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  1. Anne Midgette weighs in. (Some of what she says is relevant to the Martins matter as well.)
  2. Saturday, December 16

    Carolina Ballet presents its Nutcracker.
  3. Saturday, December 16

    A review of "An American in Paris" by George Jackson for danceviewtimes.
  4. Friday, December 15

    Providence Ballet presents its Nutcracker.
  5. Saturday, December 16

    Troupes look for creative variations on "The Nutcracker."
  6. Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    Drew writes: Yes. Twenty-somethings haven't necessarily been in the workplace long enough to understand what their elders had to deal with and are still dealing with. Sometimes sexual harassment doesn't start in earnest until the jobs get bigger and the stakes get higher. I tend to shy away from overuse of generational distinctions, but progress isn't guaranteed with every generation, and every new generation is not necessarily more "advanced" than the previous one. It's my hope, however, that real change will come out of this, and young women will have to carry on the fight for that.
  7. Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    Yes, it's an obvious defense. That doesn't mean that the "sour grapes" don't exist, among principals as well as those who don't make it so far. (Joan Crawford: "How can I compete with Norma when she sleeps with the boss?" Very well, as it turned out.) It's up to investigators to sort this kind of thing out when it's a fuzzy area - and fuzzy areas do exist. It also won't be much of a defense if the accuser's story is believable, particularly in the current environment with heightened awareness.
  8. Saturday, December 16

    A review of San Francisco Ballet's Nutcracker by Rita Felciano for danceviewtimes.
  9. Friday, December 15

    Drosselmeyer is seriously creepy, suggests Blaine Greteman in The Week.
  10. Thursday, December 14

    A review of San Francisco Ballet's Nutcracker by Claudia Bauer in The San Francisco Chronicle.
  11. Saturday, December 16

    Ballet Hawaii presents its Nutcracker, with a special guest.
  12. Friday, December 15

    The board of the Royal New Zealand Ballet commissions an independent inquiry into problems at the troubled company.
  13. Saturday, December 16

    Alabama Ballet presents Balanchine's Nutcracker.
  14. Friday, December 15

    An interview with Missouri Contemporary Ballet's Alice Wells.
  15. Friday, December 15

    Long Beach Ballet presents its thirty-fifth Nutcracker.