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  1. Royal Ballet roster changes for 2017-18

    Looks like Golding is a guest artist in Munich for this season: https://www.staatsoper.de/en/biographies/detail-page/golding-matthew.html
  2. Roster in Review - 2017

    I am surprised at the casting. I would have cast Brandt with Simkin, at the very least (since Cirio is gone.) Other Dances is the only thing I want to watch this fall, but I am not excited about the casting at all. Lendorf is a beautiful dancer with such great experience behind him, but I have been unable to get past his body type. I really hate saying that about any dancer.
  3. Fall 2017 Season

    It looks like the ENB Giselle is going to New Zealand and Dublin next year. Agree with abatt. Would love to see it in NYC.
  4. Roster in Review - 2017

    Agreed, ABT Fan.
  5. Roster in Review - 2017

    I am just hoping that it doesn't go to some guest artist!
  6. ABT 2017 Met season

    I look at it differently. I don't see why Kochetkova needs ABT. She has enough going on between SFB and other guestings and galas, that the few shows she does get to do at ABT seem needless to me. With winning the Positano Premia la Danza de Leonide Massine Prize, I am sure she will be invited to dance in additional venues. I would not be surprised if we do not see her at ABT this year.
  7. Jewels: 22-23 Sep and 28 Sep-1 Oct

    Looking forward to hearing about Lucien and his return to PNB.
  8. Fall 2017 Season

    Cirio did perform the lead in ABT's Nutcracker last year with both Boylston and Lane, I believe. In this interview, he says he is performing "Akram Kahn’s Giselle, [Kenneth] MacMillan’s Song of Earth, [August] Bournonville’s La Sylphide, The Nutcracker, and [Rudolph] Nureyev’s Romeo and Juliet," and will be back to ABT on January 1. https://settingthebarreblog.com/tag/cirio-collective/
  9. Daniil Simkin joins Staatsballett Berlin

    The article says not until September, 2018.
  10. Daniil Simkin Joining Staatsballett Berlin

    In the original article, it states "September 2018," so I would venture to say he will be performing in Whipped Cream. I will say I saw the other two "Boys" in Whipped Cream, and both were excellent.
  11. Daniil Simkin Joining Staatsballett Berlin

    Additionally, this comment is interesting, "Mr. Simkin said he hoped to dance in works by Mats Ek, William Forsythe, Crystal Pite, Ohad Naharin and other choreographers whose work is less frequently performed in the United States." I know there are many patrons of ABT who complain about the company doing contemporary work, but dancers do seek it.
  12. Daniil Simkin Joining Staatsballett Berlin

    abatt, where does it say that he will continue for Met season? Am I misreading it? I wonder if this will become more common.
  13. Fall 2017 Season

    About the photo - I did not find it offensive at all, and I agree that it conveys more contemporary work usually done in the fall. About Cirio - It was announced by English National that he would be a guest artist for the fall season: "Joining as Guest Artists next season are Jeffrey Cirio, Principal at American Ballet Theatre, who performs with the Company for the Autumn/Winter season ..."
  14. I just wish the couple from Royal had the opportunity to dance with other dancers. I like the way the dancers from different companies have opportunities to perform with different people. Most of the dancers who perform together in Vail have very little opportunity to rehearse together until they arrive in Vail. And, of course, some of the contemporary pieces are being choreographed throughout the week. I think it makes for a very interesting show.