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  1. It’s been reported that as he takes on more of the queen’s duties (and presumably some of the Queen’s and Prince Philip’s own patronages) , he won’t be able to devote as much time to the patronages he already has and has already been trying to transfer some of them to William and Harry
  2. I’d be interested to see if Prince Charles stays on as patron of the Royal Opera House or if he will give the patronage to one of his children when he becomes king.
  3. This is a bit far out in November but thought I’d put this out there. This talk is more about staging his works for TV and the panel will include Maria Calegari and Bart Cook, as well as Sondra Lee and Grover Dale. https://www.paleycenter.org/2018-jerome-robbins
  4. Not Sandik, but I don’t think he/she is saying anything about danger in the arts. Homeland security is the cabinet department responsible for handling visas and the like As many have stated in this thread, these departments can be very capricious in how they approve visas. When I was in grad school, I had a roommate from Iran who was getting a PhD in the sciences. He had no problems getting a student visa, even with the poor relations between our countries. On the other hand, one of my classmates from India, a country with whom we have friendly relations, was initially rejected for a Visa because of some inconsistencies in how his name was spelled.
  5. It could be that these artists have current multi year, multi entry visa that allows him to come and go without having to apply each time. I know several Russian athletes have 3 year multi entry visas that allow them to come to the states for competitions. Tissi was just here less than a year ago, so I am surprised he is having trouble.
  6. Deflope

    Berlin Staatsballet 16/17 Season

    For anyone wondering, after her gold medal in Moscow, Evelina Godunova left Universal ballet and will be joining Berlin next season. In the meantime, she seems to have a bunch of minor guesting gigs http://m.press.lv/post/ya-tantsuyu-luchshe-chem-govoryu-zvezda-latvijskogo-baleta-evelina-godunova/
  7. I know the music for the Ballet was compiled from various Prokofiev pieces. Does anyone know which piece the “whipping scene” came from?
  8. Deflope

    Neumeier's Anna Karenina

    Choreographed cradling? I’ve encountered a few modern adaptations. One was set in Rego Park among the Bukharians. Vronsky was a hipster adjunct professor. Levin was a pharmacist. Kitty was incredibly dumb. Another was set in Australia where Anna was a retired tennis star and commentator, Vronsky looked like the Adam Driver character from girls and you spent the entire time wondering why Anna left her husband.
  9. Deflope

    Neumeier's Anna Karenina

    It is indeed a very loose adaptation of Anna Karenina, set in modern times. Karenin is a politician up for re-election, Vronsky is a lacrosse player
  10. Olga injured her arm. She has an Instagram post where she is running on a treadmill in a sling.
  11. I went to see them last night and, while the piece they presented, Suite Sevilla, isn’t the best of their repertoire, it is still stunning watch due to the size of the ensemble and the colorful costumes Seeing the ensemble turn in unison with their long, flowing, and colorful dresses is a sight to behold i do wish we got to see one of their story based pieces like Medea or the Three Cornered Hat.
  12. Deflope

    Watching the Olympics

    I too find Zagitova to be rather raw. Her arms and legs are all over the place and her movements look rushed.When Lipnitskaya was training with Eteri Tutberidze, the coach of both Medvedeva and Zagitova, there was a former Bolshoi corps member (Galina Potdykova, the wife of Batyr Annadurdiev) who worked with her skaters. I don’t think she works with them anymore, which is a shame because she could have really helped a lot with getting Zagitova’s arms and posture As far as Don Quixote’s go, the Spanish dance team of Hurtado and Khaliavin had a more polished piece, although theirs was more flamenco than Ballet, having chosen to work with a famous flamenco dancer for the choreography.
  13. Deflope

    2017/2018 season

    And that’s what I am referring to. I interpret it as “I’m dancing this but don’t know the exact dates”
  14. Deflope

    2017/2018 season

    My guess is, they still haven’t decided on who will dance when (although it’s probably safe to say she gets opening night). For the last couple of premieres, they hadnt published the cast lists until a week before.
  15. Deflope

    Watching the Olympics

    My dream is if they ever do the Bolero format again for Ice Age, Ilya Averbukh somehow gets Cizeron and pairs him up with Smirnova.