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  1. dirac

    Wednesday, May 23

    A review of American Ballet Theatre in Wayne McGregor's new piece by Apollinaire Scherr in The Financial Times.
  2. dirac

    Thursday, May 24

    A report on the San Francisco Ballet School Student Showcase by Allan Ulrich in The San Francisco Chronicle.
  3. dirac

    Tuesday, May 22

    A review of ABT's gala by Mary Cargill for danceviewtimes. Michael Popkin reviews the company in "Giselle."
  4. dirac

    Wednesday, May 23

    An obituary for dancer William Perrie, who has died at age 78.
  5. dirac

    Thursday, May 24

    The Smuin Ballet performs in Mountain View this weekend.
  6. dirac

    Thursday, May 24

    A review of the National Ballet of Cuba by Andrew Meacham in The Tampa Bay Times.
  7. dirac

    Wednesday, May 23

    An interview with Sarah Lane and Isabella Boylston about their work as dance doubles in "Black Swan" and "Red Sparrow."
  8. dirac

    Wednesday, May 23

    An update on the search for a new leader for New York City Ballet by Michael Cooper in The New York Times.
  9. dirac

    Thursday, May 24

    An analysis of Swanilda and her steps by Alastair Macaulay for The New York Times.
  10. dirac

    2018 Spring Season

    Thank you for your comments, Royal Blue. You make me long to see Antique Epigraphs.
  11. Tom Wolfe is gone at age 88. Wolfe describes growing up in Richmond. Obit for Roth, who was 85, in the NYT.
  12. dirac

    Tuesday, May 22

    An interview with Michel Lavoie, who will perform in the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School Professional Division's production of "Coppelia."
  13. dirac

    Monday, May 21

    Milwaukee Ballet presents "Swan Lake."
  14. dirac

    Tuesday, May 22

    A review of the Royal Ballet in "Elizabeth" by Jann Parry for DanceTabs.
  15. dirac

    Tuesday, May 22

    An appraisal of New York City Ballet's celebration of Jerome Robbins by Alastair Macaulay in The New York Times.