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  1. Fall 2017 Season

    I agree, Aurora. Referring to Misty and this photo as "Hooters Ballet Theatre" floors me. It feels like body shaming. Women have breasts. It's a fact. And we all have them, man or woman, whatever size they may be. I actually really like this photo. The push/pull affect with them facing opposite directions with one leg up yet connected at the hips. It's contemporary, active, and serene all at the same time.
  2. Joy Womack

    Watching that vlog, I'm amazed she still HAS a job. In the States, if you publicly badmouth your employer, that's it. You're done. Ta-ta. And she's done it time and time again, but upset that others badmouth her privately.
  3. Fall 2017 Season

    Is there online copy of the photo?
  4. SF Ballet Announces 2017–18 Roster

    Hmmm, he doesn't say the SFB dancers are women, just that dancers will be coming from SFB, POB, and others. Maybe some of the recently departed soloist men?
  5. SF Ballet Announces 2017–18 Roster

    Also, not sure what to think of Ana Sophia Scheller. She's seasoned, definitely, but I've never been wowed by her artistic chops. I think I might have rather seen someone like Lauren Strongin promoted rather than bring in someone external for a few years.
  6. SF Ballet Announces 2017–18 Roster

    I agree, I love(d) Francisco's dancing. And I'm surprised to see Madison coming back; she seemed to be getting really great opportunities at ENB.
  7. BB Mid-season promotions

    Yes. A few, I am fine with. But so much emphasis on 180-degrees-plus and not much else makes me think her focus really isn't on ballet. Too bad. I loved her technical chops!
  8. BB Mid-season promotions

    Dusty Button's IG profile had been updated to refer to her as a former principal with Boston Ballet. Her website confirms this, too. https://www.instagram.com/dusty_button/
  9. Gisele Bethea in ABT

    Is Gisele injured? From public Instagram posts, she seems to be in Arizona visiting family, but ABT is in season right now. Curious, as I've found her to be insanely interesting to watch.
  10. SFB 2017 - Program 8: Cinderella

    YYT is no longer listed on the casting page:(
  11. SFB 2017 - Program 8: Cinderella

    More changes listed on the site. SVP on April 30th mat.
  12. Carlos Quenedit is leaving, per a post on Kimberly Olivier's Instagram:
  13. SFB 2017 - Program 8: Cinderella

    No Sarah Van Patten. Bummer!
  14. Ruben Martin has reported on his public Instagram that Aaron Robison is heading to ENB. Additional details in the comments.
  15. There had been some mention about why we haven't seen Carlos Quenedit much this season. He posted this on his public Facebook page back in February: Updating: I hear that people are worried about when I'm coming back to dance, so here is the answer Answer: As you all know I injured myself during nutcracker. I've torn almost 50 percent of the deltoid ligament in my left ankle during the show. It's been already two months and is getting better but unfortunately is not ready yet. The doctors say that, this will probably take another month. I really appreciate that many of you are so worried about me. it's good to know that I'm very present in your lifes. And for those who are wondering when I'm coming back (I don't know yet), And for those who are asking why I'm not back yet, I will personally let you know when I'm ready, don't worry. So, the purpose of this post is let you guys know the reason why I'm not back yet, and that is (because I'm not ready) Many thanks Lee Alex Meyer Lorey has referred to retirement on her public Instagram, including here and here.