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  1. mnacenani

    Is Alyona Kovalyova "Zvezda" material ??

    Kovalyova and Tissi to represent the Bolshoi at the perennial "Bolshoi Ballet" TV show ! (many thanks to Gnossie for this info)
  2. mnacenani

    The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    УРААА !!
  3. mnacenani

    Nacho Duato taking helm in 2014

    AT LONG LAST !! From Berlin Ballet email of today : "The era of Nacho Duato at the Staatsballett Berlin comes to an end this summer. We can look back on a memorable and intense four-year incumbency involving international guest performances, the enlargement and rejuvenation of the repertoire and numerous world premieres, for the Staatsballett. We are grateful for the path we have trodden together and for the part played by Nacho Duato in the expansion of our horizons! Thank you, adiós and farewell" ....... Muchas Gracias !!
  4. mnacenani

    Ratmansky's Paquita

    Dear Laurent you are right - my ballet historian/lecturer friend in Moscow has confirmed your info, sending a link to an article by Burlaka which appeared in the Vaganova journal last year : (Grand Pas from ballet "Paquita" and Grand Pas "Lively Garden" from ballet "Corsaire" : Comparative Analysis). I am posting the link for the benefit of our Russian-speaking members : http://vaganov.elpub.ru/jour/article/viewFile/397/389
  5. mnacenani

    Ratmansky's Paquita

    If I remember correctly Ratmansky did the choreo for the Jardin Animé - am checking immediately !
  6. Probably same reason why Malakhov didn't have one : too expensive ! (between you and me : Peterburg Dance Open closing gala is also on my blacklist due to no orchestra)
  7. mnacenani

    Ratmansky's Paquita

    Yes indeed - who else but the Bolshoy has the human and financial resources to put all of the "24 Hours" on stage in Coppelia ??
  8. mnacenani

    Ratmansky's Paquita

    From Staatsballett Berlin website notes on their forthcoming new Bayadere production : "In order to get as close as possible to the original, Alexei Ratmansky not only reconstructs “La Bayadère”, but also painstakingly examines Petipa's taste and instinct. This approach is taken up in the stage design and costumes being newly developed by Jerôme Kaplan". Regrettably Berlin does not have the company to do this work justice.
  9. I certainly don't remember seeing an orchestra at either of the two "Malakhov & Friends" galas I went to at the Admiralspalast on 2-3 September 2016. "Polina & Friends" made it three times in a row, enough is enough.
  10. mnacenani

    Ratmansky's Paquita

    I have no problem with the sets and costumes - the awful quality of the dancing and the variations is my problem. OK maybe the variations were such in its day but it doesn't look Petipa to me, or have I been conditioned to look for current technique and style ?? But what about the horrible PdB even I can notice - surely Petipa didn't ask for that ! (the Vaganova GP last year was excellent imho - I saw the full Smikalov Paquita the next evening and thought Vaganova's 3rd Act was better)
  11. Gnossie just checked the Berlin Ballet website and DS is not listed. His write-up on the programme places him jointly at Dortmund Ballet and Dresden. Berlin male principals and soloists leave much to be desired, hoping Simkin will partially fill the void.
  12. mnacenani

    Ratmansky's Paquita

    I apologise for this error : I was almost certain I read this figure somewhere on the web while looking up Ivan Liska today but now can't find it. Anyway the correct number of departures seems to be 29 as you have stated, it can't have been 55 since the company had ca. 69 members at the time.
  13. mnacenani

    Ratmansky's Paquita

    After watching the webcast from 2015 I can't help thinking that Zelensky was probably right in sacking or not offering contract extensions to the 55 dancers (Lacarra aside) who left. I saw the 3rd Act of Paquita which Vaganova Academy performed at the Mariinsky last year as part of their graduation performance which is on YT (link below) - compared with that this Munich performance looks (imho) awful : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aK3HRdrwvxc
  14. mnacenani

    Ratmansky's Paquita

    Zelensky is like the Grim Reaper ! When he took on Stasik 25 dancers resigned upon hearing the news, and when he took on Munich 55 dancers left the company, including Lacarra.