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  1. KarenAG - Thank you for sharing! I'm going through NYCB withdrawal, and have to wait until September when they're back at the Koch. We came close to going to Saratoga for a few days, and after reading your reviews, wish we had. Enjoy the rest of the performances, and please continue to share your reviews!
  2. Me too! I can't stop screaming and clapping!
  3. Congrats to Sarah, Devon, Christine and Calvin! The promotions are so well deserved! I'm so happy for all four of them! Like others on here, I was also hoping that Gabe would finally get soloist this year.
  4. Thank you nysusan! I've been getting e-mails from ABT this season too, but sometimes they miss a performance reminder. I didn't buy all of my tickets at once, so perhaps that had something to do with the intermittent reminders. Thanks again!
  5. Thank you fondoffouettes and nanushka. I was hoping they'd stick a pdd with Mozartiana and Aurora's wedding to make one intermission, but I should have figured they'd spread it out. They usually have the end times on their website, but I guess there are too many combinations for them to have bothered. nanushka - I did wonder if they were cutting anything from Ratmansky's original Act 3 to accommodate the two new pieces, or maybe just give a bonus of seeing it in it's entirety plus the new. Looking forward to it either way!
  6. Does anyone know when Monday night's performance ended? Also, how many intermissions did they have? The ballets are different from tonight, but it may give me an idea as to when tonight's performance ends. Thanks.
  7. I agree. I have NEVER seen such ridiculously high prices for any company, visiting or otherwise. I think center orchestra is $500 for Jewels and $200 for Taming. BTW - I'm pretty sure they reduced those $200 Taming tickets from $250 a while back. I doubt that has helped ticket sales.
  8. I believe poor ticket sales are related to the programming. People like me want to see Grigorovich. I bet revised programming to include Grigorovich ballets would cause ticket sales to go through the roof just like they did a couple of years ago. Plus last time they had some nice early discounts if you bought all three ballets (which I did of course). Personally, I love Spartacus, and would be thrilled to see it again and again. Maybe the Bolshoi should come for four weeks so we can see Don Q, Spartacus, The Golden Age and Ivan the Terrible. …..
  9. nanushka - As far as older people changing their seats, I see it happening all the time regardless of age. Just recently an usher had to yell at some younger adults from moving around for better seats as the lights were dimming. Oh, and a thirtysomething stepped all over me yesterday because he couldn’t even wait for the house lights to come on to get out of his seat. It is not just older folks. I see a complete cross section of age groups doing plenty of annoying things at almost every performance.
  10. laurel - I take great offense to your comment “The audience where I was seated in the orchestra was filled with the elderly folks who were upbeat and happy to be there, far preferable to the mothers with very young children”. How nice that I didn’t interfere with your afternoon. I made a point of going to see Teuscher on Wednesday afternoon. I also happen to be a recently retired senior who has been attending ballet performances (both in the US and Europe) for over thirty years. I am not a once in a while balletomane, but as others on here, I am someone who goes frequently just to see different casts. My age does not negate all of my knowledge, ballet or otherwise. You too will become a senior one day. I doubt it would please you to be characterized the same way as you’ve described seniors at the ballet.
  11. Thank you Cristian!!!! I keep checking this page like a maniac. Might we be seeing Lane/Simkin on Thursday night??????????
  12. Anymore news?
  13. Shevchenko!!!! I saw her on Wednesday and Friday, and she was gorgeous in the role. If I didn't know any better, I'd have thought she was a seasoned principal who'd been dancing the role for years!
  14. Yes exactly! And she certainly kept him distracted. I love your analogy.
  15. I went to yesterday’s matinee performance of GC led by Abrera, Trenary and Whiteside. As has already been noted by abatt, it was not heavy on classical ballet, however we went in with that knowledge and mindset. It probably helped knowing that in advance, as we thoroughly enjoyed the performance. As was probably noted last year, the costumes and sets were very striking. Trenary was sensational as the Golden Cockerel. I loved her leg and arm movements, and especially her staccato behaviors of a cockerel. It was quite humorous watching her being stroked as if she really were a bird! Stella was exquisite as the Queen, however I found the choreography a bit repetitive. Cirio and Gorak were very good as the brothers, with Gorak’s role being a bit goofy. Whiteside seemed to really be enjoying himself as the Astrologer, and it was fun to watch him in a different type of role. I’m so glad that we finally got to see the production before it goes on hiatus. Plus we got there a bit early and had time to walk around the crafts festival.