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  1. Sergei Vikharev RIP

    That video clip and the photos of Sergei's funeral made cry I know I never met him, but I would've liked to have attended to pay my respects; I owe him so much. We all do
  2. Sergei Vikharev RIP

    It is disgraceful how the Mariinsky won't release Sergei's reconstructions onto DVD; the only thing they have done was the third act of his Sleeping Beauty reconstruction for that New Year's Gala a few years ago. How dare Lopatkina use such a beautiful costume in such an appalling manner! If the Mariinsky is not going to use all these gorgeous sceneries and costumes, why don't they just let other people use them?!
  3. Sergei Vikharev RIP

    Oh wow! Thanks Natalia for alerting me to that.
  4. Sergei Vikharev RIP

    Thank you ladies and yes Natalia, I am DarkDancer06.
  5. Sergei Vikharev RIP

    I made that tribute video to Vikharev; it was the least I could for him. Thanks Natalia for posting it here.
  6. Sergei Vikharev RIP

    Such devastating news; what happened to him?
  7. Sergei Vikharev RIP

    Sergei Vikharev; the man who started the journey of reconstructing Petipa: devastating news, RIP Vikharev
  8. Alina Cojocaru

    Fantastic news!! Huge congratulations to Alina and Johan! I like how in her tweet, she says that Charlie the dog is getting a new little sister! Lol!
  9. In all honesty Natalia, I, too, wish that Alexei had used Imperial the St Petersburg designs for all his reconstructions so far, however in his defence, he obviously couldn't get them because Gergiev doesn't allow "outsiders" to access the Mariinsky archives; something that's very frustrating to all historians and scholars. I do, however, like the costumes for Sleeping Beauty and I especially love his reintroduction of the beautiful bell-shaped tutus; forget the modern pancake tutu! Lol!! I hope Zelensky brings back Paquita and it would be great if he brought it back with better designs, though I liked the costumes for the Grand Pas Classique, Lucien's costumes and the children's costumes. I did advise Zelensky to bring back Paquita and I also advised him to also bring Alexei's Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake reconstructions to Munich (I was in Munich a few weeks ago and I briefly met him). Whether he'll actually take my advise, I'm not sure...
  10. In my opinion, those Vaganova passages are getting as tacky as ever; in fact that's the case with quite a number of post-Petipa changes from the Soviet Era. I was really disappointed to hear about Liam Scarlett staging the new Swan Lake for the Royal Ballet; I actually recommended to Kevin O'Hare to go for a reconstruction, but for some reason, he clearly didn't seem to think it was a good idea... well, it's his loss. And apparently, Igor Zelensky was instrumental in removing the Paquita reconstruction from the Munich repertoire.
  11. This is probably how people may feel about the whole issue of Petipa's choreographic passages being changed, but not when one learns that in terms of the Soviet revivals, both Sergeyev and Dudinskaya had an encyclopedic knowledge of Petipa's authentic choreographic passages to begin with and that there were a lot of people from the Soviet ballet who were against Petipa's choreography being changed. However, most of them kept quiet, but one person who didn't keep his opinions on this matter to himself was Yacobson.
  12. Of course Petipa needs to be celebrated; he's the one who made classical ballet what it is! The ballet world owes him a huge debt, but unfortunately, for the past century, he and his works have been abused, appropriated and disrespected and this really needs to stop. So celebrating him on his 200th birthday is the least we can do; after all, he is the Father of Classical Ballet.
  13. Yes thank you Natalia, but what I meant was, I wasn't sure if all the dances were notated since there are passages missing from the scores; I hope those two were notated, especially since Kschessinska, herself, helped Sergeyev to complete the notations for La Esmeralda.
  14. Thanks Natalia; yes I did consider the Grand Pas des fleurs and the La Esmeralda Pas de six, but I don't know if they're notated; I'll need to check. And yes, the Animated Frescoes from Little Humpbacked Horse would be wonderful too. One thing that Ashton said was that Petipa's best passages were his group/corps de ballet dances and sure enough, they really are among his best creations.