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  1. Monday, March 19

    An interview with Michael Clark.
  2. Monday, March 19

    A review of the Royal Ballet by Sam Smith for Londonist.
  3. Monday, March 19

    A review of Ballet Black by Emma Byrne in The Evening Standard. Louise Levene’s review in The Financial Times
  4. Saturday, March 17

    A review of Pacific Northwest Ballet by Philippa Kiraly for The SunBreak.
  5. Friday, March 16

    A review of Boston Ballet by Jeffrey Gantz in The Boston Phoenix.
  6. Saturday, March 17

    Alexandra MacDonald prepares for her debut as Aurora.
  7. Saturday, March 17

    An interview with Daniil Simkin.
  8. Friday, March 16

    Reviews of the Washington Ballet. The Washington Post The New York Times
  9. Friday, March 16

    Laura Purkiss of the Royal Birmingham Ballet talks about combining a ballet career and motherhood.
  10. Thanks for the reviews, all. I may still see it out of curiosity, assuming there's nothing better to do. Apparently the movie isn't doing so well at the box office.
  11. Alexander Bernstein is interviewed about his father.
  12. Friday, March 16

    A review of the Royal Ballet by Siobhan Murphy for Time Out. Photo gallery
  13. Friday, March 16

    Reviews of the Royal Ballet's Bernstein Centenary triple bill. The Guardian The Daily Telegraph The Stage The Arts Desk
  14. Thursday, March 15

    Backstage with Erdem Moralioglu, who is designing the costumes for Christopher Wheeldon's new piece for the Royal Ballet.
  15. Thursday, March 15

    Atlanta Ballet announces its 2018-19 season. Related.