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  1. Trump and Melania will not participate in this year’s Kennedy Center Honors, “to allow the honorees to celebrate without any political distraction.”
  2. I suspect "she's fine" just meant "I don't want to talk about it." Which is perfectly reasonable.
  3. I don't follow baseball and maybe Strawberry leaves a mistaken impression, but the 12-step programs which have helped untold number of addicts have, as most participants have "understood" them, a religious or, if you prefer, spiritual aspect. It's also interesting that while susceptibility to addiction is not a moral fault, and there but for the grace of God or whatever go those of us who don't struggle with it, recovery through these programs does have a strong moral component. Here's wishing all the best to Talicia and her family, and that they'll emerge from this stronger and closer.
  4. Sunday, November 5 and Monday, November 6 at 7:30 pm at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum This is pretty cool. Now if someone would only re-release that cookbook. With all the publicity she received after the film and the novel, I can't believe it wouldn't sell well.
  5. True West was the first Shepard I ever encountered - the original, Steppenwolf Theater production with Malkovich and Sinise, but on a little black and white TV. It's on YouTube now and it's still my favorite, but Fool for Love and Paris, Texas aren't far behind. Shepard lived (and drank) around here for quite awhile and I saw him a couple of times, but I've never been one to approach celebrities and he didn't exactly exude approachability, LOL. RIP. I hope he's found it.
  6. Veronika Part leaving ABT

    I wish I could remember. FWIW, she's listed third. Is there a standard procedure for listing the leads in that ballet?
  7. Veronika Part leaving ABT

    Checking my programs, I see she was in Serenade on the first night of the Balanchine program, and danced Terpsichore and the second movement of Symphony in C the next night.
  8. Macaulay posted a ton of photos on Instagram this morning (alas, nothing of what was said).
  9. NY Times Writings on ABT

    Right, and that shouldn't need explaining. Further, "fake news" has become a propaganda term, which is to say one which obscures the truth. Calling something fake suggests it was made to look like the real thing. It’s to imply not just that something is false, but that there was intention to falsify. Everyone makes mistakes, critics included. Making a mistake and falsifying are two very different things.
  10. Misty Copeland, Part Deux

    As a point of logic, what it shows is that people disagree about that bias, and whether there was or might have been bias in this case in particular - not who is correct about it.
  11. Misty Copeland, Part Deux

    There weren't even other black dancers eligible for those roles. Every single dancer she was competing against was non-black, isn't that right? She was outnumbered, but she still sees the outcome as racial. Pity the other dancers who didn't get the role Copeland wanted either, who lacked her convenient scapegoat.
  12. I couldn't get any sound, so I watched Theme and Variations while continuing to listen to the Vijay Ijer Sextet in a livestream from the Ojai festival for contemporary classical music in California. The dancers were lovely but they were waaay off the music.
  13. NYCB @ KenCen DC, June 6-11, 2017

    I agree about Hindemith, but not really about Times, Context matters, and in the context it was loud, although I loved it, especially the first section, and the volume suited the choreography. "Lightweight" might be an apt description, but at least as a one-off I found it winning. I know the company and the Center want to appeal to young adults, as Deacon's score undoubtedly does, but I feel for the patrons who were unpleasantly surprised.
  14. NYCB @ KenCen DC, June 6-11, 2017

    Agreed, with the difference that Wheeldon is no Balanchine (and Who Cares? is far from one of may favorites Balanchines). But if you loved it, more power to you.