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  1. Watching the Olympics

    The athletes I’m rooting for are the French dance team, Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron. Here they are doing Le Parc on Ice https://youtu.be/CtCBdvKuiKA I was also happy to see Savchenko and Massot win the gold. When I first saw them together Bruno was one of the most inelegant looking people you will ever see on the ice, but last night both he and Aljona were magical. The program was gorgeous, seamless, and you could hear a pin drop.
  2. IOC Bans Russia from 2018 Winter Games

    They’ve released a provisional list of athletes who are allowed to compete at the Olympics. Among Those not on the list are short track speedskater Viktor Ahn, and figure skaters Ksenia Stolbova and Ivan Bukin. http://www.houstonchronicle.com/sports/article/Russia-says-Ahn-among-top-athletes-barred-from-12517189.php Bukin’s domestic partner, btw, is Alena Samarskaya, a former Mikhailovsky soloist who was in that killer Bolshoi Academy Class of 2007 with Ovcharenko, Tsvirko, Zagrebnin, Okuneva, and Marchenkova.
  3. For me, Lantratov was fine as Romeo. I’ve always seen Romeo as a weak character and he actually looked believable as a 16 year old madly in love,not a man who is pushing 30. Like the play, where Mercutio had the best lines, here he had the most interesting choreography and Tsvirko is , if nothing else, an excellent actor. My problem is, I felt the production was bereft of any grandeur and we’re left with something that looked low budget. The costumes were boring, Paris’ wig was absolutely awful, and the ball scene was dull.
  4. Joy Womack

    She was in Atlanta and Houston so maybe she tried out there. She also did an Instagram livestream where she mentioned sending applications to La Scala and the Royal Danish Ballet but not getting any responses. I do wonder if she realized she needed to play nicer. This interview seemed to be an attempt to clear the air in regards to many of the controversies surrounding her.
  5. Is Alyona Kovalyova "Zvezda" material ??

    Since when are we criticizing someone for going on vacation during a period when the whole company was on vacation and, according to the dancers, the theatre was not even accessible for practice?
  6. They knew about that specific allegation for a year, but rumors about Levine go way way back. The Times article even references a letter from 1979 where Anthony Bliss defends Levine.
  7. I guess with Weinstein, Spacey and Lauer it was only a matter of time before James Levine went down. The rumors were so persistent that even a casual classical music fan friend knew James Levine was a creep https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/02/arts/music/james-levine-sexual-misconduct-met-opera.html
  8. In all the versions mentioned (Grigorovich, Ratmansky, and the Luhrmann movie), Romeo still takes the poison but doesn’t see Juliet stirring. After he takes the poison, he sees Juliet and they interact. Then Romeo still dies. Juliet still dies. Here’s the Grigorovich version done by the Kremlin Ballet The death scene starts at about 1h and 45 minutes https://youtu.be/c5NHYs9aMxo The ending of the Baz Luhrmann movie https://youtu.be/0FQl2GF_Hfo Btw, West Side Story did have the Juliet/Maria living.
  9. Juliet waking up before Romeo dies is not a new concept. It’s present in the Grigorovich version Also Baz Luhrman in his movie had Juliet waking up right as Romeo takes the poison.
  10. American National Ballet

    It seems to involve the Wilmington Ballet company in some way, as they are advertising their performances. I remember the initial article mentioned a merger, so either the Wilmington Ballet is merging with them or is simply rebranding. In other news, Rasta Thomas is suing them. http://www.postandcourier.com/features/rasta-thomas-briefly-artistic-director-for-american-national-ballet-sues/article_49bd29b8-d12a-11e7-a479-5fd118e19b94.html
  11. I posted this in another thread but the Costa Mesa dates are no longer on the Bolshoi’s list of tours. https://www.bolshoi.ru/en/performances/tour1/. I also checked the Seregstrom website and don’t see the tour dates on the calendar. Anyone know if they are still going there? I am going to be in So Cal that week for San Diego Comic Con and had considered tacking on a side trip if A Hero of Our Time was on the bill on the day I was planning to go.
  12. 2017/2018 season

    I noticed the Costa Mesa dates are no longer listed on the Bolshoi website. It seems this may have been cancelled.
  13. Ratmansky R&J Coming Up - Casting a Mystery !

    The cast lists are up although the exact performances (at this very moment) still haven’t been listed Judging by the dancers, Tybalt doesn’t seem to be a major role In the Grigorovich version, he seemed to be the meatier role and was given to his favorites
  14. The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    Tissi has been promoted to first soloist and Kovalyovav to soloist. While it’s obvious these two are being promoted as the golden couple, I feel bad for those like Soares, who has danced a number of lead roles and gotten good reviews from the Russian audience and Olga Marchenkova who has actually gotten repeats for the lead roles she dances
  15. 2017-18 Bolshoi cinema season

    If we’ve gone this long accepting blonde haired, blue eyed, pasty white Europeans as Indians, Persians, Egyptians, or whatever culture the ballet is portraying, it should take no effort to accept Krysanova as Medora. And btw, would Maria Surovshchikova, who was Petipa’s wife and danced Medora in one of his revivals, meet today’s beauty standards?