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  1. 2018 Met Season

    Cirio could certainly step up and step in if there is a levelling off of Cornejo and Simkin’s casting. Assuming he is still there, and I did get the impression from his effusive if not fawning Instagram thank you to ENB that he is looking to move on. But it’s the shorter men who really need the shorter women, not the other way around.
  2. 2018 Met Season

    It’s one thing to have them bring in an RDB dancer of Lendorf’s experience, standing and talent. But Cirio was in a different category, imo. But Gorak’s partnering.... There is no way to know.
  3. 2018 Met Season

    Yes, her Giselle. Her acting in Act One of Giselle and the beginning of Odile was impressive. We will feel Marcelo’s absence. I agree that Hallberg is looking elsewhere for opportunities and obviously Simkin has found one. I have to think Cirio is too. It’s a miracle Cornejo sticks around. Is Lendorf still injured? Sorry, but I don’t see anyone of the stature of Marcelo or the particular magic of Hallberg coming up through the ranks. I’m hoping there is a Russian male principal who wants to relocate to NY. I hope NYCB gets a great director or it will really be depressing here.
  4. 2018 Met Season

    Yes, it is disappointing Sara Lane didnt get a Swan Lake. It was a very good debut, marred only by her reaction to the fouettes, and hindered by the lack of prep time. If by some chance she gets to do another one this Spring, I would go. Not casting her is an issue for several reasons, one of which is their lack of understanding of how to build not only dancers, but fan loyalty. Unfortunately, I have my doubts about Forster.
  5. 2018 Met Season

    It IS pretty repetitive, other than Ratmansky. But if the Fall season is the judge, even non-repetitive is a problem for ABT. Actually, I think the right adjective is unimaginative. Boring is also good. I always enjoyed the guest dancers; it seemed an integral part of this latest incarnation of the company, and an exciting one. This season does not excite me.
  6. Winter 2018

    By someone who isn’t staying in New York to see the whole season.
  7. Winter 2018

    So do I.
  8. I think I did. To bring up a thirty year old event with no corroborating evidence ( my recollection is the person claimed to have “seen it” did not actually see it in full) and then to think her allegations would not be seriously questioned? Come on. And even corroborating evidenxe wiukd be seriously questioned. The company also had a duty to Martins, as it would to any employee against whom such charges were made, not to fire him or damage his reputation without serious review. Not to mention the possible harm to the company itself. And then to go to the press and complain her story was questioned? Of course it was! How could she think otherwise? Credibility is the pivot point. And then there is the issue Fleurfairy brought up of possible self interest. While I personally don’t think that is what motivated her (and I think Boal is out of the running because of this) if she made this charge in a lawsuit I suspect it would be used to attack her credibility. Again, to be clear, I personally don’t think the Boals did this to get Martins’ job but it is a possibility. At the least it would require more fuzzy thinking on their part.
  9. Possible, but impossible to know. One thing is clear though: making an allegation like this, which could destroy reputations and livelihood and which has harmed the institution, would necessarily have required some serious questioning on the part of ANY investigator. It strains credulity to think otherwise. At the very least, she is naieve, but worse motives could be imputed though we don’t know that. I find her conduct in this from start to finish (assuming we are finished) very odd and out of touch.
  10. Wendy Whelan -- Into The Future

    Exactly. I remember I was horrified and turned off when I first saw her - she was in a leotard, and in addition to the scary thinness, she has a strange rib cage, perhaps related to her spine problems. However, I came to adore her as an NYCB ballerina. Looking at just her arms in the video interview posted upthread though, I actually think it would be problematic for her to represent the company at the highest levels of management. I shudder to think of the message it would send to SAB students. The issues around weight in the ballet world are quite serious, and likely more of a present danger to dancers than Martins was at this time, in his later years.
  11. Winter 2018

    I also thought Maria was gorgeous throughout the opening night Mozartiana, and so did my friend. A divine performance. She and Tyler Angle were the highlight of opening night. Great chemistry. Anyone with a ticket to their Chaconne should be looking forward to it.
  12. Winter 2018

    Mearns danced in Cortege on Tuesday, opening night. On Saturday she danced leads in both the matinee and evening.
  13. Winter 2018

    Furthher to BalanchineFan’s comments, tempo issues seem to come up a lot in rehearsals. I remember one Midsummer Rehearsal in which Tiler and Tyler were basically talking (frustratedly) to Litton from the stage and telling him to look at them. I think it was last season that Justin finally told him and I quote “they can’t dance that slowly.” Martins frequently beat out the tempo with his hands to show the conductor. I think Balanchine’s excellent and trained conductors were a factor in how musical the dancers were.
  14. This was an exquisite moment of depiction of the conflicts in motherhood. As Goethe said, the genius shows in the details. Illustrative of the thought Ratmansky put into this production. We are lucky to have a contemperaneous choreographer like him. I liked this ballet very much and I have enjoyed reading the recap in this particular thread.