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  1. "Nureyev" to Premiere in December !

    Given the extraordinary interest in this new ballet, I hope that the powers-that-be add this to the Cinemascast line up (either the premiere or a later performance in the season).
  2. Roster in Review - 2017

    A wise decision. Wishing her all the best back in San Francisco.
  3. Uh...why not? He's only the grandfather of our favorite art! Where would we be without Grand-pa Peti-pa? I am sorry not to be able to attend the big to-do in St Petersburg next March but I trust that Buddy & other BA members may be able to go and report. A lot of events tied to the Bicentennial are happening, including the aforementioned series of galas in Mexico. I'll try my best to attend Ratmansky's Harlequinade reconstruction at the Met next June.
  4. Mexico's National Ballet Company recently celebrated Petipa's b'day at Bellas Artes Theatre, Mexico City, with 4 gala performances (13-20 Aug). The final acts of three major Petipa works were featured: Bayadere, Raymonda and Don Q. The final night was telecast nationally but some bits have made their way to Youtube. Bayadere Shades during the event (Mexican TV): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCbycddd0tg Company A.D. Natasha Laguna previews the homage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2is59r-cb10 Mexican TV attends the dress rehearsal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2RLx651lyo
  5. Maybe someone like Yuri Burlaka might use a piece of music like Glazunov's Four Seasons to produce a ballet "in the manner of" Petipa? (Four Seasons was not notated by Sergeyev so it's for the taking, IMO.) There should be a mixed bill showcasing "Balanchine's greatest tributes to Petipa" such as T&V, Symphony in C, Ballet Imperial and Diamonds. They could probably fill-up two nights: Balanchine's Petipa, Parts I and II! The most creative neo-classical choreographers should create works to classical music answering the question "How would Petipa have choreographed to this music?" What we don't want: Boris Eifman's "Petipa - The Ballet"...in the manner of what he did to poor Balanchine in Musagete a few years ago. Then again, didn't that win a Golden Mask award?
  6. Alyona Kovalyova Swan Lake Debut

    I admire Stepanova most in contemporary classical ballets, such as Ratmansky's Russian Seasons. She has a soulful way about her interpretations. Maybe I've just had bad luck with this ballerina in Petipa classics, ever since her Kremlin Ballet days (couple of months?). I'll have to agree with mnacenani: Stepanova was not the tidiest of Odiles this past season, especially with fouettes all over the map. Someone else asked about Osipova at the beginning of her career; I saw Osipova as a student, ca 2002. She had magnificent fouettes even then but suffered in her student Rose Adagio balances. Hard to imagine that happening now. As for Kovalyova, I await the opportunity of seeing her in full-fledged glory. She was certainly impressive as a leading student of the Vaganova Academy Class of 2016 (Fairy Doll).
  7. The 175th anniversary of Petipa's birth was celebrated big-time in 1993 with a month of Petipa-only performances at the then Kirov Theatre. Russian BALET magazine published a beautiful commemorative issue that I treasure. Perhaps the int'l ballet festival in 2018 may feature not only Petipa works but also new choreographic tributes, similar to what NYCB will be doing in its 100th Birthday tribute to Robbins next year?
  8. Buddy, I know only about what Natalia and the others posted through that link.
  9. Buddy, this time period coincides with the Petipa Bicentennial, including the Vaganova Academy's planned 3-day seminar (March 10-12, 2018): http://balletalert.invisionzone.com/topic/42512-the-petipa-bicentennial-march-11-2018/?page=3 (link to earlier topic on the bicentennial) Perhaps the Mariinsky will be presenting a double-whammy combined Int'l Ballet Festival/Petipa Celebration Week? Sorry to no longer be stationed in Russia. Wife, grandkids and I will be on an Asia-Pacific cruise at the time, so I'll be looking forward to reports from St Petersburg.
  10. Polina

    I saw it in DC's Landmark E Street Cinema this past Sunday. Thoroughly enjoyed it, especially after I made the connection between the reindeer in the forest and the tough male pedagogue at the ballet academy. I'd like to think of it as purely platonic admiration of an old teacher. People can read into it whatever the wish. Since Mr/Mrs Preljocaj are co-directors, the story may not be so innocent. Anastasia Shevtsova, the lead, is quite good. Some have complained about her frozen poker face but IMO it's right for the character. I attended the 2014 Vaganova Academy graduation concerts and, to be honest, don't remember having seen Ms Shevtsova before. Maybe she was in the corps of students? One "Ksenia Shevtsova" danced in Paquita at a later graduation but I don't see an "Anastasia Shevtsova" in my old playbills. Maybe she was ill and unable to dance at her graduation...or she was busy filming this movie. Recently-retired POB Etoile Jeremie Belingard is believable as one of Polina's later love interests. He dances the final ballet (modern dance) set in a snowy forest. Very nice. All in all, a pleasant movie with a happy ending. It should appeal to the general public.
  11. ABT 2017 Met season

    Heck, it looks like ABT is putting Sleeping Beauty to rest for a year or two. So much for seeing Misty Copeland's Aurora in the USA anytime soon, following her upcoming debut in Australia, unless she performs the role as a guest with another US company. I'm looking forward to my first live view of Ms Copeland at the Kennedy Center this winter. Not sure how substantial may be her role in Whipped Cream but at least I'll be able to see what all the fuss is about.
  12. Joy Womack

    According to her Instagram, Joy was in my neck of the woods (DC) last week, taking class with The Washington Ballet. Don't want to read much into this but... https://www.instagram.com/p/BYqsSm7nkoy/?taken-by=joy.Womack
  13. Not until September 2018. Good! So he may still be a part of Ratmansky's Harlequinade reconstruction (Harlequin or Pierrot).
  14. Alina Dronova

    At least it's better than some of those stories on TLC's "90-day Fiance." Congratulations to Alina and Slava.
  15. 2017 -- 2018 Season

    Thanks for these recollections, Buddy. I just read through the ABT forum's thread on her recent farewell (Mozartiana). Now I understand why her admirers were so rattled.