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  1. Ratmansky R&J Coming Up - Casting a Mystery !

    The cast lists are up although the exact performances (at this very moment) still haven’t been listed Judging by the dancers, Tybalt doesn’t seem to be a major role In the Grigorovich version, he seemed to be the meatier role and was given to his favorites
  2. The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    Tissi has been promoted to first soloist and Kovalyovav to soloist. While it’s obvious these two are being promoted as the golden couple, I feel bad for those like Soares, who has danced a number of lead roles and gotten good reviews from the Russian audience and Olga Marchenkova who has actually gotten repeats for the lead roles she dances
  3. 2017-18 Bolshoi cinema season

    If we’ve gone this long accepting blonde haired, blue eyed, pasty white Europeans as Indians, Persians, Egyptians, or whatever culture the ballet is portraying, it should take no effort to accept Krysanova as Medora. And btw, would Maria Surovshchikova, who was Petipa’s wife and danced Medora in one of his revivals, meet today’s beauty standards?
  4. Corsaire Live Webcast of Today

    We have it in theatres with a 1 hour lag time. I live in NYC, and I know at minimum, three theatres showing this (because I was deciding which theatre to go to). The audience for this was quite old and I heard quite a few snoring during the second act. I personally enjoyed the production. Tsvirko is not my favorite dancer but he is a good actor and this role suited him perfectly, highlighting his strength and power. Krysanova was excellent as Medora. All the leads were excellent in fact. Khokhlova (btw, you can hear the linguistically proficient Novikova clearly pronouncing the name) didn’t grab me at first but was much better in the third act. Great to see Lopatin, whose dancing I love (even if his looks preclude him from many leading parts).
  5. The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    The issue with Womack was that she was on a production contract rather than a full time contract (essentially a freelancer). So she wasn’t getting a (however nominal) base pay
  6. Not really sure how to categorize skating but you can't deny it is an art when done right Anyway, today, they debuted their Free Dance. ABT principal Jeffrey Cirio contributed to the choreography (specifically the second part). It's still not fully baked but its a beautiful program that flows seamlessly. https://youtu.be/CDXX8A3rl8k BTW, the same couple doing a Le Parc inspired program https://youtu.be/uC8xHDZ_mRU
  7. Building New Ballet Audiences

    What I mean by B2B is that the audience for the arts ( and I include visual arts in this) is more likely to be affluent and have business decision making authority, making the arts an attractive platform for a B2B company to reach its target audience. One of our clients ended up doing a theatre sponsorship where they funded free outdoor performances during the summer. It ended up improving the client's reputation considerably, the turn out was quite good and the theatres got quite a decent amount of inquiries about upcoming performances.
  8. Yuri Vladimirov

    His wife posted on Facebook that he is no longer working at the theatre and it clearly wasn't his choice to leave.
  9. Building New Ballet Audiences

    Getting back to this, as I just finished a report for a Fortune 100 client where we recommended more cultural involvement, given that their target audience shows an interest in the arts and cultural engagements have historically been very effective for our B2B clients. My personal opinion on the Kennedy Center Honors show is that 1) awards shows are on the decline overall and 2) the type of performers reflects the trends in culture. I think as time goes on you will see less of a presence from the performing arts as it is going to be hard for someone to make an argument that, say, Peter Martins had as large of an impact on American Culture as Madonna.
  10. 2017/2018 season

    The cast list for the first livestream, Corsaire is up. Medora: Olga Smirnova Conrad: Igor Tsvirko http://www.bolshoi.ru/performances/198/roles/#20171022180000
  11. Alyona Kovalyova Swan Lake Debut

    What about how the dancers themselves spell it? On her Instagram, she chooses to spell it as Alena Kovaleva.
  12. 2017/2018 season

    Okuneva had only one performance. I remember she complained about it. She seemed to be progressing nicely (got the Lilac Fairy at one point) but then broke her foot and seemed to have fallen out of favor after that, as she wasnt included in the Japanese tour. The tour to Costa Mesa happens to fall during the same week as San Diego Comic Con and once again, I think I'll take the cosplayers (assuming I can get tickets again this year).
  13. Building New Ballet Audiences

    A lot of the great arts programs on TV have also disappeared. I grew up with "Breakfast with the Arts" on A&E and saw features about Mukhamedov and Ashton. Bravo was actually arts focused once upon a time rather than reality show focused. I remember seeing a POB production of Carmen (can't remember who the choreographer was but it involved pulling scarves from the male's shirts). From my research (I am actually an audience researcher for a marketing company), the arts still does well with affluent, educated audiences but for whatever reason, the marketing dollars and the eyeballs all go to other forms of entertainment.
  14. According to Russian press, he died yesterday. He and Kasatkina made a name for themselves as choreographers and there was even a Soviet TV special showcasing their works They started their own company in the 70s (Malakhov began his career there), which is still active today. https://mir24.tv/news/16264090/umer-novator-sovetskogo-baleta-vladimir-vasilev http://tass.com/society/961920 (English language link)
  15. Joy Womack

    Over the winter, she showed a video at a clinic, which I believe is run by her mother where she underwent some bizarre treatments, including one involving stem cells. "Body Hacking" is what she called it. I do hope she uses this down time to allow her body to heal rather than trying experimental quick fixes