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  1. Saratoga 2016

    I am a longtime ballet fan who lives in Boston but have gone to SPAC every summer for years to take in the NYCB performances. I have never written for Ballet Alert before but as I very much enjoy reading this forum and writings about this SPAC season have not yet appeared, I thought I would take the plunge and join in. Yesterday's matinee was a performance of Jewels and the standout performances were Sara Mearns and Tyler Angle in Diamonds. Sara was exquisite. She and Tyler seemed as one; Sara was fluid and lyrical and her extensions, especially her arabesques, were high. She took time to fully extend her movements so that when she momentarily held a pose, the beautiful definition of her line really stood out. Tyler was just an amazing counterpoint: he has a lovely straight and calm upper body and he just seemed to totally give himself to the dance and to Sara rather than try at all to turn attention to himself. The evening performace was a bounty of Balanchine's Black & White ballets. It was also a send off to Craig Hall who is retiring. Last night he partnered Ashley Isaacs in Episodes. A beautiful performace by both and the audience gave many rounds of applause. A bittersweet moment! One last note, Maria Kowroski danced in Agon and looked in her usual beautiful form: luscious extensions and line, dancing confidently with her partner Amar Ramasar. Her face expressed a sense of pride and happiness at her performance at the end when she took a bow. Throughout the evening, the audiences were very appreciative and there were many encore curtain calls.