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  1. Lincoln Center Festival usually starts the second week of July and lasts thru the end of July. NY portion of the tour will probably be from mid to end of July.
  2. The 2018 American tour will cover 3 cities over 4 weeks. NY will be the last leg of the tour with 3 programs over 2 weeks as part of Lincoln Center Festival. The other city will be Dallas.
  3. Russian coverage:
  4. Taming of the Shrewd 25% off discount code: LCFBB
  5. Saratoga summer season 20% off discount code: NYCB20 valid for seats $60 or above.
  6. There is a Petipa documentary being made in New York with Ratmansky according to Tiler Peck and Alban Lendorf on Instagram:
  7. Please sign the petition to keep Veronika Part at ABT:
  8. Pay attention to the violin solos (Benjamin Bowman) next week, they'll come from a Stradivarius.
  9. Dream comes true. But being in rehearsal could mean she's just studying for the role as an understudy for Kochetkova. But the prospect of Lane's O/O is looking great. .
  10. I've heard that's exactly my sentiment. I'd welcome any replacement other than Seo.
  11. ABT usually announces promotions towards the end of the spring season, so announcement is just a few weeks away. I think Lane will be promoted. Shevchenko and Teuscher are definitely principal material, I think they will be promoted eventually. And I really hope Royal will be promoted this time.
  12. I saw Misty Copeland NY debute tonight, it was sold out. She's a good actress but needs to work on her technical department. Her hop on point was too careful too conscious, looking down at her foot most of the time, and hops didn't travel far. All in all not a bad debute. Devon Teuscher was fantastic as Myrtha, with a very fluid upper body. Her borree across the stage was very floaty. The corps were wonderful in 2nd act, very in synch.
  13. Still longer than La Sylphide which NYCB clocked in at 60 minutes with no intermission, and many companies perform as stand-alone full-evening work with one intermission.
  14. Corsaire Ratmansky's R&J Flames of Paris Coppelia Taming of the Shrewd Nutcracker Lady of the Camellias Giselle Plus the company will tour Costa Mesa in July, 2018
  15. NYCC run: 10/26-11/5