Caped Crusader, RIP.
  7. Re "Sleeping Beauty," the Prologue's scenery was sometimes used for the masquerade scene of the Mariinsky Opera's 1984 production of "Pique Dame." Other than that, it has been rarely deployed (if ever). Now there's a new production of that opera which premiered two years ago. When Vikharev produced "Beauty" in 1999, the production's realization was a costly enterprise, as the country was in the middle of financial crisis and devaluation of the rouble at the time. The extravagance of the production was debated in the midst of economic uncertainty and upheaval. I guess that was another point of contention against the production in addition to Sergei's revelatory work. The Mariinsky's management wasted the opportunity to film "Beauty," "Bayadere" and "Flora." They all should have been filmed for the sake of record, ballet history, and posterity.
  8. Stage and film actress Glenne Headly has passed away. She was probably best known as 'The Jackal,' the con artist who outsmarted rival con men Steve Martin and Sir Michael Caine in the hilarious film "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels." Glenne Hedley, RIP.
  9. I'm devastated to learn of Seriozha's passing. He was courageous. He staged Petipa's reconstructions in a Theatre which didn't appreciate him, or his efforts. Through it all, he never lost his pleasant personality, or his love for life. Nor was he dissuaded, discouraged or deterred from his goals. RIP Sergei Vikharev. You will be sorely missed .
  10. The 2017 Benois de la Danse nominations were announced in Moscow. Congratulations to all of the nominees ! The Gala programmes:
  11. Roger Moore, best known as Agent 007 during the 1970s - mid 1980s has passed away. He was 89. Moore replaced the one film-one time 007, George Lazenby, and was the favorite to replace the original 007, Sean Connery. He didn't make his debut as 007 until 1973 in "Live and Let Die." Before he landed the role of James Bond, he was under contract as the original Simon Templar in the 60s television show, "The Saint." He also starred in "The Persuaders." Moore worked tirelessly as a goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF until his declining health no longer allowed it. His suave demeanor, and the smooth irony by which he delivered some of the most ridiculous lines in the 007 films, will be missed. Sir Roger Moore, RIP.
  12. Maps, I'm ITA with you: Irina was a flawless Aurora and Raymonda.
  13. Congratulations Alexandra!
  14. Here's to a long life well lived: RIP Martha Becket. Here's a link for her memoirs "To Dance On Sands,"