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  1. PeggyTulle

    SFB 2018 Season Thank You's and Goodbyes

    A few dancers have posted on their public Instagram that they (or fellow dancers) are leaving. Isabella Walsh (c/o Shene Lazarus): Blake Kessler: Via Shene: Benji Pearson: And via Shene:
  2. PeggyTulle

    Dancer Promotions for 2018-2019

    Ellen has definitely put in her dues and danced wonderfully over the past few years. I, too, hope she gets the recognition she deserves. Bizalion danced Carabosse, too, and was in "Bound To".
  3. PeggyTulle

    Dancer Promotions for 2018-2019

    Interesting promotions. I was expecting Ludmila Bizalion and maybe Ellen Hummel before Lizzy Powell...
  4. PeggyTulle

    Unbound D - Opening 4/26

    Interesting to note, Wona Park is listed in Frances Chung's role for 4/28. This is the only major casting switch that I've seen so far for Unbound. Saturday, April 28, 2018 - 2 pm LET'S BEGIN AT THE END Choreography: Dwight Rhoden Music: CJohann Sebastian Bach, Philip Glass, and Michael Nyman Conductor: David Briskin Piano: Mariya Borozina, Natal'ya Feygina Wona Park, Angelo Greco Esteban Hernandez Sasha De Sola, Benjamin Freemantle Jennifer Stahl, Ulrik Birkkjaer
  5. PeggyTulle

    Dancer Promotions for 2018-2019

    I swear there was a Maria-is-leaving thread awhile ago in the SF Ballet company folder, but it seems to be missing. Seems relevant to the ongoing discussion about the company roster and promotions. I am certainly sad to see her go. She's always been a bright, shining light on stage! With Maria and the company announcing her departure on public social media, maybe this will make way for some additional promotions for the women?
  6. Wow, I didn't see this one coming. I'll miss seeing her energy and finesse on our stage.
  7. PeggyTulle

    Dancer Promotions for 2018-2019

    Is it odd that promotions for the men were announced, but not for the women?
  8. PeggyTulle

    2019 Season

    I would think the Robbins program could be great for an upcoming tour.
  9. PeggyTulle

    2019 Season

    Ah, Helene, she probably was in the corps, but I remember that she stood out with her rock-solid technique and how she made every step look effortless!
  10. PeggyTulle

    2019 Season

    I remember seeing Square Dance years ago with... Frances Chung, perhaps? It was a lovely performance with tons of crisp, clean fifth positions. I'd love for it to come back. And The Little Mermaid: yes, there's a ton of everything thrown into that ballet. But it's still beautiful. If anything, I feel like having everything thrown in sort of sways you to the Mermaid's side. She's in over her head, with so much visual and physical noise around her. I'd love to see Lauren Strongin or Wanting Zhao take on the lead role. Maybe we'll finally see Madison Keesler as the princess? I think she understudied it years ago.
  11. PeggyTulle

    Program 5: Celebrating Jerome Robbins

    This is interesting, and also exciting. Makes me also think about promotions and such for the coming year, as Lonnie and Ben were also highly featured in some of the webcasts and such for the upcoming Unbound series. Anyone know what's going on with Jaime Garcia Castilla? I feel like he dances so rarely these days. (Admins, feel free to remove if this isn't appropriate)
  12. PeggyTulle

    Program 4 - Frankenstein

    Aaron Robison is listed on the casting page opposite Frances Chung! Thursday, March 8, 2018 - 7:30 pm Choreography: Liam Scarlett Music: Lowell Liebermann Conductor: Martin West Victor Frankenstein: Aaron Robison Elizabeth Lavenza: Frances Chung The Creature: Vitor Luiz
  13. PeggyTulle

    SFB 2018: Sleeping Beauty

    Whoa, amazing for Natasha! The student matinee is usually abbreviated, right? And that casting isn't normally posted is it?
  14. PeggyTulle

    Nutcracker 2017

    I swear that Natasha was part of the corps last year. Wona just joined the corps from the school trainee program, so I, too, am surprised to see her in a "lead" before Natasha.
  15. PeggyTulle

    New Company Roster

    His account is private.