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  1. Washington, DC - Spring 2018

    Any advice on Tsch PDD casts? Ramasar [not appearing], Ulbricht, Adrian DW, Hyltin, don't have Tsch PDD in their rep? Tue., Mar. 27 eveningZakouski: M. Fairchild, De LuzTschaikovsky Pas de Deux: T. Peck, *T. AngleWed., Mar. 28 eveningZakouski: *Woodward, *Mejia Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux: Bouder, Finlay Thu., Mar. 29 eveningZakouski: M. Fairchild, De Luz Tschaikovsky Pas de Deux: *Reichlen, *Catazaro
  2. Neumeier's Anna Karenina

    Vronsky is a lacrosse player? Is it set in the US? Some costumes could come bulk from Underarmour. Shipulina and another dancer posed on Instagram with a lax attack/midi stick. I assumed some of the guys had seen it in the US , bought sticks, and tossed balls around in a park. Defense sticks are 6 feet. Will be interesting to see how the choreographer depicts slashing and checking. Do they whip those hard balls around onstage?
  3. Yuan Yuan Tan Barbie doll

    Decades ago multiple Star Wars action figures were [or re-]released. I found myself attempting to get them for my children for Christmas and battling collectors at Toys R Us. Some actually tried to pilfer stuff out of my cart. Based on prior history I would be buying the Copeland and Tan Barbies. Children would love Barbie clothes like Ratmansky's Praline, Tea Flower, or Czar Maiden. At one Kennedy Center performance a little girl with her family exclaimed Barbie when the blond Kolegeva made her entrance.
  4. Open rehearsals sell out and they are now in subscriptions: San Francisco, ABT, Maryiinsky. San Francisco is at the KC near Halloween. Perfect time to book Frankenstein. TWB did Cranko's Romeo & Juliet at the KC for 2018 Valentine's Day. Happy audience, great sales in the Opera House. Instead... Open slot for BAA gives hope for a PA Ballet Swan Lake or other classic May 28 through June 2, 2019. The PA 2018-19 season ends with a run May 9 -12th. ABT often programs mixed bills and a full length. I hope BAA is a Vail or gala format instead of a troupe.
  5. There is an active thread under NYCB with discussion on weight, bulk, body mass, etc. http://balletalert.invisionzone.com/topic/43291-winter-2018/?page=23&tab=comments#comment-396219 . The line needs to be drawn on partnering/casting when dancers are put at unnecessary risk for injuries like hernia, back, etc. See Kenneth Laws and Cynthia Harvey, Physics, Dance, and the Pas de Deux, Schirmer Books, New York, 1994. http://www.hep.uiuc.edu/home/g-gollin/dance/dance_physics.html Amazon Prime "Backstage Behind a Paris Ballet" [about 2006-2013]- Lopatkina creating friction with what appears to be a rectangular grater-more surface and rougher finish than a hardware file. The physics professor at Pennsylvania Youth Ballet in Carlisle PA http://discovermagazine.com/2008/the-body/11-the-physicist-who-figured-out-ballet
  6. Hamilton is at the Kennedy Center summer 2018 and today was the 1st presale for members. It automatically directs you to findfast and you can't pick your seats. The KC limited the available subscription tickets. The whole KC website is redirecting to the Hamilton waiting room which now has over 64,000 in the queue. Very annoying since I can't do anything else. Anyone seen Hamilton?
  7. Watching the Olympics

    Papadakis/Cizeron's Le Parc on Ice is genius. My fav performances in this Olympics were Zagetova, Medvedeva, Savchenko/Massot, and men's finals of Hanyu and Fernandez. NBC's live streaming of every skater for the Olympics enabled me to see a common denominator even among non-medal contenders. The coach-ie Orser [perfect combo of music, choreography, costume for each skater]. The NYT has a tech graphic for historic skates and a 2018 scoring spreadsheet https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/22/sports/olympics/womens-figure-skating.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=second-column-region®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news Lipinski and Weir were amusing and the outfits fun with the Hunger Games esthete. Weir's comments were often on point. Diplomatically called one's skating complacent. Another was "She skated to AC DC. She didn't skate to Carmen." His comment didn't track with quality scoring. Noted they see other skaters using music and want that but none were Witte or Thomas. "140 is a very good score. 150 and up is Russians."
  8. Watching the Olympics

  9. Romeo and Juliet at the KC

    Links: https://wtop.com/entertainment/2018/02/washington-ballets-romeo-juliet-hits-kennedy-center-for-valentines-day/ , https://www.instagram.com/p/BevxftVBSWh/?hl=en&taken-by=thewashingtonballet , https://www.instagram.com/p/BfTEbbyDvec/?taken-by=1984baki The Lee and Perez cast was mesmerizing. I loved the Cranko R&J done by TWB from costumes including the red cloaks for the ball to sets/staging [giant sun]. Set utilization for choreography is extremely effective: balcony scene [Romeo climbs footings, lifts Juliet over the railing, series of lifts to reach the stage], climbs down a wall to the crypt, multi-level food fight, cape flowing on UL set, table in fights.
  10. And Magic Flute appears to have Balanchine influence. SB has the Balanchine Garland. La Sylphide is Bournonville [100k from the NEA for Martins staging]. Symphonic Dances got polite applause. Zakouski is a Kennedy Center repeat for spring 2018. It has been staged at Royal Danish Ballet [Nikolaj Hubbe AD and original cast at NYCB] and Bavarian. https://www.pgfusa.org/award-winners/view/Margaret-Tracey/ 15 minutes and 2 dancers. Adjustments [costume, set, tempo] on SL and perhaps since Stafford negotiated the slap in R + J... Baffling choices for sets/costumes [same "team" for SL], incongruous comic moments, redefining Romeo, etc have existed since 2007. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2007/06/25/old-and-new-2 Juliet walks down the stairs from the balcony garage roof - Romeo just stands there. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/14/arts/dance/review-romeo-juliet-peter-martins-new-york-city-ballet.html "What on earth impelled Mr. Martins to make Romeo suddenly wrap Tybalt’s head in his cloak and stab him repeatedly in the back? " Romeo entering the crypt is in anguish over Tybalt-blood on hands. McMillan is lush , Cranko realistic. These costumes are Renaissance light while Tybalt/Romeo [modern Peter Pan]... The dance at the ball is done with child like skipping and other characters present [private encounter in McMillan and Cranko].
  11. Some casting changes but it worked perfectly. https://dcmetrotheaterarts.com/2018/01/31/review-american-ballet-theatre-ratmansky-robbins-millepied-wheeldon-kennedy-center/ . Tue., Jan. 30 cast showing PDD: Serenade after Plato's Symposium: Cirio, Hoven, Royal, Shayer, Simkin, Whiteside, Teuscher/Hammoudi Gomes Thirteen Diversions: 1st PDD=Abrera/Forster, 2nd PDD=Boylston/Ahn Gomes, Lane/Gorak, Brandt/McCune Zhang Serenade After Plato's Symposium and Thirteen Diversions are new classics. KC has a FB live Q & A with Boylston and Whiteside [fav is Symposium, "boisterous"]. Symposium is the men's answer to Balanchine's Serenade. Novel idea-adapt KC honors and add it to the mixed bill. Fortunately the potential strike was resolved in time for the tour plus impacts of a vacant KC Opera House were averted. Staff was affected by the recent govt shutdown [seniority got the reduced available hours] so some could be out as much as a significant 2+ days of pay. https://www.facebook.com/notes/the-john-f-kennedy-center-for-the-performing-arts/kennedy-center-plan-for-federal-government-shutdown/10156068376058147/
  12. Maria Alexandrova

    Alexandrova's hair is short so no bun. An indicator of her status is grand allegro on diagonals. On each side she and Lantratov go in one group of 2 while other groups have more people and are usually men or women.
  13. The reality is NYCB has status with NYC while ABT-Ballet Theatre Foundation- is simply one of hundreds of entities that might receive tax dollars as grants from the Cultural Development Fund
  14. KCB to perform at Kennedy Center

    Interesting. The Thanksgiving Nutcracker at the Kennedy Center always sells well and this gave that Midwest small company a chance to perform at the Kennedy Center. The company had to front the costs for transportation and lodging then gets reimbursed by the Kennedy Center . http://www.kansascity.com/entertainment/music-news-reviews/classical-music-dance/article137172923.html
  15. 2018 Met Season

    Nice thing about Bayadere is it's a twofor - Nikya and Gamzatti. The Bolshoi Bayadere was kindly pointed out as being on Amazon Prime in the Mariinsky KC thread. Watching on TV isn't the same immersive experience. The Gamzatti role is significantly different in Act 1. What does ABT's Gamzatti do in Act 1? Thursday's a precursor to the weekend hence the cache but that doesn't mean all can see the entire show. I've seen people arrive late [M/T-F] and leave early [M/T-Th]. Our subscriptions are for shows all can attend 100% and not for anything we anticipate becoming cheaper. There's always an audience buzz on opening night and on Saturday night. ABT met 2018 Wed/Sat matinees have some casts I'd target [ie Giselle Lane/Simkin]. Tell me about Ahn. Any video links?