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  1. True, but we're lucky it's even there. It's the last stand-alone book review in any paper in the country. I can see why the refusal to get personal would annoy a writer for Slate – on the Internet pretty much everything is personal. She wasn’t the liveliest stylist, but she could be interesting to read. I'm not sure this is really about her particular merits or demerits, however. Plainly the idea is to dilute the power of the individual critic and the critics generally. I suppose you could argue that it's not great for one critic to have that much clout, and she'd been around a long time, but at least people knew who she was and knew who she was for her writing. Of course, this might not be happening if the critics weren't already losing power because of the lack of clicks........
  2. Truly, we shall not see her like again: Related. The first article also mentioned that Kakutani was uncomfortable with some of the additional web-based demands now being made on the Times' critics; she does not care for public speaking and was not at ease with stuff like the chatty "25 Best Books/Movies/Whatever" discussions the paper is now asking its writers to do together.
  3. Wednesday, August 16

    Eric Underwood is leaving the Royal Ballet. Related in brief.
  4. Tuesday, August 15

    Q&A with Gemma Bond and Isabella Boylston.
  5. Tuesday, August 15

    A review of the Mariinsky Ballet in "La Bayadere" by Rachel Elderkin for The Stage.
  6. Tuesday, August 15

    Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre introduces a wine tasting at its annual "Ballet Under the Stars" performance.
  7. Tuesday, August 15

    Louisville Ballet presents "Lady Lear."
  8. Friday, August 11

    Maine State Ballet presents "Don Quixote."
  9. Wednesday, August 9

    Tulsa Ballet returns to the Joyce Theater next year.
  10. Thursday, August 10

    A review of the Mariinsky Ballet by Neil Norman in The Stage. Thanks to alert reader @mnacenani for the link!
  11. Friday, August 11

    Misty Copeland will perform in Australia in November.
  12. Friday, August 11

    Reviews of the Mariinsky Ballet. The Daily Telegraph DanceTabs
  13. Saturday, August 12

    The American National Ballet is launched in Charleston.
  14. Saturday, August 12

    A review of the Mariinsky Ballet in "La Bayadere" by Hanna Weibye for The Arts Desk.
  15. Monday, August 14

    Reviews of Wayne McGregor's +/- Human. The Stage The Evening Standard