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  1. St Petersburg - November 2017

    Few YouTube videos from Don Quixote with beautiful Olesya Novikova:
  2. 2018 Met Season

    Here is an Instagram clip of Sarah’s fouetté sequence from her Swan Lake with Kremlin ballet:
  3. Polina Semionova

    It appears that the Berlin State Ballet is becoming the theater of one dancer—Semionova is scheduled for more than half of Swan Lake performances and all but one Jewels. She definitely will be much busier in Berlin than she was at ABT.
  4. The Royal Ballet performs the same Makarova’s version as ABT. However, Nureyev’s staging of La Bayadere for POB ends with Kingdom of the Shades.
  5. Understood. Thanks for pointing out that my comment is construed as such.
  6. I was at the performance once where a ballerina showed no sign of injury and yet she danced with a broken toe that put her out of commission for the whole season. We don't know the circumstances of when and why Skorik was replaced for this run at the SCFTA but the tone of the discussion suggest some sort of foul play on her part. I understand that many on this board dislike or "don't dig" her but I find such insinuations unfair.
  7. I don't think that Kolegova made a last minute replacement for Skorik. It rather looks that the Segerstrom Center failed to update the cast info on their website. All principals-- Skorik, Kondaurova and Tereshkina--appeared only in two roles, either Zobeide in Scheherazade or The Swan.
  8. Skorik danced the Swan this evening and was absolutely stunning. If I were to never see another ballet I could say that I saw the ultimate one.
  9. Mayerling 28 September Osipova Watson

    I am afraid I've failed to understand the connection of Macaulay's review of the performance of Mayerling by Houston ballet to Osipova-Watson.
  10. This is heartbreaking. Rest in peace, Karina.
  11. Polina

    It has been reported in Russian press that Anastasia Shevtsova has left the Mariinsky to focus on her movie career.
  12. Alyona Kovalyova Swan Lake Debut

    A short clip of Odile's variation. I find it to be a good example of why extraordinarily long limbs are not necessarily a desired attribute in a ballerina. Nor are they estetically pleasing.
  13. Mariinsky in London 2017

    It will be the same version Ratmansky created for NBoC.
  14. Pavlova film

    There is also a 2-3 minute opening scene of Pavlova dancing. Truly a treat.
  15. Joy Womack

    In addition to Atlanta Ballet, few other big companies were hiring during this past season--ENB, Berlin State Ballet, Bavarian State Ballet. I wonder if she auditioned in any of these places.