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  1. Polina

    It has been reported in Russian press that Anastasia Shevtsova has left the Mariinsky to focus on her movie career.
  2. Alyona Kovalyova Swan Lake Debut

    A short clip of Odile's variation. I find it to be a good example of why extraordinarily long limbs are not necessarily a desired attribute in a ballerina. Nor are they estetically pleasing.
  3. Mariinsky in London 2017

    It will be the same version Ratmansky created for NBoC.
  4. Pavlova film

    There is also a 2-3 minute opening scene of Pavlova dancing. Truly a treat.
  5. Joy Womack

    In addition to Atlanta Ballet, few other big companies were hiring during this past season--ENB, Berlin State Ballet, Bavarian State Ballet. I wonder if she auditioned in any of these places.
  6. Joy Womack

    Not to get off-topic but I'd be curious to learn more about this. Or at least get some clarification on what classical ballets had to be re-introduced.
  7. ABT 2017 Swan Lake

    These are not only the most phenomenal but also the most musical fouettés I've ever seen. Thanks for posting it.
  8. Nureyev premier postponed to 2018/2019

    It'd be great if the San Francisco Ballet acquired the rights for this ballet. The company is big enough to fill in all the dancing roles. There are several choral companies in the city that could participate: SF Opera Chorus, SF Symphony Chorus, Gay men's chorus, etc. The orchestra is familiar with Demutsky's score and can play it well. The corps men are excellent and probably could do a better job in the controversial "dance of transgenders" than the Bolshoi's dancers. And I can see Angelo Greco taking on the protagonist role. It could be a new commissioned work for the 2018/2019 season. Pure speculations on my part but one can dream.
  9. I can't contain my excitement over the casting. I know Skorik has many detractors but to me she is one of the most beautiful ballerinas and I am so excited to see her in La Bayaedere. Tomorrow morning my alarm will ring earlier than usual when the time finally comes to buy my tickets.
  10. Veronika Part leaving ABT

    Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread and reported about Veronika's farewell performance. I couldn't hold myself and cried. There weren't that many ballerinas whose retirement made me this sad and heartbroken. I do hope that Veronica didn't mean she'd never dance again.
  11. Promotions

    Another link to La Bayadere performances in LA next July: https://www.musiccenter.org/about/Our-Programs/Glorya-Kaufman-Dance/1718-season/abt/
  12. Promotions

    It is great to see talented dancers making it to the top. So excited to see these beautiful ladies in the next Met season. Hopefully Maria Kochetkova will continue performing with ABT since her brilliant technique brings so much thrill to the war-horse classics.
  13. When trying to pronounce Вишнёва one can think of Spanish words such as baño, pequeño or puño. It would lbe something something like Vishñova.
  14. Diana Vishneva's name in Russian is spelled with a ё which is different from -o or even -yo. But that was not my point. I simply tried to object to the notion that the Russian-speaking audience would only support ballerinas whose names end with -ova. But maybe I misunderstood and you referred to those ballet goers who stuck in the era when ballerinas found it beneficial to russify their names.