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  1. World Ballet Day 2017, Thursday 5 October

    Oh, hilarious photo! I myself have a bit of a WBD hangover. It was a treat to watch as much as I did - easily double what I got to watch last year - but my head is pretty crowded with ballet and social media interactions now. Time to drop it all and climb back into my cave. Be back around Nutcracker time! ; )
  2. World Ballet Day 2017, Thursday 5 October

    Well, that was sure fun to watch the grand allegro. Everyone looked so good. I sure have missed seeing these dancers!
  3. World Ballet Day 2017, Thursday 5 October

    That would explain that! Wow, Sasha just had an astonishing pirouette there. And Angelo is just too much fun to watch. I'm really enjoying the vibe of Ricardo B's class. Seems more lively/relaxed than Felipé's.
  4. World Ballet Day 2017, Thursday 5 October

    Would have liked to see Joseph Walsh. And Carlo. And I'm surprised there's no Frances. My guess is that less than 50 dancers are present - what do others think?
  5. World Ballet Day 2017, Thursday 5 October

    LOL, when I heard the "principal" mis-announcement about Jahna, I shot right over to their website to confirm that, yes, it was simply referring to her soloist promotion. Yes, Natasha S. has certainly got a front row spot. She's dancing beautifully. I'm also happy to see Madison Keesler dancing in the SFB studio again. She, too, looks good.
  6. Very sad news to hear, that she lost her battle to leukemia. : (
  7. SF Ballet Announces 2017–18 Roster

    It's all very, very interesting - such an eventful year for the company. I, too, am happy to see Keesler return - hope she gets utilized in the way it seemed Tomasson utilized returnee Ludmilla Campos Bizalon (?) this past year. Echoing Josette that I'd love to see Strongin dance Aurora. And love to see her get promoted. Do you suppose the marital aspect of the equation is ever looked at, as in "we don't have to worry about her taking a higher position elsewhere b/c her spouse is happy here"?
  8. Taras Domitro & Carlos Quenedit

    Ugh, so hard to process all of this. Glad it's official now, though, as opposed to whispers and speculation. Helgi Thomasson's got a tall order ahead of him. I hope he excels in the way he has in the past, drawing these peerless, distinctive dancers to the SFB. Wishing all the departing dancers the best. Am especially sad to see Domitro go - I've quite enjoyed his performing in the past two years. Glad I got to see him as Benjamin in Cinderella (not the mention The Creature in Frankenstein. And the lead in Swimmer).
  9. SFB 2017 - Program 8: Cinderella

    Yikes. I feel for the people who went specifically to see YYT/Ingham. Then again, that's the nature of any casting. I always steel myself when the announcer speaks before the production to announce a casting change. I saw Frances/Joseph on Fri pm and Dores/Carlo on Sat matinee. Of the two, I'd name the former as more successful, although there was no bad dancing in any of the two performances. Initially thought I liked Jennifer Stahl the most as the stepmother, but then grew to really appreciate how Lauren Strongin offered a subtler, more nuanced interpretation that better fit Wheeldon's ideas that she wasn't "evil" so much as vaguely unlikeable, narcissistic, needy, etc. Fun to observe, too, how mother-daughter fed off each other (the older, more evil daughter, who still managed to be pretty evil). Sasha De Sola was a pitch-perfect Edwina on Fri pm. Both nights, Benjamin was brilliantly depicted (Taras Domitro, Fri; Angelo Greco, Sat 2p). And I was crazy about the four Fates throughout, in both productions. I'm surprised they don't draw unequivocal and universal praise. They never felt like too much to me. And, well, the opening of Act III is so hilarious and brilliant, it easily outshone the rest of Act III. Great production, just loved the music, and for the most part, found Wheeldon's choreography to be fresh, inventive, ever-changing. Although, strangely, the pas de deux seemed to be the least inventive part of the choreography. The final Act III closing pas de deux was devoid of any dramatic tension and felt oddly surplus. I guess happy endings are a challenge to choreograph to, LOL!
  10. SFB 2017 - Program 8: Cinderella

    Wow, very cool pics! Thanks for posting, Pherank!
  11. SFB 2017 - Program 8: Cinderella

    Peggy - I know she's been rehearsing it w/Tiit Helimets and I'm inclined to think we'll see their names in the run. (Hope this passes speculation etiquette rules...)
  12. Favorite SFB Short Video Clips

    Wow. Just... wow. (Am seeing her as a future YY for the company.)
  13. Favorite SFB Short Video Clips

    I agree on all that you said here, Josette! Greco is now my next-best-thing-to-Davit Karapetyan dancer. I hope he enjoys a long, injury-free career with the SFB.
  14. SFB 2017 - Program 8: Cinderella

    Oh, yay, more casting just posted, and a surprise: Dores André is no longer dancing as a stepsister on opening night (replaced by Ellen Rose Hummel), but as Cinderella on Sat 2p. And with Carlo Di Lanno. Wow - I didn't see that coming. Should be fun! I'm quite fond of all the dancers in that cast. And here is more casting... Saturday, April 29, 2017 - 2 pm Cinderella: Dores André Prince Guillaume: Carlo Di Lanno*^ Stepmother: Lauren Strongin* Stepsister Edwina: Jahna Frantziskonis* Stepsister Clementine: Julia Rowe Benjamin: Angelo Greco* Saturday, April 29, 2017 - 8 pm Cinderella: Yuan Yuan Tan Prince Guillaume: Luke Ingham Stepmother: Ludmila Bizalion* Stepsister Edwina: Elizabeth Powell Stepsister Clementine: Ellen Rose Hummel Benjamin: Hansuke Yamamoto Sunday, April 30, 2017 - 2 pm Cinderella: Frances Chung Prince Guillaume: Joseph Walsh Stepmother: Jennifer Stahl Stepsister Edwina: Sasha De Sola Stepsister Clementine: Dores André Benjamin: Taras Domitro Tuesday, May 2, 2017 - 7:30 pm Cinderella: Maria Kochetkova Prince Guillaume: Joseph Walsh Stepmother: Jennifer Stahl Stepsister Edwina: Sasha De Sola Stepsister Clementine: Ellen Rose Hummel Benjamin: Taras Domitro
  15. SFB 2017 - Program 8: Cinderella

    Interesting to note that it was Luke Ingham on the casting page as the prince on Fri pm. I guess that happens. No complaints; I look forward to seeing Joseph Walsh in the role. He seems made for the part. They are certainly having a slow time of posting more of the cast list for this program. Or is the 8th program always like this? I'll be attending the Sat 2p performance as well as opening night, and can't wait to see what that cast looks like. Guess I'll have to wait some more... I'm hoping to see Lauren Strongin as a stepsister, perhaps?