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  1. I didn't mean David 😊.
  2. http://evgeniaobraztsova.com What might have been.
  3. Quinten

    Bolshoi 2018 Tours

    The Le Corsaire run in Beijing began a few hours ago with Krysanova's first of two performances flanking Stepanova's single performance. As I often do, I reviewed videos of these two dancers in the role of Medora to imagine what their Beijing performances might be like. To my surprise, I found differences in the actual choreography danced! The most surprising example I found is in Medora's Jardin Anime variation, the one where the ballerina leaps successively into three garlands of leaves. At the very beginning of the variation, most ballerinas (Zakharova, Alexandrova and here, Stepanova) bring the non-supporting leg forward from arabesque into a front attitude (have I got the names right?) without touching the floor, but Krysanova rests the foot on the ground midway through. (The videos below are cued up to the beginning of the variation). I wonder, is it kosher for a prima ballerina to bail on hard choreography? I don't remember whether Krysanova was able to do the correct choreography on the broadcast and we will probably never know what she actually does in Beijing, but it does make you wonder how these casting choices are made. Now looking at Medora's variation in the Pas des Eventails, Krysanova does the same wonky workaround! This combination seems to be a signature move for Medora, since she does it in two variations. How does a ballerina get away with doing an easy variant of the classic choreography that is emblematic of the character she is dancing?? Here's Krysanova doing her workaround at the beginning of the variation and (to keep anti-Stepanova heads from exploding) here is Zakharova doing the proper steps.
  4. Quinten

    The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    I wonder how programming is influenced by those who subsidize the theater's expenses? It wouldn't be surprising if oligarchs with a financial stake in the theatre are able to dictate casting and repertoire and overrule Vaziev and/or Urin when push comes to shove. The influence of money could have become more potent over the last few years, which might to some extent explain the difference between Filin then and Vaziev now when it comes to staging the classics etc.
  5. Quinten

    Bolshoi 2018 Tours

    Updated casting for the Beijing performances: May 18-20, 2018 "Corsair" Medora - Ekaterina Krysanova (18, 20), Yulia Stepanova (19) Conrad - Igor Tsvirko (18), Denis Rodkin (19), Vladislav Lantratov (20) Gulnara - Xenia Zhiganshina (18, 20), Eleanor Sevenard (19, debut ) Birbanto - Denis Savin (18, 20), Vitaliy Biktimirov (19) Pas des esclaves - Margarita Schreiner (18, 19), Daria Bochkova (20), David Motta Soares (18, debut ; 19), Mikhail Kryuchkov (20, debut ) May 22-25 "The Flame of Paris" Jeanne - Margarita Schreiner (22, 24), Ekaterina Krysanova (23, 25) Philip - Vladislav Lantratov (22, 24), Igor Tsvirko (23, 25) Adeline - Anastasia Denisova (22, debut ; 24), Ana Turazashvili (23, 25) Jerome - Denis Savin (22, 24), Anton Savichev (23, 25) Mireille de Poitiers - Yulia Stepanova (22, 24), Antonina Chapkina (23, 25) Antoine Mistral - Jacopo Tissi (22, 24), David Motta Soares (23, 25)
  6. Quinten

    Petipa Gala

    Jardin Anime is certainly ready to go -- it's being performed in Beijing next week. It looks like the June 19th Vaganova Petipa gala in Moscow will be all Petipa. Many of Bolshoi's Vaganova dancers (Zakharova, Smirnova, Stepanova, Lobukhin and more) will be performing Paquita with the students. That's the ticket I'd want if I were able to travel to Moscow!
  7. Quinten

    Irina Kolpakova

    THIS! What a treasure she is.
  8. Quinten

    Yulia Stepanova

    As one would expect, she gets more comfortable with the role and the partner each time they perform. I believe this was her 5th Bayadere and her second with Lobukin, with whom she also danced Le Corsaire and Raymonda. I'd like to see them together more in the future. He seems to give her a sense of security and is obviously a source of inspiration for her, and also because he is a wonderful dancer who should be given a broader range of roles at Bolshoi. A Legend of Love would be wonderful with the two of them! I had seen that Medora clip before but did not realize it was on a Vaganova trip to Japan. No wonder the Japanese fans are crazy about her!
  9. Quinten

    Bolshoi 2018 Tours

    Beijing National Center for the Performing Arts Poster for the 2018 Bolshoi in China tour: http://en.chncpa.org/NEWS/wzxw/201805/t20180504_185609.shtml Kristina Kretova has been replaced by Xenia Zhiganshina (Gulnare in Le Corsaire) and by Margarita Schrainer (Jeanne in Flames of Paris).
  10. Quinten

    Yulia Stepanova

  11. Quinten

    Is Alyona Kovalyova "Zvezda" material ??

    Thank you rhys for the IG videos. I had not seen them; what I was reacting to was Buddy's remark quoted above. Alyona's Nikiya is a work in progress, obviously. I agree with Drew that it's difficult to assess the impact of a performance from video and this may in part explain my perception that this Nikiya is pretty much the same throughout. I would look for maidenly innocence/love in the first act, despair and mania in the monologue and remote sadness/tenderness at the end but can't perceive it here. Compared with other artists' debuts I would say this one is technically weaker in many regards: unsteady arabesques, insecure bourrees, missing steps, and a lack of harmony between the extremities and core. I really wish she could get more control over her arms and hands when they move away from her body; it's almost as if she loses track of them and they kind of flap about. The technical problems detract from the image and until they are worked out we will be watching Alyona, not Nikiya. Alyona has been compared to Lopatkina, whom she does resemble in terms of long limbs and height, but if you look at the video of Lopatkina as Clemence at age 20 you will immediately see the difference. Lopatkina's movements are accurate, perfectly coordinated and completely under her control. To her credit, Alyona is more charismatic, but she unfortunately lacks the strong technical skills that Lopatkina had at her age. She can either go back to basics to clean it up now or wait several years (like Alina Somova did) before addressing these problems, but without doing so her ability to put across a convincing Nikiya will be compromised. I say this with regret because I would love to see this talented and beautiful dancer as a complete ballerina, accomplished both as a technician and as an actor. Too much success too soon may make that impossible.
  12. Quinten

    Is Alyona Kovalyova "Zvezda" material ??

    Remoteness and tenderness, yes. Most dancers try to get that feeling across. Maybe Alyona has a different concept of Nikiya as a warm kind of a ghost, but it seems unlikely that her coaches would have encouraged her to depart from the traditional image.
  13. Quinten

    Is Alyona Kovalyova "Zvezda" material ??

    Nikiya is dead. Doesn't it seem somehow untrue to the character for the dancer to exude "heart, soul and warmth"? Maybe that's why you have never seen anything quite like it, because nobody else would think to interpret Nikiya as being alive when she is supposed to be dead. It seems she either doesn't understand the character yet or is unable to convey that she is a shade rather than a live person. She is a lovely dancer to watch, but perhaps should at this point stick with roles that don't require acting against type.
  14. Quinten

    The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    Thank you for the better translation. Obraztsova is unfailingly gracious and takes pains not to reproach Bolshoi for neglecting her. However, I don't think she would have mentioned the 4 years if she felt totally ok about it.
  15. Quinten

    The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    Such good news. Here Obraztsova says she has not been cast as the sylph for FOUR years! Daria Khoklova was originally scheduled to dance with hubby Belyakov so apparently Genia was selected only as a substitute. Why would they deprive audiences of this great dancer in one of her signature roles? And I suppose we have zero chance of seeing her in next years' screening of La Sylphide and about 100 percent chance of seeing Shrainer in that role. Vaziev, c'mon!