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  1. The new online ticket sales regulations finally in English (pdf) : https://www.bolshoi.ru/upload/medialibrary/343/3437579e7b485cc5d7c04afdead11f3a.pdf
  2. Hallberg Replaced By Shklyarov For Manon !

    Muntagirov is the only RB dancer I would accept as compulsory replacement for Hallberg, but as you say "chacun a son gout".
  3. Hallberg Replaced By Shklyarov For Manon !

    Under the circumstances I am glad that the replacement is Shklyarov - I wouldn't make a 4 hour flight to see any "rising stars" !
  4. http://www.roh.org.uk/news/cast-change-manon-on-5-and-13-april-2018 My warped luck it seems - don't buy tix for the dates I am booking - check with me first !! PS : wouldn't be surprised if Natasha drops out too between now and 13th April
  5. Wish I could stay on as long as you can - afraid of finding on my return that my wife has had the locks changed and filed for divorce !
  6. FLEURDELIS where are you ?? Our primas can hold their own against Yana Salenko when it comes to 190-degree splits - see for yourself :
  7. Don Q continues its run with tix selling out within 10 mins of online sales opening. Best seat price 12.50 US Dollars ...... how about that for state subsidy ?? Some pix from this production :
  8. I fully subscribe to your description. My "big discovery" of 2015 (as Kitri) a couple of weeks after her debut. Finally got to meet her backstage last month after the Shurale matinee. Buddy I had the same feeling when I saw Kim as Solor two years ago - was wondering when he was going to hit the roof !
  9. Sad to learn that I have thrown away money - these two evenings were initially posted as "ballet soloists' galas" and I thought they would be similar to the two evenings of "gala-concert" in October 2016 which were very enjoyable. I got tix for both evenings and suddenly just a week or two ago these two events became "A Play for Him" ..... ???? Now look at what program has been posted : https://www.bolshoi.ru/en/performances/10000/
  10. Yes - she came round twice, the other time for Teryoshkina
  11. Ismene Brown's Vikharev Interview (2009)

    Sorry, didn't notice - could have expired if older than one year. No harm in posting anew in case people had not seen it before.
  12. I must have been gawking open-mouthed at Masha for minutes at the Petipa Gala past Sunday before she gave me this look
  13. I have posted Ismene Brown's 2009 Moscow interview with Vikharev under "Writings on Ballet". With his Sleeping Beauty reconstruction (?) revived at Mariinka and his Coppelia coming up at the Bolshoy on April 20th this might be well worth a read by any members who have not read it before. (incidentally, I am hoping to see Coppelia at the Bolshoy on April 20th and 21st - so sad he isn't around to supervise it)