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  1. Alexandra

    Liam Scarlett's Queen of Spades for the RDB

    Jane, did you see it?
  2. I noticed this morning that when I searched for "ballet performance DVDs" nearly every one that came up on the list said to hurry, only 1 in stock, or 5 in stock, etc. There were very few "More on the way" notices. Has anyone else noticed this, or read/heard that Amazon is no longer going to sell ballet DVDs?
  3. MALCOLM McCORMICK, DANCER, COSTUME DESIGNER, DANCE HISTORIAN DIES AT 90 We just posted an obituary for Malcolm McCormick, noted costume designer and dance historian, on the DanceView blog here: http://danceviewtimes.typepad.com/danceview/
  4. Alexandra

    Peter Martins Retired; Succession Discussion

    Here's the link to the NYTimes article: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/01/arts/dance/peter-martins-resigns-ballet.html
  5. Alexandra

    Laetitia Pujol Bids Farewell To POB

    I admired her dancing very much. Thanks to all who posted.
  6. danceviewtimes is both pleased and proud to announce that Martha Sherman, who contributes to danceviewtimes as well as other publications, has a new blog, Martha's Dance Card. You'll find interviews, features and other articles about dance there. Her first piece -- In Dialogue with a canary torsi about CAST/STAGE/AUTHOR -- is a two-part interview with a very interesting artist. Click and read!
  7. Alexandra

    danceviewtimes's 2000th post!

    Thanks very much, everyone! (I haven't been around much lately, I'm sorry to say, but the school year is windindg down, and I hope to visit a lot in the summer.)
  8. I know there are quite a few dvt readers here (thank you!) and I wanted you to know that we just put up a review by Mary Cargill of the Boston Ballet's "Sleeping Beauty". It is our 2000th post! http://www.danceviewtimes.com/2017/05/heres-looking-at-you.html Thank you to all of our writers, and readers, who have made this possible -- and to the internet, 'cause an online publication is a lot cheaper than publishing a small press magazine! -- and reaches more people!
  9. Alexandra

    Is Alyona Kovalyova "Zvezda" material ??

    I think "Etoile" is still the official top rank of POB dancers.
  10. Alexandra

    Monday, February 6

    A review of the Mariinsky Ballet's "The Little Humpbacked Horse" (Alexei Ratmansky) for danceviewtimes. A Boy and His Horse
  11. I saw opening night, and loved it. I usually enjoy Ratmansky's ballets, and I thought this one was very...original, even for him. and full of zest and high spirits. And the dancers were fabulous! I did a lecture on this ballet at the Kennedy Center Saturday, and asked how many people had seen it and if they liked it, and at least 80% of them (looking at the raised hands) did. I was a bit surprised, as the opening night audience was fairly quiet, until the final scene.
  12. Oh, I'm so jealous of New Yorkers! This sounds so interesting; so sorry I won't be able to cut school to come!
  13. Alexandra

    Wednesday, January 18

    A review of New York City Ballet's second program by Mary Cargill for danceviewtimes: Spice Girls
  14. Alexandra

    Friday, January 20

    A review of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba's "Nutcracker" by Gay Morris for danceviewtimes.com http://www.danceviewtimes.com/2017/01/a-havana-nutcracker.html
  15. The New Year's dance scene in New York is just gearing up, but keep this new site marked so you'll follow it. Leigh Witchel (long-time poster and Moderator on Ballet Alert! as well as a writer and the Associate Editor of www.danceviewtimes.com), is starting a new site, covering....dance in New York! Check it out here: http://dancelog.nyc Best of luck, Leigh. I look forward to reading you!!!