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  1. Loved this. I have always loved Joni Mitchell's music - amazing, glass-like, poetic lyrics, vocals unlike any other and wild, gorgeous tunes- what an artist! I, too, am sad that Ms Mitchell is not in good health. Thank you for posting this, Pherenk.
  2. Hi Daniel - thank you. An interesting and provocative thought because many of us can view interpretations of Balanchine through the lens of 'how should the piece look' or 'is it being performed in Balanchine's style', or 'does the company understand Balanchine?'. As for Merrill Ashley coaching Diamonds a few years ago, yes, I remember that and it was discussed in an issue of Ballet Review. Also, the program from the LC Jewels performance I attended (Bolshoi performing Diamonds) states that the staging is by Merrill and Paul Boos.
  3. Daniel, I would LOVE to hear their thoughts about how Balanchine is performed today, by both NYCB and other companies. I wonder if they still coach, as Merrill Ashley, Maria Calegari and others do.
  4. Hello from Detroit!

    Greetings, orangerose and welcome to Ballet Alert! Ah, Giselle - what a great introduction to live ballet! Giselle is one of my absolute favorite ballets and ballet heroines (and a favorite to sooooo many others here on BA ) - you will find many interesting and intelligent opinions and comments on this gem of a ballet. I hope to hear more from you soon.
  5. Mine as well, Helene!
  6. Rest in Peace, Mr Campbell. I loved your music, your great guitar playing, and your warm, sad voice. Wichita Lineman! We'll remember you in your songs. Thank you.
  7. Oh my word! What beauty. Alexandra is stunning, fragile but imperial, her dancing is so lovely and she has such presence. This is really special. Thank you, vipa.
  8. Thanks, nanushka and abatt, for these links. I have the Goldner essays but I'll read the other two.
  9. POB dancers in Linc Ctr Festival's Jewels

    Thank you, Gnossie, for your answers to my questions and your opinions - I have some thoughts and will respond later.
  10. Fall 2017 Season

    I'm almost certain it was Tiler Peck, but I don't know who the male was. But that would explain, in part, my feeling that I wasn't seeing (at SPAC) the ballet I had seen at Bard the previous fall. They're such strong and talented, but very different, dancers.
  11. Fall 2017 Season

    I saw Murphy and Gomes dance this at the Fisher Center at Bard several years ago and they were wonderful. Interestingly, the next summer at SPAC, NYCB danced it and I thought it looked so different.
  12. Thank you, Canbelto. These are good points! Rubies is not a 'polite' ballet .
  13. I agree about the gloves- I really dislike them. If the women were wearing tea-length tutus (like in La Valse), they would work. But this is a classical, imperial ballet.