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  1. Joy Womack

    Given her employment history, I highly doubt any major American company would want her. If she did come back to the US, it would probably be as a traveling guest artist like Adiarys Almeida. We'll see how she does in South Korea. I can't picture her being any happier there either.
  2. Podcast Interview with Sarah Lane

    Isn't Simkin gone by the Spring season? I recall reading that he'll be in Berlin starting in January of 2018. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm curious to see who will fill the void as Lane's partners (it is a real shame because Simkin and Lane built so much momentum and magic together this past year). Obviously Herman, but he's getting to the age where he can't perform as often and without injury anymore.
  3. Fall 2017 Season

    Why is ABT hitching its wagon to Millepied's star? Is it because his wife is a famous actress? Because frankly, I have no interest in his works and I know many people share my opinion.
  4. 2017 Fall Season

    Tears came to my eyes watching that video of Megan!! How sublime she and Gonzalo are together. You could see he was almost crying himself.
  5. Roster in Review - 2017

    I'm thinking he will be with Sarah Lane most often, since Simkin is leaving. They are cast together for The Nutcracker run.
  6. 2017 Fall Season

    Wish I could make it down to NYC for her performance! I'll have to live vicariously through one of you all. I wonder what Andrew Veyette thought when he read that....
  7. ABT 2017 Met season

    I would be very surprised if she is ever cast in Sleeping Beauty at ABT. I think McKenzie and the ballet masters know her limitations, even is she doesn't. Aurora is probably the most technically demanding role in classical ballet and I don't think she would come out looking good. Just my opinion.
  8. ABT 2017 Met season

    Please no. Her time is long passed and she would be taking roles away from dancers that deserve them.
  9. Alina Dronova

    I think it's kind of cute. Not every love story needs to be The Notebook.
  10. 2017 Fall Season

    I called it the other day! It just seemed he had checked out a while ago. I'm sure it's kind of a relief for Tiler Peck as well.
  11. Daniil Simkin joins Staatsballett Berlin

    Naturally, this happens just as the partnership with he and Sarah Lane was gaining real traction. I hope he's around for whole seasons at Ballet Theatre unlike Bolle and Hallberg who have multiple commitments elsewhere as well.
  12. 2017 Fall Season

    I have a feeling his booming Broadway career, coupled with his divorce, is going signal his retirement from NYCB pretty soon, if not this season. I also wonder how long Kowroski and Abi Stafford are going to stay. Seems like they are both pretty much done.
  13. 2017 Fall Season

    Oh gosh, yes. As I've gotten older, I've found myself getting misty-eyed when I watch the Nutcracker. The dancing is wonderful of course, but that music. The snow scene in particular just gets me! What I love about Balanchine's version is that every nuance of the choreography fits the music. You can tell he loved it and studied it in great detail.
  14. 2017 Fall Season

    Agreed. This is getting ridiculous. Now we're offended when black dancers are cast? Btw, Von Rothbart was one of Albert Evans' signature and favorite roles. Maybe Martins and the ballet masters have found that Chamblee and Farley have the theatricality needed to portray an over-the-top villain.