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  1. Winter 2018

    I would love to see someone like Joseph Gordon or even Anthony Huxely dance in Mozartiana. Chase Finley was constantly running behind the music and omitted so many steps. At least Tyler Angle did all the steps(not the best looking arabesque though).
  2. Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    And this is exactly why there are fewer ballet students nowadays. Such comments will be considered as harassment everywhere else.
  3. Gomes and ABT

    ABT official Instagram account is actually being managed by the ABT dancers so I wouldn't assume it's the actual support coming from the ABT management or marketing team.
  4. What are you looking for?

    I would add Piano Concerto No 2. or Ballet Imperial to the must see list. It would've been wonderful if they performed it for 2 weeks instead of Martin's Swan Lake.
  5. 2018 Met Season

    It would've been nice to see Shevchenko as Nikiya instead of Lane. Teauscher is an obvious choice but I wanted to see both Shevchenko and Teauscher alternating Nikiya/Gamzatti. Perhaps I'm asking too much from the newly promoted dancers. This could've been solved by giving one less Nikiya for Boylston (IMO a huge miscast but who knows). I'm sure Lane will get her Juliet some day for sure. I think Lane's Kitri will be much better than most people expect from her. Seo's return to Kitri is a wasted opportunity as it could've gone to either Brandt or Shevchenko. Super excited for Shevchenko's O/O.... althought it's a wed mat performance. I'm a little disappointed about seeing less Cirio again this year. Cirio is one of the most versatile dancers within ABT but he's kept being typecasted. Looking at the casting again, It seems like they had to pull Lane from Juliet only to have Copeland paired with two different Romeos (Cornejo, Simkin)... Sigh
  6. Joy Womack

    Korea's Universal Ballet is financially backed by the Unification Church(they have the ownership of the ballet company to be exact) so if high salary is what Womack wants, they can afford it. There are several former Vaganova graduates and Mariinsky dancers in Universal Ballet (Konstantin Novoselov, Anna Tolmacheva, Yekaterina Krasyuk). Semion Chudin also had danced at Universal Ballet early in his career.
  7. Fall 2017 Season

    I got the same impression about Teuscher as well. I thought she did well as a "soloist" but as a principal she still has long way to go. I hope she doesn't end up becoming like Michele Wiles. Wiles had the techniques but she never fully matured as an artist.
  8. To my surprise, Skorik was wonderful on Wednesday. Her arabesque penchee en pointe wasn't as secure as Tereshina's but I liked her overall performance. I think someone mentioned that she has the most beautiful hands in ballet and I kind of agree. I've seen her many years ago once and she wasn't that impressive then. I think she's learned how to display her physicality without looking like a contortionist. The only time I was distracted was when she took an extra time to stretch out her penche to 180 degrees. Why Yermakov isn't a principal yet is the biggest mystery to me. His partnering was flawless (unlike Kim who made a major mistake on Tuesday). On Tuesday, Tereshkina looked a little fatigued by the end of 3rd act. I believe she will perform better this weekend after some rest. This might offend some people on this board but to me Kim isn't the most elegant dancer. Obviously he has much to improve on his epaulement and mime in a more noble manner. For some reason Kolegova dyed her hair in Blonde as Gamzatti which I thought was odd(Matvienko didn't dye her hair on Tuesday). Nevertheless she was a beautiful Gamzatti and nailed most of the technical aspects (a small mistake on jete en tournant). I'd love to see her as Nikiya some day. The 3rd act was wonderful on both days and it's totally worth the trip just for the shades. The fact that Kennedy Center Opera House Orchestra is way better than ABT Orchestra does help a lot. Bravo to the concert master who nailed those difficult violin solos.
  9. I hope Skorik isn't injured since Kolegova can't sub for her in DC- They are cast as Nikiya and Gamzatti on the same dates(Wed, Sat Mat).
  10. 2017 Fall Season

    My favorite of the evening was Fairchild. She just made all the steps look like a walk in the park. Although I absolutely can't stand Peter Martin's SL, it seems like training for Odette did have some positive affect on her overall dancing as well. Her upper body looked more open with arms extended.
  11. That's what I loved about San Francisco Ballet's segment. I think most of it was live including the smaller segments of other companies (Ballet West etc). I had no idea that the entire NBC segment was recorded. The whole thing? Even Bolshoi streamed some segments in live.
  12. 2017 Fall Season

    I for one can't wait for this SL run to end. I gave myself 6 opportunities for appreciate this production with 6 different casts and I still don't like it. It seems like the they rushed the tempo to hide the dancers' weakness. Can they slow it down a bit so that everyone can land in clean 5th? Throughout the shows I couldn't help but to notice how stiff their epaulment is. Also, do they really have to perform every single ballet with so called "Balanchine tentacles"? They reminded me of Boylston's hands. Although I have to admit that Sara Mearns won me over at the end(did not like her in act 2 though). With her level of artistry I can appreciate this production as a nice "swan themed ballet" sans Petipa. Lastly, the ugly backdrop and costume have to go.
  13. ABT 2017 Met season

    I was actually referring to the time when she was still a soloist (at that point she was dancing the principal roles though)
  14. ABT 2017 Met season

    As far as I know, ABT's AD actually did ask some male principals who they'd prefer to parner up with and it did affect casting. However, this was a few seasons ago so their "partnering system" could be different now. Regarding Lane, I wasn't trying to offend any of her fans(I'm one of them). Just wanted to say that there are people out there who'd rather see Kochetkova(or any dancer with Russian training) than Lane.
  15. ABT 2017 Met season

    I know Kochetkova isn't that popular in this forum but I've met multiple audience members who were appalled at seeing Lane instead of Kochetkova. Plus, you never know who the male dancers prefer to dance with. Some dancers are just easier to partner and has better partnering skill. At one point Seo was the most popular partner among the tallish dancers in ABT. I completely agree regarding the tall male principals. Now that Bolle, Hallberg, Gomes aren't dancing as much or retiring certain roles, ABT has to coach Royal, Hoven, and Forster in case of emergency. There will be mayhem if either Whiteside or Stearns get injured.