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  1. Casting is up for second weekend: https://www.pnb.org/season/17-18/jewels/ Here is the link to the downloadable spreadsheet: Jewels Casting Weeks 1-2 21_Sep_17.xlsx There aren't any "*" indications of debuts, but there are new casts in second weekend: Emeralds Verdy couple: Leah Merchant (who danced with Steven Loch last time Emeralds was performed) and Joshua Grant (Thurs/Fri) Emeralds Paul couple: Emma Love Suddarth and Miles Pertl (Thurs/Fri) Emeralds Pas de Trois: Elle Macy, Madison Taylor, and Dylan Wald (Thurs/Fri) Rubies Tall Girl: Cecilia Iliesiu (Fri) Diamonds Couple: Sarah Ricard Orza and William Lin-Yee (Fri)
  2. Alyona Kovalyova Swan Lake Debut

    Alexandrova's strength is one of the reasons she's among my favorite dancers I've ever seen live. The penchant for skinny has never intersected with my taste.
  3. Casting for Week 2 should be coming shortly, but, in the meantime, Jonathan Porretta is out of Week 1 of Rubies; James Moore will dance both the matinee and evening performances, with Leta Biasucci and Angelica Generosa respectively. https://www.pnb.org/season/17-18/jewels/ Here's a link to the revised Week 1 spreadsheet: Jewels Casting Week 1 19_Sep_17.xlsx Here's a video with Jerome Kaplan with some footage of the costumes and images of his drawings. He also speaks about the differences between costume design and fashion, although "Twirl" spans both:
  4. Houston Ballet: hurricane and flooding?

    That's certainly true. Not all of Houston was ravaged, though, and using University facilities might be an answer for the ballet and local theater companies. The opera can't turn its rep around on a dime, where ballet rep is more adjustible, since the company is on contract and resident, while the opera performers are contracted for specific operas, and the orchestra space needed is sustantial. They can't go to a recording or piano/chamber arrangement. The opera's statement: http://www.houstongrandopera.org/emergency-update/ I wonder if the audiences would go to semi-staged or concert versions. That would give them a lot more options.
  5. Houston Ballet: hurricane and flooding?

    I think it would be a good idea for Houston companies to look at what San Francisco companies did during their 18+ months out of War Memorial Opera House. The opera especially used spaces creatively.
  6. https://www.pnb.org/ (Listed in subscriber brochure.)
  7. https://www.pnb.org/ (Listed in subscriber brochure.)
  8. Pacific Northwest Ballet-Next Step

    https://www.pnb.org/ (Listed in subscriber brochure.)
  9. Houston Ballet: hurricane and flooding?

    This is an article in the NYT, which Marina Harss tweeted: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/19/arts/music/hurricane-harvey-closes-houstons-opera-and-ballet-home-for-a-season.html It, too, says that the Wortham Theater Center is closed until at least May ("best case scenario"), but that
  10. Houston Ballet: hurricane and flooding?

    According to an article in today's Links, Houston Ballet will be out of its building in Wortham Theater Center until at least May as a result of Hurricane Harvey.
  11. Favorite SFB Short Video Clips

    Invited dancers spend time in Vail: for the most part, they don't pop in and then jet out. One of the recurring themes of interviews is how refreshing it is to be there and how Woetzel grows them as dancers. A common narrative is that in the first season, they do things that are more comfortable for them, and as the years go by, he stretches them by having them collaborate with choreographers and fellow dancers in different styles, working with different partners, working in rep that they wouldn't necessarily get to do in their home companies, but with time and being mentored. Different situations and circumstances are different, as are different dancers, some of whom, like Kochetkova, thrive on it and either sleep easily on planes or function at the highest level on little sleep.
  12. Alyona Kovalyova Swan Lake Debut

    Videos are fine, as long as they are public-facing. It's fine if the platform makes you have an account/login to see them, but everyone who is logged in has to be able to see them.
  13. Alyona Kovalyova Swan Lake Debut

    [Admin beanie on] The board software wouldn't let me split off posts this morning, and I made a post listing the tweets of a critic invisible. (I need to pursue with tech support, but it's the weekend, and it won't be solved immediately.) Please no links to critics' impressions in the company forums. They are for members' impressions. [Admin beanie off]
  14. Alyona Kovalyova Swan Lake Debut

    If people want to post the spelling that the dancers give in other character sets, that's fine. There's no rule here about following any particular spelling convention. I've explained our policy enough, and discussing the discussion, including any demands of fellow posters, is off limits.
  15. Current Dancer News

    Lindsi Dec was interviewed about motherhood for "Dance Magazine": http://www.dancemagazine.com/lindsi-dec-2484912321.html