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  1. ABT: Roster in Review - 2018

    If they do promote a male to principal, it will probably be Hammoudi. I don't forsee any female soloists making principal for a couple of years at least.
  2. 2018 Met Season

    ABT seems to have this problem routinely. Alessandra Ferri hung on for way too long as well. As did Paloma Herrera. I am starting to see Gillian Murphy enter the territory of being injured often and not the Ol’ Faithful that she once was. She’s going to be 40. There’s something to be said for retiring before everything completely goes and you’re delivering subpar performances. (Not saying she’s at that point this year, but it’s coming). There’s also something to be said for recognizing that younger dancers could deliver a better, fresher performance and bowing out gracefully.
  3. 2018 Met Season

    I’m doubting Osipova will come to NY for one performance if Hallberg is out. She has no real loyalty to ABT, just to Hallberg. If ABT was smart, they would put in Simkin/Lane who has a breathtaking Giselle last year. I don’t think it’s fair for either artist to constantly be pigeonholed in matinee performances.
  4. Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    The cynical part of me thought that the Boals could have made these allegations when they saw an opportunity for Peter to be AD. Stranger things have happened.
  5. Winter 2018

    I agree. NYCB needs to start thinking of Balanchine objectively. And maybe it will now that Martins isn't at the helm anymore and they install an AD that didn't dance for Balanchine directly.
  6. ABT in Detroit, Feb. 8-11, 2018

    Gross! Who makes the travel arrangements for the company? Maybe they could have taken some of the $80K raise they gave McKenzie this year and used it for the travel budget instead!
  7. Winter 2018

    Agreed. I’m of the mind that R&J should be cast young. Or at least look young. I also think opportunities should have been given to apprentices or new corps members as they were when NYCB R&J debuted. It interjects so much more excitement. But I suppose the company is not at the point right now to go for broke.
  8. Winter 2018

    I’ve never been a Mearns fan. I just don’t like her dancing style - way too melodramatic for my taste. Not sure Balanchine would have liked her either given that his motto was “Just dance, dear.” She does anything but that.
  9. ABT in Detroit, Feb. 8-11, 2018

    I was puzzled by Teuscher's casting as Juliet in general. She's a tall stately ballerina, which doesn't usually lend itself well to the youthful girlishness that Juliet requires. But we shall see.
  10. Peter Martins Retired; Succession Discussion

    A fair point, but I don't think anything Martins choreographed really made huge gains for the company. I think Ratmansky, Peck, Wheeldon, and some of the newer choreographers could definitely fill in the rep without having the AD choreograph too. Nevertheless, I'd like to see a return to more Balanchine and Robbins. The last few seasons have been lacking in both.
  11. Peter Martins Retired; Succession Discussion

    I think the only logical replacement would be Jon Stafford, as he has been on the administrative side of things for a long time now and is familiar with the business aspect.
  12. Peter Martins Retired; Succession Discussion

    Benjamin Millepied? Ugh.
  13. Nutcracker 2017

    I had taken notice of that too. It’s amazing how many relationships form and break apart within the company, NYCB especially.
  14. Gomes and ABT

    I disagree. There are plenty of men that could step in for Gomes. Many in the corps actually. Will they ever get the chance though? No, because ABT is not NYCB and does not give those big breaks to corps or soloists. They let them all die on the vine.
  15. Gomes and ABT

    Maybe he was so offended at ABT giving credence to the allegation that he left in disgust. I agree with abatt that our justice system should have handled any wrongdoing, it is not ABT's place to be judge and jury.