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  1. I for one never thought you were suggesting that.
  2. This post has two of the most incisive points in this thread - (1) Martins was a handsome man, lots of people wanted to sleep with him, and (2) we won't be seeing Peter Boal as AD.
  3. There is no pattern really since it hasn't happened often enough. In any event, almost the entire American ballet scene is populated by NYCB insiders, even if they are currently elsewhere. I sincerely hope Martins has not so jeopardized his position as to need to leave. He has done a lot for the company. Things could have turned out much, much worse after Balanchine. The company is in very good shape. Sure, there are a few changes I would be happy with, but nothing is perfect. I am in the minority of posters on this particular thread, but let's show some respect and wait and see. This is like dividing the estate up before the body is cold.
  4. 2018 Met Season

    I was actually quite surprised how good her Odile was up until the fouette disaster - as you say, she was seductive. I attribute her inability to recover from the fouette flub - and possibly the flub itself- to inexperience and lack of confidence. And given how her career/growth/development at ABT has been handled by the powers that be, neither is surprising. IMHO ABT as a ballet company has a lot of issues. Nurturing dancers is one of them.
  5. 2018 Met Season

    Now THAT is it. Makes the pulse quicken and the heart race. Thank you for posting.
  6. 2018 Met Season

    Plisetskaya style!
  7. 2018 Met Season

    Agree. They may not be knockouts but they are quite decent.
  8. POB 2018 US tour cancelled

    So if nobody knows the answer to my question directky above about the extent of Lincoln Center's subsidy, we can't know how much it will discourage future visits. The companies can still contract with the Koch directly or through an arts management company, etc.
  9. I imagine It does accomplish sending a message of displeasure, and desire not to be involved (whether through instagram or in the theater or wherever or however) with the person, and doesn't it also eliminate her ability to post on their pages as well as Fairchild getting an automatic feed of her postings.
  10. That is true, but the posting was done most aggressively by one of them, and not the other, and now some posts have been edited/deleted. That's all.
  11. If the dancers are choosing not to broadcast details of their personal lives I would prefer to respect that, particularly where not to do so might be hurtful to others involved. To me, it crosses a line.
  12. POB 2018 US tour cancelled

    To what extent did Lincoln Center subsidize foreign ballet companies appearing as part of the festival?
  13. 2018 Spring Season

    I am looking forward to it also. Let's see what it's like before coming to a conclusion. Personally, I think it's a sweet idea for the centennial and if it turns out well, a nice addition to the rep.
  14. Fall 2017 Season

    Oh Lord, this made me wince, for more than one reason (Counterpoint for Philip Johnson).