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  1. The reality is NYCB has status with NYC while ABT-Ballet Theatre Foundation- is simply one of hundreds of entities that might receive tax dollars as grants from the Cultural Development Fund
  2. KCB to perform at Kennedy Center

    Interesting. The Thanksgiving Nutcracker at the Kennedy Center always sells well and this gave that Midwest small company a chance to perform at the Kennedy Center. The company had to front the costs for transportation and lodging then gets reimbursed by the Kennedy Center . http://www.kansascity.com/entertainment/music-news-reviews/classical-music-dance/article137172923.html
  3. 2018 Met Season

    Nice thing about Bayadere is it's a twofor - Nikya and Gamzatti. The Bolshoi Bayadere was kindly pointed out as being on Amazon Prime in the Mariinsky KC thread. Watching on TV isn't the same immersive experience. The Gamzatti role is significantly different in Act 1. What does ABT's Gamzatti do in Act 1? Thursday's a precursor to the weekend hence the cache but that doesn't mean all can see the entire show. I've seen people arrive late [M/T-F] and leave early [M/T-Th]. Our subscriptions are for shows all can attend 100% and not for anything we anticipate becoming cheaper. There's always an audience buzz on opening night and on Saturday night. ABT met 2018 Wed/Sat matinees have some casts I'd target [ie Giselle Lane/Simkin]. Tell me about Ahn. Any video links?
  4. http://www.postandcourier.com/features/american-national-ballet-in-charleston-releases-dancers-plans-additional-changes/article_ffee92e0-b8fb-11e7-b737-47af396fc9cd.html McDaniel, who resigned earlier this month. "But between being hired in June and arriving in September, that group shifted. That left us dancers with new management that had never seen us, and were confused about what to do with us." He adds that for the first pay period, the dancers were paid in cash. Their second check came from a company in New York City.
  5. 2018 Met Season

    As I peruse the Met calendar I have my annual question. Why no Sunday matinees at the Met? Koch, Kennedy Center, etc have Sunday matinees, closed Mondays. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/15/arts/music/metropolitan-opera-attendance-slightly-better-still-bad.html?_r=0 The KC fills the house on Sundays for ABT.
  6. NYCB has had a summer residency at Saratoga since 1966 that will be 1 week again after 1m loss on the 2017 season. https://saratogatodaynewspaper.com/today-in-saratoga/pulse/item/7425-spac-announces-2017-successes-2018-initiatives-and-explains-reasons-for-condensed-nycb-season "80 percent of New York City Ballet ticket buyers purchase tickets to only one performance, and 11 percent buy tickets to two performances, Sobol said. Only the remaining 9 percent purchase tickets to 3-plus NYCB shows." Saratoga paid these performance fees to NYCB on tax returns: 2015=1.850m. 2014=1m.
  7. http://www.postandcourier.com/features/new-ballet-company-to-take-root-in-charleston/article_9fdc011c-7dff-11e7-bc81-37f4d812c596.html
  8. More https://www.broadwayworld.com/article/Recently-Inaugurated-American-National-Ballet-Fires-23-Dancers-Ahead-of-Planned-Merger-20171026 .
  9. I saw my first Jewels [Farrell with D'Amboise] before I ever saw Swan Lake and the first Swan Lake did not remind me of Diamonds. Review Diamonds for these in addition to SL: Bayadere [iconic pose is in Diamonds] plus elements of Raymonda [hands on hip, pas and couples, etc.]. Suzanne Farrell was a dancer I watched for totality of movement in the music like Kondaurova or another Mariinsky dancer Zlatinech. She took risks and could have an introspective, soulful quality. I'd love to see her Tzigaine performed by Skoryk maybe with Amelishko.
  10. I loved the production and casts: Tereshkina - beautiful, in love as equals despite her station in life. Tragic. Kim, noble. Evil, conniving Gamzatti never doubted her victory. Kondaurova - vibrant lower class woman used by a handsome warrior in an ongoing dalliance. He was fine with his lovely, glowing Gamzatti. Skoryk - vulnerable and the heroic Solor was passionate about his Nikya. Kolegeva was a flamboyant upper class woman forced on an anguished Solor. Fouette phrasing and thrust emphasized her perceived win.
  11. Interesting similarities in choreography for Madaveya and Prodigal. Bayadere looked as fresh as the 1929 Balanchine Prodigal Son which I do not think is dated, and mime contributes to the flow of the narrative dance. The Washington Post concluded the Mariinsky Bayadere is "stylistically epic, if only fitfully accomplished... given the sum of the experience, the Mariinsky didn’t exactly leave the impression of an artistic superpower." https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/theater_danc/the-ballerina-who-fights-back-in-la-bayadere-she-wont-be-manhandled/2017/10/18/fc0ee978-b41d-11e7-99c6-46bdf7f6f8ba_story.html?utm_term=.db410ca4b55d#comments . Full company brilliant technical and artistic execution= WP "two were jewels in a production that otherwise felt artistically slight." Leads analogous to guest stars in a regional Nutcracker? Props=WP geegaws. Imperious High Brahmin=WP bored. People gasp with delight at the elephant=WP laugh. Another reviewer takes queues from MacCauley deeming the 2nd act a ludicrous pageant as well as 60% of Bayadere trash. http://ionarts.blogspot.com/2017/10/mariinsky-ballet-returns-with-curious.html . “It has to be said that La Bayadère is not exactly a work for the ages.” Fact check 1877 and 1941. Other reviews have divergent opinions: https://www.broadwayworld.com/washington-dc/article/The-Mariinsky-Ballet-Stages-LA-BAYADERE-20171019 , http://dcmetrotheaterarts.com/2017/10/19/review-mariinsky-ballet-la-bayadere-kennedy-center/ , and https://dctheatrescene.com/2017/10/19/mariinsky-ballets-la-bayadere-stunning-thrilling-review/ . "One leaves the theater elated by the Mariinsky’s sheer concentration of talent, effort, and artistry."
  12. Matthew Bourne "The Red Shoes"

    I saw it twice. Curiosity wasn't the driver-different people saw it on the Kennedy Center schedule, invited me, and weren't available for the same show. Show 1 was opening night with Gomes/Shaw. We could follow the plot and the lifts were just part of choreographic emphasis. In 9 days I saw 3 pieces telling a story-Prodigal Son, Red Shoes, Bayadere. All had pointe, lifts, various genres of dance. Red Shoes is cast dependent and show 2 was the only plot confusion.
  13. Wed cast did OR. The Mariinsky brought the elephant [Yermakov was fun-waved to the crowd and did an arm pedal when it went backwards], sleighs, litters, and the tiger. The show is longer than the listed run time-applause and there was a end of show type of standing ovation after Act 2. Orchestra was great conducted by Gavriel Heine. ON/OR casts: Nikya- Tereshkina /Skorik Solor-Kim /Yermakov Brahmin-Kulaev Gamzatti-Matvienko /Kolegeva Magdeveya-Popov Warrior-Baimuradov Idol-Tkachenko /Baibordin. Students from Kirov Academy. Slave-Belykov /Beloborodov D'Jampe-Ostreikovskaya, Selina Manu-Nagahisa /Martynuk and Nagahisa [ran twice]. 2 students from Kirov Academy with Nagahasi ON/OR. Dance of Bayaderes- Ivanova, Mikheikina, Asaben, Gimadieva Grand pas-Yalinich, Guseinova, Smirnova, Chereshkevich, Solovyov, Beloborodov Indian-Belik, Yenikeyev, Demchenko/ Lebedeva, Matyshev, Lopatin Shades-Martynuk, Selina, Lukina /Ivanova-Skoblikova, Ivannikova, Nagahisa Lead shade-Svetlana Ivanova [?] The 32 shades were perfect. OR was first tier so shade patterns were clear. At one point they are in lines DS to US -arabesque and arms in first forming a linking pattern like diamond shaped lace where they almost touch.
  14. Woetzel's program looks great, has Ramasar/Ulbricht/T Peck, etc and is only 80 minutes. It's the grand reopening of the small Terrace Theatre and NYCB is between runs. Bayadere is very long and you might be able to see the short demo [80 minutes with no intermission] then go to Bayadere for at least act 3. Some people have done that sort of thing when WB and the Mariinsky [?] were performing simultaneously at the KC. I do wish both had not been scheduled concurrently and looked at the Terrace Theatre schedule a while ago. If sales are good for both, which they are, then other bookings should get comps for this market [the DMV].