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  1. Helene

    2018 Spring Season

    If either is something she wants to share through official news, it can be discussed here.
  2. Helene

    2018 Spring Season

    I've moved the roster changes into its own thread, so that it has more visibility: http://balletalert.invisionzone.com/topic/43716-roster-changes-announced-spring-2018/
  3. Helene

    2018 Spring Season

    That's wonderful news .
  4. We know from official news that their courtship was very public, that they split, that she didn't dance at his retirement, and that he is in another relationship. Unless they reveal chronology publicly, the only chronology we have is when they released these snapshots of information. If either or both of them write their memoirs or post to public-facing social media about anything else, you are welcome to post about it. Everyone is welcome to draw their own conclusions, but we're not the lobby. Keep those discussions to PM (if you have access) among willing parties.
  5. Helene

    Latest Upgrade Complete

    After a false start and some help from the very nice people at Invision Power, our latest upgrade is complete, and a whole bunch of residual files from many old versions have been cleaned out, like arthroscopy for servers. I'm sure I'll come across some features I didn't realize were there, but one thing I did notice is that there are a bunch of new emoji. If you want to grab one of the originals, click the "Categories" drop-down, and then select "Emoticons." If you see anything weird, please let me know.
  6. Helene

    UNBOUND 2018: A Festival of New Works

    Rebecca King Ferraro and Michael Breeden are in San Francisco for the UNBOUND Festival, and they have two published two podcast episodes of "Conversations on Dance" so far: Meet the Artist with Justin Peck (live audience): https://conversationsondancepod.com/2018/04/23/justin-peck-live-from-san-francisco-ballets-unbound-festival/ An interview with Dores Andre: https://conversationsondancepod.com/2018/04/20/sfb-unbound-dores-andre/ There are more to come; one mentioned is a Meet the Artist with Myles Thatcher. I even bought a set of bluetooth earbud thingies with their discount code, .
  7. One of the things Millepied brought to Paris Opera Ballet was the fundraising gala.
  8. Re: a deleted post. Other forums are not discussion points here.
  9. The State Department has not simply gutted its staffing levels: it, like many other Federal agencies, hasn't or it hasn't been able to replace the long-time staffers who left because they didn't think they could do their jobs under the current administration. As a result, the department is not only understaffed and overworked, and staff that has been replaced does not have the same expertise. In addition, the specific people who could resolve something with a phone call are no longer at the other end of speed dial.
  10. Helene

    Emergence: April 13-14 and 19-22

    And that's why I prefer the tanks: they don't rely upon being moved, excited, outraged, etc. by specific performers or interpretations. I need a spine for my blood to boil. Hubbard Street Dance is playing at Meany Theater at UW tonight and tomorrow, and this is a great opportunity to see five choreographers: a Forsythe that is very different than I've seen at PNB -- I kept thinking of Miles Pertl watching it -- Mineko Williams -- a piece of hers is part of PNB's next season -- "Jardi Tankat" in a much more intimate setting, a tight, engaging, witty piece by Cerrudo, and a stunningly beautiful piece by Pite. The dancers are incredible -- I think seven of the 17 dancers listed on the roster performed, and I'm not sure if new casts will dance tonight and tomorrow night -- and it's a great way to see double Cerrudo and Pite with both companies in close proximity.
  11. Revenge is a dish best served cold.
  12. I think it depends on the company and what the rep and casting are. Galas also provide opportunities to work with choreographers on small pieces made for them. Also, real life can impact careers beyond artistic goals. Kochetkova could very well become a Principal Guest artist in one or more companies and/or join another company in the future.
  13. There are few major ballet companies that, when run by former dancers, are not run by former top-ranked dancers, and top-ranked dancers don't have the experience of the large majority of the company or their point of view. They generally have the luxury of choosing favorites, expecting 110% in class and rehearsal from older and experienced dancers, including the corps, when they are at their performance best by knowing when and when not to push, liking and rewarding the new, eager-to-please blood, etc.
  14. I always preferred doing the longer red-eyes from the West coast to Europe that went over the Arctic. By the time you get fed and then woken up again going from NY to Europe, you only get a couple of hours of rest, which always left me shattered, whereas there's a good six-seven hour stretch of rest from Seattle between meals. But a European base probably makes most sense for her, because there are so many galas and companies there.
  15. There is no one path or one realistic freelance scenario. It depends on the individual dancer's status network, agent, demands, willingness to travel, personal finances, family situation, and versatility, and also whether they are interested and/or willing to put together a touring group for a given project or there are principal guest artist contracts available. For someone with Kochetkova's reputation and network, and that she was invited pretty constantly for individual galas, of which there are many, I don't think she'll be unemployed much more than she wants to be. Her experience should be very different from the one Barry Kerollis documented in his blog, Life of a Freelance Dancer.