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  1. Thank you Fleurfairy I have been wondering about this company. Would you say it is mostly Stephan Mills' choreography. I am getting the vibe it has more of a contemporary bend but I could be wrong.
  2. Saturday night's cast was spectacular, and the Odalisques did get to bow this time! I thought it strange they were left out last Sunday. (I guess too bad for last Sunday's cast) As a matter of fact everyone bowed last night. It felt like a better closing to me.
  3. I also saw today's performance. I thought it was great, definitely a feast for the eyes with such great sets and costumes. Aleksey Babayev was a standout as Ali and I thought Yuka Iseda was flawless, both corps members. I was a little surprised to see only two women in the finale. I know the female corps dancers didn't dance much but I expected to see the odalisque on stage during the bows.(What do I know, I'm no ballet expert) I am looking forward to returning next Saturday evening to see Babayev again, this time as Conrad and Mayara as Medora who I so enjoyed last year in Don Q.
  4. Kansas City Ballet has been invited to perform Devon Carney's Nutcracker in November at the Kennedy Center. What do people think of this company? I am looking to see a more diverse group of companies than my usual ABT, NYC, PA Ballet,
  5. Does anyone know anything about this company?
  6. Review on
  7. I really enjoyed his Don Q, so I'm excited to see Corsaire and what he does with the company this year.
  8. The roster of dancers for the 2016-2017 season is now on PA Ballet's website. Http://
  9. Excited to see Sunday's show. I had tickets for the Kennedy Center in January and then it was snowed out. Will let ya know how it goes. I really enjoyed San Francisco Ballet perform Wheeldon's Cinderella, this will be my second Wheeldon Full length.
  10. Thanks for posting that. I'm looking forward to seeing where he takes it.
  11. I agree, her shoes should also be part of the exhibit. The exhibit could place shoes from any African American who has reached an important milestone in the field, or made a significant impact/ contribution. Hopefully this new exhibit will evolve and grow.
  12. Thank you for posting that Mme. Hermine. She was lovely!
  13. um maybe I should put this under ballet history? I hope it is ok to post. If not feel free to move or remove.
  14. PA Ballet posted this article on its Facebook page. I found it interesting.
  15. Those dancers who will not be returning have been removed from the dancers listed on the PA Ballet website. The pictures and names of new dancers have yet to be added.