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  1. balletlover08

    Is Alyona Kovalyova "Zvezda" material ??

    http://melmoth.blog/post/173892865283/there-was-an-interview-posted-by-телеканал#notes Here's a translation since it seems most of us can't understand Russian!
  2. balletlover08

    Is Alyona Kovalyova "Zvezda" material ??

    At least on the subject of Diamonds I feel that Alyona was ready. She performed Diamonds in NYC in front of critics who are well versed in Balachine and most called her sensational and wrote rave reviews about her performance. They even elevated her above the NYCB principals who also performed that night. I thought with Swan Lake, I highly enjoyed her Odette but agreed that her Odile needs more work to be more convincing! But again, that is something that comes with age. She might be too young now to fully embrace the Odile role imho. Also, yes I did see some technical mishaps such as the famous fouettes in black swan. They were not done extremely confident but passable in my opinion. I hope she works on that step quite a bit before performing next as I'm sure her great height is a challenge in fouettes. With La Bayadere, I quite like what she portrayed and I thought she did a good job emoting. On the subject of emotional portrayal, I do not come from a ballet background but instead from a classical music background. In my honest opinion, as long as the dancer seriously discusses with herself on the portrayal and commits I am happy. What I mean by that is, there are a thousand ways to interpret a piece or role so as long as serious effort was made to portray an appropriate emotion. I would love other people's thoughts on above! I am a big fan of Alyona, I generally follow more NYCB, ABT dancers since I live in America but I saw her post on some random ballet instagram and immediately had to look her up. Once I did, I fell in love with her dancing!