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  1. Drug addiction can cause all kinds of disorderly behavior, if she was under the influence while she allegedly committed these robberies. There is sometimes no "why".
  2. Has there been any announcement as to who will take over Vail when Woetzel goes to Juilliard next year?
  3. Roster in Review - 2017

    I'm so happy to hear that Ribagorda is returning! He always caught my eye. It'll be interesting to see him back on stage after 2 years. I'm surprised about Salstein. I loved his Hilarion which he debuted this past season. I will definitely miss him. He brought so much character and crispness to everything he did. I wonder what his plans are? Separately, apparently ABT jumped the gun by moving the promoted dancers to their new ranks now instead of waiting till Sept 1 when their press release said they were to take effect. So nice to finally see Lane and Royal in the principal and soloist ranks, respectively.
  4. ABT 2017 Swan Lake

    Didn't want to create a new thread for this. Sarah Lane will be dancing O/O with Vadim Muntagirov at the Kremlin Int'l Ballet Festival on Sept 29: https://www.instagram.com/p/BXSt-lrBisj/?hl=en&taken-by=sarahlaneps103
  5. I'll have to try it there - thanks!
  6. The title is "The CocoMotion" dated May 19, 2017, on the second page of his podcasts here (2nd podcast from the top): http://www.premierdancenetwork.com/stage-rightside/page/2/ When the link initially didn't work for me, I wasn't motivated then to investigate but you reminded me that I wanted to hear it as you do. Let's see if they respond to me!
  7. angelica: I have a feeling that either Cory's podcast was taken down (but you can still see the entry) or that it became corrupted in some way that it cannot be played. I just tried all of Whiteside's other podcasts and they all work except Cory's, so it isn't a problem with the link: http://www.premierdancenetwork.com/stage-rightside/ I sent a note to the network and I'll let you know if they respond.
  8. I had the same problem a few weeks ago and couldn't listen to it either. I haven't tried again since but it sounds like the issue is still there.
  9. Canbelto: "Alena Kovaleva. I think she looks so much like suzanne farrell down to the underbite." My goodness! If Farrell had a daughter.....
  10. NY Times Writings on ABT

  11. Royal Ballet 2017-18 season

    If only the Hallberg/Osipova Giselle were happening in NY. I'd love to see that partnership in that ballet again.
  12. ABT has a new website!

    Their website brings back (oh so fond) memories of a former landlord who refused to fix most anything or just took the band-aid approach. She thought if she just slapped a fresh coat of (crappy) paint over something her tenants would consider it "fixed". The cracked or water-damaged walls were still there just glossed over. Did ABT really think people wouldn't notice (or care)? Could they only afford to have its home page upgraded?
  13. ABT has a new website!

    During the Met season (and the subsequent issues with their website) I stopped reading the home page and would just click on "See Full Schedule" under Performances in the middle of the screen to get to the old site and navigate from there (whether it was to actually see the schedule or News or Dancers or whatever). I ran out of patience and their circa 1999 site still works fine.
  14. I witnessed that once. I believe it was during curtain calls for Gomes' Purple Rothbart at ABT. You could hear laughter mixed in with the booing (and wild applause) and naturally Gomes ate it up. It was great fun. Other than that I've never experienced booing nor done it myself. I couldn't imagine doing that for a performance that I felt was bad. I've definitely tempered applause for subpar performances and I think I've sat on my hands once or twice. For me to consider booing it would have to be something truly egregious like a performer stumbling out drunk (as someone else above suggested) or I don't even know what else. But, not for simply being bad.