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  1. 2017 Fall Season

    Per Megan Fairchild's instagram she says she's making her debut as Odette/Odile.
  2. Denial is a huge obstacle for both the addict and their loved ones to overcome. Peter's reaction is not at all atypical. I hope he gets his daughter the help he needs, even if that means stepping back a bit from NYCB.
  3. This is neither here nor there but ironically ex-addicts often feed into this misconception because so much of therapy is often based on religion. As much as I admire Darryl Strawberry I cringe when he makes it seem like all he needed was a call from the man upstairs to get his act together, when he struggled with addiction off-and-on for decades. There's no easy answers, no neat packages, for these issues. And everyone around them is affected. As I said, I hope Peter Martins and his family find the resources to help their daughter. It's probably going to get worse before it gets better.
  4. A severe drug habit can run through even the thickest trust fund. Also they were in Maine. Probably needed a fix and realized they had no money. Very sad what addiction can do.
  5. Well I hope Ms. Martins gets the help she needs. I hate to say it but being affluent and white gives one a huge advantage when it comes to these sorts of criminal charges. I have worked with a lot of minority youths who were sent away for long times for much lesser drug offenses.
  6. I agree that it would be wonderful if nobody shows up. It would also be funny if Trump went on a tweetstorm about the no-shows. Many New England Patriot players did not attend the WH reception.
  7. Jennifer Homans' planned biography of Balanchine

    I wish Robert Gottlieb's book had been more comprehensive because I thought he did a pretty good job dispelling some of the myths about Balanchine. Gottlieb is obviously a great admirer of Balanchine but he did talk a lot about Balanchine's life that wasn't exactly the same as the life Mr. B liked to present in the press.
  8. Jennifer Homans' planned biography of Balanchine

    My only concern with Homans as a biographer is that she even more than say, Alistair Macauley has a few ideƩ fixes and can't or won't deviate from them. One is her obsession with ballet as an expression of Louis XIV's divine right to rule. So much of ABT;s 75th anniversary documentary is fixated on this. I appreciate her passion for this historical origin of ballet but I hope her biography of Balanchine covers HIS life and HIS works, and isn't just a retread of Apollo's Angels.
  9. Jennifer Homans' planned biography of Balanchine

    I think Arlene Croce's criticisms of Balanchine are her BEST work however (along with her work on Fred and Ginger). I think critics are always at their best at writing about things they genuinely love, not things they genuinely hate. So as provocative as some of her criticisms of the Royal Ballet or Alvin Ailey or multicultural dance festivals were they don't have the sweep and scope and passion of her work on Balanchine. She's up there with Edwin Denby for me in terms of dance criticism. Denby being another critic who could be incredibly harsh on things he disliked.
  10. Jennifer Homans' planned biography of Balanchine

    I'd disagree with that. I think that her writings on Fred and Ginger are a major part of her legacy and for better or worse so was her extreme cultural and political conservatism that got her into the culture wars of the mid-90's. I think she's probably better known for her essays against multiculturalism and "victim art" than anything else.
  11. Um well many KC award winners might not want to accept the award if it means going to the WH. Sad but true. I know I wouldn't go.
  12. Mariinsky in London 2017

    You only focus on the White Swan pas de deux? I think the beauty of Swan Lake is the juxtaposition of the poetic lakeside scenes with the earthiness of the "colored" scenes. To only focus on one aspect of the ballet is not really getting the ballet at all.
  13. Jennifer Homans' planned biography of Balanchine

    That planned biography by Arlene Croce that never came to fruition.
  14. Joy Womack

    Idk what I'd classify Balanchine's training as but his epaulement looks like Imperial classical ballet at its most refined. Look at the difference between him and Eddie Villela.
  15. La Scala in Orange County in July 2017

    It was going to be Misty's fate until she waged an all-out PR assault on ABT. She did it the right way -- hired a publicist, shopped for book deals, became a big name in the media. As for injured dancers who were dropped by ABT -- Natalia Osipova proved too injury prone, Jared Matthews' career stalled after an injury (not major), Veronika Part suffered a bunch of small injuries in her last years at ABT, Stella Abrera had an injury in her 20's and was relegated to dancing Third Shade in Bayadere until she was finally promoted at age 38, Ashley Tuttle (remember her?), Joseph Gorak, Maria Kochetkova and Polina Semionova, etc. I don't think Kevin McKenzie has a good track record of bringing dancers along after the usual bumps in the road at all.