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  1. Joy Womack

    Joy Womack was due to dance Aurora with the Istanbul State Ballet this past Wednesday. Kuznetsova posted a review on the Kremlin Festival last week with the sarcastic observation that "Sarah Lane becoming a principal shows what a wonderful land of opportunity the US is" ! I regret very much I could not see Adiarys Almeida (my Zaharova Cubana) dance Kitri on 28th September - I was in Moscow but booked for something else. Kuznetsova wrote somewhat nice things about her I was told.
  2. Two Casts of "Karsar" (aka Corsaire) at the Balshoy

    Even after the second night of Corsaire at the Balshoy don't really have much to write about which would be of much interest for our members. Can't seem to make fish or fowl out of Corsaire - am on the flight back to Istanbul (where I am hoping to catch the last per- formance of Sleeping Beauty by Istanbul State Ballet) and called up my spreadsheet to look up how many Corsaires I have seen live since Jan. 2015 : one at Mariinsky (Gusev staging), three in Istanbul (A-M Holmes), and four at Balshoy (Ratm-Burl). I have also seen the ENB Holmes staging and the quite interesting if un- conventional Belarbi Bordeaux staging couple of times on video. I will have to do some more viewing of Corsaire before I can call up the particulars of the various versions from memory. Last night was Katyusha's turn as Medora, with Hahlava as Gulnare and Tsvirko as Conrad. Don't have to say anything re Katyusha - her excellent execution, poise, presence are well known. Tsvirko is also a well known asset. Hahlava was quite good as Gulnare, and imho was maybe just one tick off the incredible characterisation by Tixo- mirova at the London tour last year. I am not a big fan of this Ratty staging - the characters are not instantly identifable (should be in my view) and I like the Jardin Animé presentation of the Mariinsky staging better. That said, the Balshoy CdB is a feast for one's eyes, believe it or not this scene makes the huge Balshoy stage seem too small for the CdB ! Stashkevich was excellent in the pas des esclaves, she really shone, I retract the countervailing view I posted after seeing her in Flames of Paris couple of weeks ago. And once again may be allowed to say that the character roles, ie the Pasha, Lanquedem and Zulmea are so well executed and add so much to the spectacle - there simply is no match in the West. Now the first night, ie Stepanova & Co : Yulya imho is a very good dancer, quite attractive, but no Zaharova re technique. Re characterisation I found her a bit "hesitant", acting the character as opposed to being the character. To my eye Krysanova looked so confident, so sure she is doing it right. But as I wrote above maybe I am seeing what I want to see, it's quite possible. Jiganshina as Gulnare I found so-so, not very memorable. On both nights there were familiar faces in the PdS of the Jardin Animé : Sevenard and Shrainer. Overall I seem to have enjoyed the second night a bit more, will have to see more of Stepanova to make my mind up. Did she merit being fast-tracked to principal ?? Can't tell, will have to see more of her this sea- son, will be looking up what she is cast for.
  3. Casting info for the Wed 18 October performance : http://www.bolshoi.ru/en/performances/198/roles/#20171018190000 Have decided to post my report after the second performance tonight : http://www.bolshoi.ru/en/performances/198/roles/#20171019190000 I somehow did not click with the first performance, this was the first time I saw Stepanova live in a full Petipa classic. Good physique, fouetté was fine this time ..... I do not want to draw the ire and fire of Yulya's admirers before saying out loud what I thought - want to see Krysanova first to pick my brain a bit. In general I did not connect with last night's performance. Just want to say this now : in law, criminology, it is a well-established fact that witnesses to a traumatic event like a murder or accident often give quite different accounts of what they witnessed - we are all affected by our subconscious.
  4. Lucia Lacarra documentary

    Thanks for the tip. So sorry that I could not go see Lucia in a full classic ballet when she was in Munich, only saw her in a couple of galas. Too late now.
  5. Royal Ballet roster changes for 2017-18

    Yes, he has been listed as guest artist. Imho he has a fine physique. I saw him only twice live at the ROH when he partnered Tsgankova (replacing Osipova !) in Don Kixot and when he partnered Sarah Lamb (replacing Osipova !!) in Giselle. Going into Giselle I was a bit doubtful regarding Matthew's dramatic characterisation capability but he pleasantly surprised me and was quite believable as Albrecht.
  6. Manon Kenneth MacMillan Generous philanthropic support from Sarah and Lloyd Dorfman, John and Susan Burns, The Gerald Ronson Family Foundation, Lindsay and Sarah Tomlinson and the Friends of Covent Garden Thursday 29 March at 7.30pm Morera, Bonelli, Campbell, Calvert, Saunders (Manon, Des Grieux, Lescaut, His Mistress, Monsieur G.M.) Thursday 5 April at 7.30pm Osipova, Hallberg*, Sambé*, Naghdi*, Avis Wednesday 11 April at 7.30pm Nuñez, Bolle, Zucchetti, Stix-Brunell*, Saunders Friday 13 April at 7.30pm Osipova, Hallberg, Sambé, Naghdi, Avis Monday 16 April at 7.30pm# Nuñez, Bolle, Zucchetti, Stix-Brunell, Saunders Thursday 19 April at 1.30pm Hamilton, Kish, Zucchetti, Hinkis*, Gartside Thursday 19 April at 7.30pm Morera, Bonelli, Campbell, Calvert, Saunders Thursday 26 April at 7.30pm Lamb, Muntagirov, Hirano, Mendizabal, Avis Saturday 28 April at 7.30pm Takada*, McRae, Hay*, Choe, Whitehead Tuesday 1 May at 7.30pm Hayward, Watson, Campbell, Calvert, Whitehead Thursday 3 May at 7.30pm† Lamb, Muntagirov, Hirano, Mendizabal, Avis Saturday 5 May at 7pm Takada, McRae, Hay, Choe, Whitehead Monday 7 May at 1.30pm Cuthbertson, Clarke*, Hirano, Mendizabal, Gartside Monday 7 May at 7.30pm Hamilton, Kish, Zucchetti, Hinkis, Gartside Saturday 12 May at 12.30pm Hayward, Watson, Campbell, Calvert, Whitehead Wednesday 16 May at 7.30pm Cuthbertson, Clarke, Hirano, Mendizabal, Gartside *Role debut with The Royal Ballet at the Royal Opera House #Student performance (Amphitheatre only) †Live cinema relay Obsidian Tear/Marguerite and Armand/Elite Syncopations Wayne McGregor/Frederick Ashton/Kenneth MacMillan Obsidian Tear – Resident Choreographer Wayne McGregor is generously supported by Linda and Philip Harley Marguerite and Armand – Generous philanthropic support from Aud Jebsen Elite Syncopations – Generous philanthropic support from Lindsay and Sarah Tomlinson and Peter Lloyd Saturday 14 April at 7pm Obsidian Tear: Ball, Richardson Marguerite and Armand: Ferri, Bonelli Elite Syncopations: Lamb, Hirano Wednesday 18 April at 7.30pm Obsidian Tear: Ball, Richardson Marguerite and Armand: Ferri, Bonelli Elite Syncopations: Lamb, Hirano Wednesday 25 April at 7.30pm Obsidian Tear: Ella, Sissens* Marguerite and Armand: Cuthbertson*, Ball* Elite Syncopations: Takada, Kish* Monday 30 April at 7.30pm Obsidian Tear: Bracewell*, Brændsrød Marguerite and Armand: Nuñez*, Muntagirov* Elite Syncopations: Stix-Brunell*, Edmonds Wednesday 2 May at 7.30pm Obsidian Tear: Bracewell, Brændsrød Marguerite and Armand: Cuthbertson, Ball Elite Syncopations: Takada, Kish Friday 4 May at 7.30pm Obsidian Tear: Ella, Sissens Marguerite and Armand: Osipova, Shklyarov Elite Syncopations: Hamilton*, Clarke* Tuesday 8 May at 7.30pm Obsidian Tear: Ball, Richardson Marguerite and Armand: Nuñez, Muntagirov Elite Syncopations: Stix-Brunell, Edmonds Friday 11 May at 7.30pm Obsidian Tear: Ball, Richardson Marguerite and Armand: Osipova, Shklyarov Elite Syncopations: Hamilton, Clarke
  7. 2017 Fall Season

    Imho Robert Fairchild will hit big time in musical theatre. When I went to see American in Paris in London at first I did not bother to look at the cast sheet, thinking "it can't be anyone noteworthy for someone who follows Russian classical ballet". But, both the male and female leads could sing, act and dance extremely well, and the Pdd in the final scene was serious stuff ..... who can these be ?? Ergo : Robert Fairchild and Leanne Cope !
  8. 2017 Fall Season

    Dear Peg forgive my ignorance - I don't follow American ballet but do know Robert Fairchild and Tiler Peck. Saw RF with Leanne Cope in American in Paris in London earlier this year. Before that I had first seen RF on video with Tiler in the "Heaven's Ballet" scene of the one-off semi-staged performance of Carousel at Carnegie Hall (?) some years ago and was VERY impressed. My question is : why is Robert leaving the NYCB - is he going to pursue a career in musical theatre like Leanne Cope ? Many thanks !
  9. "Karsar" (aka Corsaire) Coming Up at Bolshoy

    I have the Igor on Laserdisc and recently bought a dvd of it from Premiere Opera in NYC - you can order one if you would like to see it again. I have not been able to see the ENB Corsaire live, would like to, but I have it on BR disc. Last year Istanbul State Ballet staged Holmes's Corsaire and it wasn't the Bolshoy but was quite watchable. Considering the multitude of problems the country is facing that there is still ballet being staged seems like an anomaly, another paradox !
  10. "Karsar" (aka Corsaire) Coming Up at Bolshoy

    Yes indeed Mashinka .... and a debuting young Yelena Zaremba as Konchakovna ! That was February 1990 and the staging was quite poignant coming right after the fall of The Wall. As you will recall, the fall of the wall followed by the collapse of the CCCP triggered an interest in the West in Russian opera, and beginning with Knyaz Igor in Feb 1990 to the Mariinsky ROH tour in the summer of 2000 I made quite a few trips to London and saw all of the major Russian operas staged at the ROH - opera being our cultural passion at the time. Having spent quite some time seeing and reading about Russian opera I do understand the point of view of the "butchers". Russian opera more often than not does not have a coherent dramatic structure, a storyline which runs through the work. This makes the work "episodic" as if the three or five acts are stand-alone pieces - in some operas the main characters of the first act are never seen or heard again !! But I see no justifi- cation for butchering Igor so savagely and throwing out the beautiful choruses and arias/duets in the excised parts. I have been writing to the ROH and Opus Arte for quite some time now trying to get them interested in restoring and issuing the recording of this Knyaz Igor, and trying to make them understand that this staging is a world cultural heritage piece, as we are not going to see the full 5-act uncut opera again in our lifetime, if ever. But it has been to no avail, although the opera was recorded and telecast by the BBC. Re Karsar : I do have strong objections to any Alis being cut out of ballets ...... well I would have, wouldn't I ??
  11. "Karsar" (aka Corsaire) Coming Up at Bolshoy

    Helene ..... the young generation cannot concentrate on anything longer than 2 hours so operas are butchered, and any ballet over 3 hours is cut so that it does not go into "overtime" .... no wonder I am becoming more and more alienated from the West and becoming more and more attached to Russia and Russians !!
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KweI7WySw3c Opening night Wednesday 18th with Stepanova&Lobukhin and Zhiganshina as Gulnare. I wakened up to what Gulnare can be when Anna Tixomirova put on an unforgettable characterisation when I saw Karsar during Bolshoy's ROH tour last year, so Zhiga has a difficult task at hand. Stepanova usually dances the Pdd with Rodkin at galas but I did not see Rodkin cast for any night during this run. The second night presents Krysanova partnered by Tsvirko with Hahlava (Khokhlova to some ) as Gulnare, and I am quite interested in what Darya will make of this role. Regrettably, this Ratmansky staging has no Ali ! I like the version with Ali and I think it adds to the overall enjoyment of the performance than otherwise, but what can one do. Corsaire can be and often is a delightful ballet, and I am fully expecting to get my money's worth and be mesmerised by the Jardin Animé scenes performed to perfection by the incomparable Bolshoy CdB on two consecutive evenings. Now Stepanova : I am trying to keep an open mind about her artistry which so many of our senior members like. Hope this time she will perform a faultless fouettée and not give me cause for complaint. This will be the first time I will see Stepanova in a full Petipa classic, keeping my fingers crossed !
  13. World Ballet Day Bolshoy Webcast Online!

    Yes - it is the "Video" tab in Russian at the top right corner of home page : http://media.bolshoi.ru/login
  14. Knyaz/Prince Igor - Friday 29 September (ballet ??)

    The current staging (1954 revived 2001) of Knyaz Igor at the Mariinsky has the Polovtsian Dances in its original 1909 Fokine choreography, and the opera at 3:45 hrs is less cut than the ridiculous Lyubimov staging (2:45 hrs) I saw at the Bolshoy - this merits a special trip !
  15. Knyaz/Prince Igor - Friday 29 September (ballet ??)

    Just looked up : the Polovtsian Dances version of this Knyaz Igor 2013 Lyubimov staging is Goleizovsky, ed. Grigarovich.