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  1. And more evident during today's mixed bill. I am glad the crowd gave her the send off she deserved.
  2. It was set to premier on Tuesday, July 11 but the performances have been cancelled. Going by Alexandrova's Instagram, this seems to be a bureaucratic or political decision. The scenographer, Kirill Serebrennikov, is on the outs with the Russian government and Bolshoi officials have expressed their support for him. I'm wondering if there was also material that the cultural ministry deemed objectionable (I.e. References to Nureev's personal life. The cast list I saw had a character named Erik, which probably is meant to be Erik Bruhn) I saw the Eifman Ballet's Tchaikovsky and Red Giselle productions recently and noticed a conspicuous lack of homosexual references in the former, even though it was blatant in the latter. The culture minister made headlines when he tried to deny Tchaikovsky was gay and some movies that have gay characters have been deemed as gay propaganda.
  3. According to Medici's site, it's up til September. There's clips of the original Vinogradov ballet in Children of Theatre Street and the music is very dissonant, lots of percussions.
  4. Fraildove is correct. Per the site, Medallists are laureates and diploma winners are diploma holders. And in the Russian version of the official site, diploma winners of the choreographer category were called "Diplomanti" instead of "Laureati. Not sure why the English site translated it that way.
  5. That was one thing that had my head scratching. The award went to her teacher, not her. How does the fact her teacher won an award prove anything about Joy? One more thing to add. The Kremlin Ballet brought in a female dancer from one of the regions as a Principal, which probably means less performances for Joy. That's probably another reason to get out of Dodge.
  6. Its the never ending. dilemma. Would one rather be a principal in a small company with a small salary or a soloist or corps member at a big company.
  7. These competitions are an opportunity to get noticed by other, bigger companies. Joy has made no secret of wanting to leave the Kremlin Ballet but so far, there doesn't seem to have been any suitable offers.
  8. Have a cold and don't want to annoy people on Saturday. Here's what's being performed Orchestra A22. Face value ($30). PM me if interested
  9. Just to be clear for our non-native speakers, Zvezda means literally star like star in the sky or "movie star."When talking about actual ranks in ballet, the Bolshoi and Mariinsky use "Balerina" for women and "Premier" for men and their English sites just call them principals. And, given that their head of PR has an incredible command of three languages, I trust her judgement.
  10. It seems they intend for her to partner with Jacopo Tissi, the Italian Vaziev brought over. They've danced together in several galas and he is very tall too.
  11. She posted on Instagram that she and Urin worked out a way for her to come back when she wants and she posted a schedule of her next performances
  12. The article isn't saying he has cameras in private areas like dressing rooms. It's saying he watches rehearsals by CCTV video, which is more micromanaging than paranoia
  13. Alexandrova interview with Sati Spivakova (the interviewer is the wife of a famous conductor).
  14. My first time watching at Kew Gardens cinema, and it was surprisingly packed (although when you realize the neighborhood demographics, it shouldn't be too surprising). I normally watch in Manhattan where seats aren't hard to come by, but here, I ended up sitting in the front. Smirnova, who I normally love, was fairly blank and lifeless in the role. Chudin also looked like he was phoning it in.
  15. She's scheduled to dance Masha in Nutcracker on the 24th matinee. There was also a Profile on her on the show Kto Tam. The last ballet profiles have been about Kozlov, Shrainer, and Stepanova so it seems like Vaziev is continuing to promote his next generation. Anyway, she gives a fairly canned answer about choosing the Bolshoi over the Mariinsky and doesn't go into details exactly why. There is footage of her debut as Gamzatti and then some videos of her ice skating with her boyfriend.