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  1. DanielBenton

    NYCB 2018-2019 Season

    My first goal was to see the Brahms-Schoenberg; and Tchaikovsky Suite No.3 is good too, so I am not bereft.
  2. DanielBenton

    NYCB 2018-2019 Season

    Too bad since i already ordered a ticket for it on May 23!
  3. This is good news. We need to see Balanchine danced by many different companies rooted in different traditions.
  4. DanielBenton

    Who rules today?

    I vote for Smirnova because she answered a question I have had ever since doing research on Balanchine: what happens when a great Russian ballerina dances Balanchine? She answered the question in "Diamonds" thereby showing a depth to Balanchine's works not available from (most) other dancers She reminds me of Allegra Kent in having a certain nobility, and also not being particularly suited to "pretty girl" roles.
  5. From Business Insider http://www.businessinsider.com/r-russia-says-us-building-visa-wall-after-bolshoi-dancers-denied-entry-2018-4
  6. DanielBenton

    Balanchine non finito

    Thank you Jack! I imagine Mr. B. would have enjoyed seeing dance his ballets with a new slant that he had not en visioned but liked. Examples: Elisabeth Platel dancing Ravel Sonatine; Olga Smirnova (from several years ago) dancing the pas de deux from Diamonds.
  7. DanielBenton

    Peter Martins Sexual Harassment Allegations

    There are law firms that specialize in representing employers, and there are law firms that specialize in representing employees. They rarely do both. Kelley Drye is the former.
  8. ballet_n00b thanks for pointing me to Beatrice Rana.
  9. I credit the New Yorker profile with bringing her to my attention; highly amused and not surprised by Janet Malcolm's fixation on Wang's clothing choices. As Mr.B. is said to have said, if you don't like what you see, just close your eyes and listen.
  10. Wang's Chopin is especially interesting. Here is what may have been her graduation recital from Curtis, and she has gotten better since then. Possibly because she is part of the Curtis Lineage (Graffman/Hoffman/Godowsky) she plays with the sensibility of one of those old-timers, and without musical distortion.
  11. There is a new generation of women classical pianists who are phenomenal, chief among them Yuja Wang. Also, Alice Sara Ott and Khatia Buniatishvili. Wang is the rare artist who illuminates the composer's score and has a very personalized interpretation at the same time.
  12. DanielBenton

    Balanchine's Birthday celebration 2018?

    Typically they do programs on the Saturday closest to his birthday, but this year the season does not start until after his birthday, which is unusual.
  13. DanielBenton

    Robert Gottlieb on Jewels

    Kudos to canbelto for actually discussing details of the performances s/he witnessed; I contrast that with Gottlieb's "I wanted to swat her". What is that, except some personal petulance unleashed.
  14. DanielBenton

    Robert Gottlieb on Jewels

    So if one is to wholeheartedly endorse Gottlieb's opinions on Jewels, what does that say about Acocella's New Yorker review, which has other emphases entirely. If Gottlieb damns the POB for their "narcissistic self-presentation", does that mean Acocella totally misses the point by not damning them? Did they see the same performances. It hardly seems so.
  15. DanielBenton

    Robert Gottlieb on Jewels

    The problem with a lot of writers on ballet, e.g., Gottlieb, is that their review tells us what they think is terrible and what they think is swell and very little about the actual performance. His opinions about aspects being the worst he has ever seen, etc., is not relevant nor helpful.