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  1. MadameP

    Fouettes - Discussion, Examples

    Really? They look completely out on my screen - unless the sound out of synch.
  2. MadameP

    Fouettes - Discussion, Examples

    Completely agree. These fouettes might be executed at a "constant speed" but look laborious and they are not in time with the music.
  3. MadameP

    Is Alyona Kovalyova "Zvezda" material ??

    Buddy, your post made me smile! Petipa ballets are closest to my heart, but Balanchine's ballets cannot be dismissed as being without soul. I am not a Tiler Peck fan, so I will not comment on her, but the duet from A Midsummer Night's Dream from which you posted this extract really IS a true jewel. It's the best of that ballet for me and truly beautiful, eloquent, magical., and yes - I do find it very spiritual. I love it. I have seen many Mariinsky dancers perform this exquisite pas de deux, and among the best were Ekaterina Osmolkina with FIlipp Stepin. Nadezha Batoeva and Maria Shirinkina were also wonderful in the pd2! So beautiful!
  4. MadameP

    The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    Krysanova is FAR from being a Mariinsky or Vaganova trained ballerina. She's Bolshoi through and through...
  5. MadameP

    2017 -- 2018 Season

    I have to say I saw both Legend and Romeo and Juliet, and I dislike extremely having different casting for each act. The whole development of the characters throughout the course of the ballet is lost. Yes, I understand it is an opportunity for many dancers to appear, but quite honestly, many would be better not appearing at all. They would have been better off "paying their respects" by not dancing. Askerov as Ferkhad? Wooden in the extreme and cannot act. Much as I like Evseeva, I think she is miscast as Shyrin. The ballet itself would have been better served having Novikova and Tereshkina throughout. As for Romeo and Juliet, Ivanchenko as Romeo ... REALLY??? He should have retired long ago... And Tereshkina is too knowing to be an tomboyish young Juliet. Batoeva is a wonderful Juliet - but she wasn't chosen. Of course, Abdiev and Selyutsky were being honoured in these broadcasts, explaining some of the choices, but I think it made for dismal viewing...
  6. Tissi, although not Russian, has presumably been tarred with the same Bolshoi brush as Olga. This is not good.
  7. I have to agree. I had seen it on video and decided I would see it "live" once to give it a chance, on the basis that maybe video just did not do it justice. WRONG. I saw Batoeva "live" in this at Mariinsky and honestly, much as I love Nadia, I could not wait for it to be finished. At least the Mozart is wonderful though...
  8. MadameP

    Nureyev's Falling Out at POB - Why ??

    Nureyev did love his ronde de jambes!
  9. MadameP

    Nureyev's Falling Out at POB - Why ??

    Agree about that terrible Grigorovich fight scene - definitely too many jetes across the stage and the drama of the fight itself is completely lost. Also agree that Bayadere (I am another for whom it is my favourite ballet, although along with Shurale!) NEEDS that final act with the destruction of the temple etc, in order to have dramatic credibility.
  10. MadameP

    Fouettes - Discussion, Examples

  11. MadameP

    Fouettes - Discussion, Examples

    Vorontsova is indeed a wonderful fouette turner, and turning with both hands on hips is extremely difficult. Whether a dancer does singles, doubles or alternates them is often largely a matter of taste: fast, perfectly placed and centred singles are often the most dazzling. tasteful and effective. Personally, I think that "party tricks" when executing fouettes, including changes of arm position, jumps between fouette turns etc, are more appropriate for some ballets than others.
  12. MadameP

    Anthony Dowell

    So beautiful ... his lines, musicality ... everything!
  13. GNOSSIE, those clips are wonderful! How adorable, enchanting and joyful! And yes, what a great tribute to the Great Vikharev! If ONLY Mariinsky had this jewel in their repertoire right now - imagine Oksana Marchuk or Margarita Frolova as Lise! Mariinsky has many dancers who would be perfect for Lise and Colas. Tragic... but yes, what an achievement for Yekaterinburg!
  14. MadameP

    The Bolshoi under Vaziev

    Nice step up in ranking for her!
  15. MadameP

    Is Alyona Kovalyova "Zvezda" material ??

    Marchenkova will still be shorter than the very tall Kovalyova, but I also think she was chosen as Gamzatti for this performance because she is nearer to Alyona in height. However, personally I do not like her as a dancer, and in particular, I think she has awful arms and hands.