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  1. ABT Fan

    2018 Met Season

    Wow. Isabella Boylston said in an interview (or was it an Instagram post?) that Columbine has a lot of hops on pointe in her choreography, so I wonder if that's the reason for the change. Happy for Brandt though. Lendorf has been completely removed from the season (even from Bayadere in LA), which many of us predicted would happen. Simkin replaces him in SL. Whiteside replaces him in DQ with Shevchenko. Good for Bell getting a Purple Rothbart debut (two shows). I have a feeling he replaces Lendorf in at least one of those. Happy Royal gets 3 PR's. Hope I can catch one of those.
  2. ABT Fan

    "Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan"

    I finally saw this the other day on Netflix and I found it engrossing. The x-ray of her back as a young girl before she got the brace for her scoliosis - oh my goodness. I could not believe how severely crooked her spine was. It's amazing that she was able to dance at all. It was surreal to see Peter Martins post-"retirement". He came off as quite caring of her. I was fascinated with the parts on her injury, surgery (not as gory as I was expecting) and recovery, and it's incredible that until that time she had been basically injury-free her entire career. It was very touching to see Albert Evans, and disheartening to hear other dancers tell Whelan something to the effect of "oh, I'm sorry I haven't called/texted/emailed, I've been so busy...." while she was out. It seems like she was forgotten. Overall, I really felt for her and it was quite sad at times. Yes, dancers have a laser focus and train intensively from an early age. But, Whelan really had tunnel vision (not a criticism) and came up at a time when having outside interests or pursuits (or babies) was not nearly as common as it is for today's young dancers. But, I didn't get the sense that she was blaming NYCB for any of that. I was especially moved when she talked about some recently retired dancers who had transitioned into other careers that they had been preparing for while they were still dancing, and here she is face-to-face with retirement with nothing else to do, nothing else that she wants to do. I really felt that she felt her life was coming to an end. Though, by the end of the documentary she seemed more at peace with it.
  3. ABT Fan

    Allison DeBona

    Oh wow! Congratulations to them!
  4. ABT Fan

    Peter Martins Retired; Succession Discussion

    An article in the NY Times today says that the search for a successor is only now beginning. And, that it's "the first phase of a process that is not expected to include interviewing candidates until fall at earliest". The article also states that whomever is chosen will continue to lead both the company and SAB. I think it's good that they're taking their time and interviewing dancers, board members, staff, etc. to get their take on the kind of leader that they want. Given the timeline here, it would be reasonable to think that a new leader won't take the helm till January, at the earliest. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/23/arts/dance/new-york-city-ballet-searches-for-leader.html?rref=collection%2Fsectioncollection%2Farts&action=click&contentCollection=arts&region=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=6&pgtype=sectionfront
  5. ABT Fan

    ABT 2018 Firebird / AFTERITE

    Of course. But, I'm guessing some of Copeland's fans would still want to see her in Firebird and would still consider it a win-win, even if they only stayed for that one ballet (and the little girls holding the Copeland Barbie doll would be thrilled). But, I'm sure some of them would want to see an entire program. Without any warning (and at this point, it's after the fact, after they've purchased tickets) folks aren't given a chance to decide. There are people, including yourself according to some of your postings, that leave a program early or come late for whatever reason (whether that's at ABT, NYCB, or wherever). It's an option. A great option? Maybe for some, maybe not for others. But, at this point, and I just checked their website, I'd put the chance of them issuing a warning right up there with them re-hiring Veronica Part.
  6. ABT Fan

    ABT 2018 Firebird / AFTERITE

    What is the order of this program? Is Firebird first or last? Many young children will be going to see Copeland in Firebird, and I imagine a number of children will be going anyway, especially to the matinees. If Firebird is first I imagine the families could leave after that if they knew about AfterRite's content. But, given how poorly this program is selling (combined with Macauley's review, and many people read reviews before buying tickets) I imagine they don't want to jeopardize further sales. I didn't go last night and I don't plan on seeing this program, but it doesn't sound like something I'd enjoy to say the least (I'm also no fan of that kind of exaggerated choreography with splayed legs every which way and partnering that continually manipulates the woman). I'm all for art imitating life and pushing boundaries, but I think there's a time and a place and a way to do it that isn't gratuitous or just for shock value. That's my take. Others are free to have their own opinions. I can't imagine little kids seeing this.
  7. ABT Fan

    ABT 2018 Giselle

    I did not go to Abrera's Giselle this year as I found her performance last year to be disappointing (some lovely moments, but not great). That said, I am still a devoted member of the Stella fan club and am looking forward to seeing her Pierrette and Mercedes in a few weeks. I have a hunch though, that she knows her technique isn't what it used to be, and that's why she pushed through an apparent injury to keep her Giselle performance. People who saw her last year as well as this year have noted even more of a decline in that one year, so perhaps she concluded that she better do whatever it takes to get on that stage because who knows what will happen next year. I'd say that the guest artists of the past 5 or so more years (post "golden age" that abatt references) did Abrera the most disservice. However, McKenzie chose to give principal roles to Seo and Boylston (the few roles that were given out to the core ABT dancers) during that time instead of Abrera. Abrera had that terrible back injury about 10 years ago, but she was healthy for several years after that and spent that time dancing peasant pas instead of getting new roles. So, it wasn't just the guest artists, per se, it was the AD choosing other homegrown dancers over her, and much younger dancers, who, IMO, could have waited a year or two to get Giselle or Juliet. I've been trying to figure out why he's loaded up Teuscher so much this season, more than any other female principal. I've thought that perhaps he sees her as "Murphy's replacement", a dancer with exceptional technique who can do practically any principal role. Teuscher turned 29 recently. I'm guessing Shevchenko is around that age. Although, I don't like the fact that he's overlooking other dancers (and is opposed to shorter dancers in many roles, on both the female and male side), perhaps he's figured out that he needs to make up for lost time and start pushing Teuscher and Shevchenko now before they're nearly 40 and past their prime! Hopefully, Brandt and Trenary won't fall into soloist purgatory like Lane and Abrera did, but given the AD's dislike for short dancers, who knows what their trajectory will be like. I'm cautiously optimistic. They both have the goods and I believe they're both around 25 (?). I hope they don't have to wait another 5+ years for the plum parts and a promotion.
  8. Stella Abrera posted a touching tribute to Salstein on her Instagram this morning. Scroll through to see some nice pictures.
  9. ABT Fan

    Macaulay on ABT 2018 Met season

    My guess is that he's judging her by what he's seen and read of her in interviews, in print and in video, and how she presents herself offstage. As a critic, his remarks should relate to someone's dancing, and only their dancing. But, he doesn't always do that. His comment years ago that Stiefel's hair made him look like a member of the Hitler Youth, had nothing to do with Stiefel's dancing (not to mention being highly offensive for many reasons). My impression is that he isn't talking about Copeland's dancing here, but her offstage persona. If he isn't, then using the word "unspoiled" is an odd adjective of choice to me.
  10. ABT Fan

    Macaulay on ABT 2018 Met season

    I guess I have a different opinion on what Macaulay means. I think by "unspoiled" he's talking about her personally, as in she's remained humble and gracious despite her fame. I don't think he's talking about her dancing here, because "unspoiled" or "spoiled" usually refers to a person's character and also because he references her dancing immediately after that, changing the topic. If he meant that her dancing was "unspoiled", then his sentence should have read something like: "Since she’s now among the biggest names in world ballet, it's refreshing to see how unspoiled her mannerisms are, but I wish she projected more sheer authority." Macaulay has a habit of critiquing, or less often, praising the personal qualities of dancers, that has nothing to do with the actual dancing. How many remember the most unfortunate description he gave to Ethan Stiefel's hair and overall appearance several years ago?
  11. ABT Fan

    ABT 2018 Giselle

    Shevchenko's wobbles on the opening arabesques at the matinee were, from what I've seen, very uncharacteristic of her. I saw all three of her Myrta's last year and even in that first performance, her debut, she was rock solid. And, I love her characterization. I haven't noticed any sickled feet on her, as someone else mentioned. I'm glad to hear that Williams' debut went well; I wish I could have seen it. And, hopefully Waski will get her Myrta debut next year (assuming they do Giselle next year - please!).
  12. I saw this on the other thread. Very sorry that I'll be missing his farewell. Though he wasn't a pyro-technician I thought he was a great dancer with a strong, precise technique and a great stage presence. He was also a very good actor. I'll miss him.
  13. They were marvelous. And, they were all marvelously dressed. Anyone know where they were from? I did love Markle’s second dress and her mother’s.
  14. ABT Fan

    ABT 2018 Giselle

    I saw his IG story too and I took that as just his admiration for the company doing 3 shows today.
  15. ABT Fan

    ABT 2018 Giselle

    Yes, I agree with this completely.