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  1. ABT 2017 Swan Lake

    Looks like Murphy is replaced by Seo on Wednesday evening according to ABT website.
  2. I just wonder what makes it so difficult for them to announce the entire programs. They usually announced it in mid-January in previous years. But I have been visiting the website everyday for 2 months now, still reading the same old piece of Jewels, which we probably all have known about more than half a year ago when Bolshoi announced their 2016-17 season. So it's because they really have big trouble raising fund?
  3. ABT 2017 Spring Season at The Met

    Hallberg will be paternering Murphy in Giselle on April tour. So if everything goes well, we should be able to Hallberg as Albrecht at Met. Just received the subscription tickets a few days ago. How exciting!