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  1. Your Desert Island Triple Bill

    I'm going to do themed triple bills: 1. Piano Masterworks: - Concerto DSCH - Symphonic Variations - Ballet Imperial/Piano Concerto #2 2. American Songs - Company B - Nine Sinatra Songs - Who Cares? 3. Symphonic Masterpieces - Symphony in Three Movements - Symphony #9 - Symphony in C 4. Animal Planet - The Cage - Firebird - Cloven Kingdom 5. Philip Glass - In Creases - Glass Pieces - In the Upper Room 6. Chopin Double Bill - Dances at a Gathering - Month in the Country
  2. Krohn Retiring On Oct 7, 2017

    Likolaini Brown and Marika Anderson are the most senior members of the corps now.
  3. Krohn Retiring On Oct 7, 2017

    No Hackbarth I think was tall. Emma von Enck is like her sister Claire -- very petite.
  4. Krohn Retiring On Oct 7, 2017

    Good to know that she's dancing at another company now. I always get sad when apprentices are not renewed for a corps contract.
  5. Krohn Retiring On Oct 7, 2017

    Yeah Dronova was very good in Russian Seasons this year. Also I guess apprentice Jennifer Hackbarth did not move up to corps.
  6. Krohn Retiring On Oct 7, 2017

    Some roster changes: Eliza Blutt, Christina Clark, Ethan Fuller, Kennard Henson, and Emma von Enck have been moved from apprentice to soloist. Senior corps members Faye Arthurs and Alina Dronova have left the company.
  7. Fall 2017 Season

    Now that I've seen the photo I don't see anything remotely offensive about it. It's a contemporary ballet photo which is the focus of the fall season, and Misty and James look very fit to me and not at all vulgar. "Hooters Ballet Theatre" is a head-scratcher. And this coming from someone who once dined at Hooters and enjoyed the meal -- Hooters waitresses would love to look as fit and toned as Misty.
  8. 2017 Fall Season

    Per Megan Fairchild's instagram she says she's making her debut as Odette/Odile.
  9. Denial is a huge obstacle for both the addict and their loved ones to overcome. Peter's reaction is not at all atypical. I hope he gets his daughter the help he needs, even if that means stepping back a bit from NYCB.
  10. This is neither here nor there but ironically ex-addicts often feed into this misconception because so much of therapy is often based on religion. As much as I admire Darryl Strawberry I cringe when he makes it seem like all he needed was a call from the man upstairs to get his act together, when he struggled with addiction off-and-on for decades. There's no easy answers, no neat packages, for these issues. And everyone around them is affected. As I said, I hope Peter Martins and his family find the resources to help their daughter. It's probably going to get worse before it gets better.
  11. A severe drug habit can run through even the thickest trust fund. Also they were in Maine. Probably needed a fix and realized they had no money. Very sad what addiction can do.
  12. Well I hope Ms. Martins gets the help she needs. I hate to say it but being affluent and white gives one a huge advantage when it comes to these sorts of criminal charges. I have worked with a lot of minority youths who were sent away for long times for much lesser drug offenses.
  13. I agree that it would be wonderful if nobody shows up. It would also be funny if Trump went on a tweetstorm about the no-shows. Many New England Patriot players did not attend the WH reception.
  14. Jennifer Homans' planned biography of Balanchine

    I wish Robert Gottlieb's book had been more comprehensive because I thought he did a pretty good job dispelling some of the myths about Balanchine. Gottlieb is obviously a great admirer of Balanchine but he did talk a lot about Balanchine's life that wasn't exactly the same as the life Mr. B liked to present in the press.