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  1. 2017-2018 season: Washington Ballet

    FYI, single-tickets went on sale today for all three of the incoming season's Washington Ballet programs taking place at the Kennedy Center, beginning with October's "Russian Masters": http://www.kennedy-center.org/calendar/genre/BAL Also on sale are the Cranko R&J (February) and the Balanchine/Ashton/Robbins mixed bill in April.
  2. I too look forward to learning more about the Petipa Bicentennial Conference next March in St P. Please keep us abreast of details, Natalia and Joseph.
  3. Joy Womack

    Buddy, I'll be happy to oblige as time passes. Retirement is turning out to be busier than I had expected but I'll try to read new posts regularly and, when appropriate, chime in.
  4. Joy Womack

    Just based on the dancing that I've observed with my own two eyes, at Kremlin Ballet in Moscow, Joy Womack is a lovely dancer. I like that she has a distinctive personality and is not a cookie-cutter swan, yet has always been technically adept in what I've seen. I don't understand the negativity but, then again, I do not follow vlogs or any other social media sites of dancers.
  5. Yaroslavna Premier Livestream

    Sadly, my knowledge of the Russians is balanced off by my limited knowledge of the companies in Washington & NY. Nowhere to go but up.
  6. Buddy, thanks for the welcome! I worked in Moscow for almost four years, until this June, so was able to visit St P many times. Unfortunately, my weekends in St P never coincided with the festival, which is ok, because I preferred to see the home-grown dancers in principal roles. Kondaurova is a special favorite among the women, with Osmolkina and, whenever I could see her rare appearances (such as Spartak), Pavlenko. Among the younger men, I most admire, Ermakov, Kimin and A. Sergeev, who should have been promoted to Principal ages ago. Of course, Lopatkina was the queen during my years in Russia. I was so sorry to read of her retirement soon after my return to the US. I suppose that I was very lucky to have seen her dance so often, especially in 2014/15 period, before her last injury. She set a very high standard that will be tough to equal. Kovaleva was wonderful at the 2016 graduation performance that I attended in Moscow. Possibly the tallest, most glamorous, most mature Fairy Doll I've seen.
  7. Yaroslavna Premier Livestream

    They both danced in the telecast, Drew. Yalinich danced the title role, while Shapran essayed the leading Polovtsian Maiden. While far from my favorite Mariinsky ballet, I very much admired the overall drama and production values of Yaroslavna, bordering on the gory. With all due respect to the leading ladies and to Yuri Smekalov as Prince Igor, I must say that Grigory Popov stole the show as the blood-thirsty Div. The perennial Jester in Swan Lake, I won't be able to think of Popov in quite the same light again, after Yaroslavna.
  8. If Ms Skorik cannot come to DC in October - and I certainly hope that she will make it -- then my understudy-vote goes to Chebykina, who danced a lovely Odette-Odile in Swan Lake during the latest of my trips to St. Petersburg (Mar '16). Not that Novikova is not capable; it's a matter of preferences for certain physical characteristics in certain roles.
  9. Mariinsky in London 2017

    I wish, Buddy. Better yet, if there would be some way to add her to the October 2017 tour to the Kennedy Center, then all would be perfect.
  10. Greetings!

    Thank you, Helene.
  11. Greetings!

    Hello. I happened upon this fascinating ballet forum by chance, very much admiring everyone's knowledge and enthusiasm for the art of ballet. As for me, I'm a Hungarian-born American, recently retired from government work, living in Alexandria, Virginia. I look forward to availing myself of all the cultural offerings that the DC area offers, particularly classical music, theatre and dance. I know very little about the local ballet company but their repertoire seems interesting. Hoping to also catch the Mariinsky and ABT companies at the Kennedy Center.