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  1. Kaysta

    ABT: Roster in Review - 2018

    Cirio confirmed he is leaving ABT on Instagram
  2. Kaysta

    ABT 2018 La Bayadere

    Bethea was injured last season as well, wasn’t she?
  3. Kaysta

    ABT 2018 La Bayadere

    I completely disagree. Lane got one Nikiya this year. One. Who knows when she’ll get to dance it again. If you bring in guest artists 2-3 performances a week, she likely would have gotten 0. And dancers like Brandt and Trenary would get no opportunities as the principals above them would get all of them. I have no problem with ABT bringing in outside talent as full company members. They’ve tried to do this and it’s failed as of late-Lendorf, Kochetkova did not boost much whether due to injuries or lack of audience excitement. But it has worked in the past.
  4. Kaysta

    2018 Met Season

    I mostly enjoy Boylston and Lane and certainly will not avoid either’s performances. i do think social media is (unfortunately) super important for today’s dancer to get noticed by the public, at least in the US. I think using it in the right way gives that dancer an edge over an equally talented dancer who does not use it. It seems like most companies are about the money, which is understandable, because they need to stay afloat and try to prosper
  5. Kaysta

    2018 Met Season

    Uh oh. I hope she does, but I'm placing my bets on her withdrawing if Hallberg is pulled. Unless they bring in someone else to dance with her.
  6. Kaysta

    2017-2018 season

    Also to add, that both Siegfreids are young. Jack Thomas, who is partnering Maslova, is only a second year corps member. Zecheng Liang was at Houston ballet previously (corps from 2012- this year), but it is only his first year at PAB and he is also in the corps. I've seen some instagram videos of Liang, and he looks amazing, though I haven't seen him partner.
  7. Kaysta

    2017-2018 season

    So it looks like the Odettes are Oksana Maslova (3/10) and Mayara Pineiro (3/11). I enjoy both of these dancers, though I think they have very different strengths. If you are going with more soulful, I would choose Maslova, with the caveat that she has very Russian technique and if over-extensions bother you, you might be disappointed. I don't mind the over-extension, but my eyes are less trained than the vast majority on this board. I love her dancing. She has a beautiful port de bras, and very flexible back. Sometimes her technique makes me a little nervous, but she surprised me in the fall by doing a great job with the Rose Adagio. I think her acting/characterization are great though, so I'm pretty sure she'll give a moving Odette. Mayara Pineiro is my favorite dancer at PAB currently. She will bring the house down in Act 3 with Odile, and she is an amazing technical dancer. I think her artistry has grown since she's been at PA, but I don't think her Odette will have quite the soulfulness that Maslova's will have. In the setting of both O/O, I actually think Lillian DiPiazza is the best suited for both roles. Her and Baca perform on Friday night, and the following weekend.
  8. Kaysta

    Watching the Olympics

    Interesting that you mention this, because NBC aired a documentary about the 1988 Calgary Olympics and talked specifically about the battles between Brian Orser and Brian Boitano, and Katarina Witt vs Debi Thomas, and they talked about how the compulsory round (where they were responsibile for skating figures in the ice) often played a huge part in deciding who medaled. In fact, they mentioned at the World Championships the previous year (I guess it would be '87) that Scott Hamilton beat out Orser because he placed first in the compulsory round, even though Orser placed first in the short and long programs (but 7th in the compulsory). They got rid of the compulsory round soon after that.
  9. Kaysta

    Watching the Olympics

    Just watched the free skate. I agree with many who have already posted, Medvedeva should have won. It bothers me (though I realize it’s within the rules) that Zagitova beat her because she put all of her jumps in the second half of the program. Had she not done that, I think Yevgenia would have won. I just thought Medvedeva’s artistry was head and tails better than Zagitova’s, though both are obviously amazing.
  10. Kaysta

    2018-19 season: Pennsylvania Ballet

    It will be interesting to see how Jewels sells. If the Philly crowd is still more pro-Balanchine than full length, I would expect to see Jewels sell better.
  11. Kaysta

    2018-19 season: Pennsylvania Ballet

    Besides Nutcracker, one program with Balanchine. Which I suppose is a good thing, since there really aren't many Balanchine-trained dancers left in the company.
  12. Kaysta

    Winter 2018

    I used to be a huge Mearns fan, but I'm not sure how I feel about her right now. Not related to dancing (and maybe not fair to her) but based off of her instagram posts and the way she reacts to partnering mishaps, she comes across as a bit of a diva to me, and that unfortunately impacts the way I view her dancing. It also doesn't help that, as noted above, her dancing style can be over the top (whether the role calls for it or not). I just feel kind of turned off by her lately, though I admit I LOVE her in Diamonds, and I quite enjoy her O/O. Tiler Peck on the other hand, can do no wrong in my book. I'm so thankful for every chance I have to see her dance.
  13. Kaysta

    Joy Womack

    Interesting. She said she wanted to come back to America to dance (even if it was in the corps) and didn't get any takers (she specifically mentions ABT and Washington Ballet, but I wonder who else she reached out to?). I think she is a lovely dancer, and is certainly talented enough to dance with many companies in the US. Was she turned down because they think she'll be a distraction?
  14. Kaysta

    ABT in Detroit, Feb. 8-11, 2018

    I'm not a Seo fan, but I love her Juliet (granted her partner when I saw her was Gomes). Not so sure of Stearns, but he was very good in Onegin, so maybe he's grown as an actor.
  15. Kaysta

    Which dancer do you most wish you'd seen live?

    Maya Plisetskaya, especially as Kitri. I can’t stop watching her YouTube videos as Kitri. She lights up the stage like nothing I’ve ever seen. And because I didn’t see my first live ballet performance until 2012, I never got to see Ethan Stiefel live. (Or any of ABTs amazing male dancers). I have the Corsair and Dream videos of him, but I wish I could have seen his Siegfried, Albrecht and Romeo. 😢