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  1. 2017 Fall Season

    A note to Peter Martins: Please, please schedule more SL--how about trading some performances of Midsummer Night's Dream, R&J or the new choreography evenings--this year just so those of us who missed the debut performances of Tiler Peck and Megan Fairchild as O/O can see them. You will not lose money at the box office! I was fortunate to see Sara Mearns on opening night but dearly would have loved to see Tiler and Megan. I know my wish won't be granted but I can hope, can't I? When you think of all the unsold seats for some of the less popular mixed bill evenings, surely you can rethink your planning.....
  2. 2017 Fall Season

    Thank you, Vipa, for your report of today's performance. I am pleased that Bouder was able to transform herself into the role, esp. the adagio. Yes I totally agree with you about Ullbricht, whom I loved in the jester role Tuesday evening. I think you nailed his appeal and strengths. I also have not been enamored of Veyette in a princely role. I'm glad you think Gordon has "white tight potential." I thought so too on his performance Tuesday. I'm really looking forward to Megan Fairchild's interpretation, esp. after the piece in the Times the other day. And of course, Tiler Peck. I wish I could be there for both of those evenings. I hope those of you who attend will report back in full!
  3. 2017 Fall Season

    Yes I wondered whether the music was a little fast in places, although so thoroughly engaging. I noticed at the end of one of Ullbricht's solos, he kneels down and raises his arm on the last note, but this gesture was a second after the music stopped. And I too meant to give a shoutout to Brittany Pollack--her performance was exquisite.
  4. 2017 Fall Season

    Opening night of Swan Lake Sept. 19: I attended last night's performance, which IMO was wonderful. Packed and enthusiastic house. First, the music, always so enthralling, played so beautifully by the orchestra. Bravos to the conductor and to the oboist(?) who caught my attention with his soulful solo. Now to the dancers. I had not seen Sarah Mearns as O/O and she captured both roles. Can one be both statuesque with exquisite extensions and pliant with deep backbends and liquid motions? Yes she was. But it was the last act where she transformed into her tragic character. The audience was with her all the way. I had read an article where she talks about how she becomes the character. It was heart-catching. And catching her was Tyler Angle, sturdy and strong smooth and showing her off to advantage, the perfect foil to her fiery performance. A great partnership. His solos showed he still has the goods IMO. Btw, Mearns did what appeared to be 26 traveling fouett├ęs (I counted), 2or 3 of them doubles. If you count the doubles as 2 fouett├ęs (do you?) then she may have done 32. Other standout performances: What can can be said about the pyrotechnics of Daniel Ullbricht that have not been said before? He was on fire, high in the air defying gravity, all jumps and steps perfection. The audience gasped. And he played his jester role with glee. Joseph Gordon was a whirling, stage gobbling dynamo with fantastic energy in the pas de trois. Electrifying performance. And so tall--great roles should come his way. In the Russian dance Rebecca Krohn was fluid and mesmerizing. She still has lots of dance left, which I'm sure she will be teaching her new students. Sad to see her career coming to an end. The four small synchronized swans gave the best performance I have ever seen in this show-stopping number. They were all the same size and synchronized perfectly as one body. The SAB children were delightful and beautifully trained, and all looked thrilled to be part of the show. Bravo to them and their teachers, and to Peter Martins for orchestrating the whole production with all the groups and divertissements seamlessly. My reservations were ones I'm sure others have mentioned on seeing this production before: (1) the atrocious scenery; the less said, the better. (2) IMO there are too many white swan corps numbers; by the last act my eyes were glazing over. (3) the Elizabethan ruff, balloon pants and heavy dresses costumes; very distracting as they took up space in the background,and of course their costumes masked their bodies. This is ballet, folks! I have seen Sterling Hyltin as O/O, in her first year's performance (2007 or 2008) as a young colt, and would dearly love to see her this year in her mature performance, but will have to rely on your impressions. I am also sorry to miss the O/O debuts of Tiler Peck and Megan Fairchild, so will hope to read your comments. I must admit as I watched Mearns I sometimes envisioned how I thought Tiler would handle the role. I think it's a natural for her.
  5. ABT 2017 Met season

    To respond to the posting that Russians prefer Russian ballerinas, it may be a cultural affinity. I have always preferred American dancers. I relate to their openness, geniality in their dance, free and unpretentious way of executing the steps, their lyricism, and in the case of my favorites--Sarah Mearns, Tiler Peck, and Gillian Murphy--their attack, go for broke approach to the role. Not to say that some Russian dancers do not have these qualities, but the Russian way of training is different from, let's say, SAB.
  6. 2017 Fall Season

    It will be a loss but I too had a feeling it was coming. I feel like I won the lottery, though, because I have a subscription ticket to the October 15 matinee performance. Never did I dream, when I selected this program, that I would see him dance, much less at his farewell performance!
  7. Wish List/Predictions for the 2016 Season

    Oh I am so disappointed by this lineup of ballets for spring 2018. Were it not for the chance to see a few of the exciting young ballerinas who were newly promoted, I would skip the whole season. Let's hope one of them will be Juliet. Even though ABT's R&J is interminably long, I would sit through it for one of them. Glad I have a fistful of tickets for NYCB's three seasons.
  8. 2017 Fall Season

    Yes! Thanks for letting me know. I have not seen her in the role but I look forward to the passion she brings to every role she plays.
  9. 2017 Fall Season

    Oh this clip of Tiler Peck is so beautiful. Exquisite dancing. I wish I was seeing her debut in SL. I am seeing whoever is dancing opening night--I assume Mearns or Reichlen. No slouches either of them! Casting should be up sometime this coming week. Can't wait for NYCB's fall season to start!
  10. Your Desert Island Triple Bill

    My two cents: Jewels is all I need, but I would never tire of Glass Pieces. My third would be a toss up between Allegro Brillante and Theme and Variations. And if I could have my ideal cast it would be New York City Ballet with Tiler Peck or Megan Fairchild in Allegro Brillante or T and V. Dream on!
  11. Thanks so much, California, for these tantalizing clips. So much energy and joie de vivre! Wish I could have been there. Tiler Peck, always the best, and Lauren Lovette, so musical, fluid, and wonderful to watch. I'll have to remember to select at least one evening this season where she will be featured.
  12. Jennifer Homans' planned biography of Balanchine

    Thanks, Helene, for the referrals. Gottlieb's book is in paperback, so I will order it. Thank you for locating the Kirkus review. I recently read his memoir, Avid Reader, which I had hoped would be more about book publishing (where I spent my career) and less about gossip--a bit of a letdown for me. The other book you cite is out of print but a few public libraries in CT have it so I'll borrow it.
  13. I was just reading the newly released list of grants just awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and see that Homans has been awarded $50,400 in support of the biography she is writing of Balanchine. Anyone know anything about her project? I have her compendious book on the history of ballet. Another question: Are there any other respected biographies of Balanchine written in the last 20 years or so?
  14. Joy Womack

    But you know, the current mix of full-length and mixed bill ballets is, to me, a strength of the company. To me, the company is so good at both. I just checked my choices for my upcoming subscription for 2017-2018 and I see that without thinking much about it I selected two full-length ballets (R&J and SL), one pure Balanchine classics mixed bill,and one new choreographers evening. For me this is the perfect mix and it plays to all the strengths of the company. To me, no other company can match this. I'm starting to salivate already for September's schedule.
  15. Krohn Retiring On Oct 7, 2017

    Just received a lovely email from NYCB announcing her retirement and final performance in October. So nice that she will stay with the company as a ballet mistress.